Luxury Plus-Size Line Believes in Style Liberty for All

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agtUniversal Standard creates not only fashion-forward pieces for larger sizes but styles that are durable and well-fitted

Sara Roncero-Menendez

Plus-sized clothing has been notoriously “hit or miss,” typically failing to be both well made and well fitting to the customer in question. Whether in an upscale national brand to department store chains, even cheap quick-fashion outlets, plus sized fashion are not designed with their special shape and needs in mind, and are rarely anything emulating high fashion. However, a former fashion journalist and a former investment bank director have taken to the challenge of making fashionable, flattering, and functionally high quality clothes with their new brand, Universal Standard.

Having launched their first collection on September 17, Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler’s offerings include minimalist but fashionable clothing options in women’s sizes 10 – 28. From sweaters to skirts, each piece is fitted with elastane to give each piece some stretch (as most non-plus-sized clothing has) as well as engineering the fabric so that it will not pill as easily. Each piece is changed slightly as the sizes change, rather than just altering the width and length by a certain degree. Many of the pieces cost between $100 to $160, comparable to most high quality retailers, and will ship internationally.

plus-size clothing line

Waldman tells PSFK that she hopes that those who partake in the collection’s offering feel good about their purchase and about themselves:

Pleasure; confidence; a sense of freedom of style and expression. It seems so simple doesn’t it? It’s a great feeling to like what you’re wearing and not have to think about it once you’ve put it on. We’ve all felt that feeling at one point or another. We just want to make it an everyday thing and something you have the luxury of taking for granted.

Veksler echoes this statement: “We want people who wear our clothes to feel as style-relevant, beautiful and confident as anyone else. Put simply, we believe in style liberty for all.”

plus-size clothing line

Items from this new collection will begin delivery in mid October of this year, with additional styles (which Veksler has said will add a splash of color to the line) to follow shortly after. All of the pieces are only available online for purchase, though since thus far the responses have been decidedly positive, it is possible that the brand might make its way to sales racks across the country.

Main Reasons to Hire a Trustworthy Pest Control Organization

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Any person who’s ever before seen a roach scamper over their particular kitchen floors or perhaps enjoyed a spider hang down from their ceiling knows which cohabitation together with pests is actually a issue. Pest corruption can destruction to your home, create a uncomfortable surroundings for your own personal family as well as, in several cases, poison your property. The speediest and the majority of effective approach of removing unwanted infestations? It’s certainly not at typically the hardware shop. For enduring options, you need to hire the professional pest control illinois assistance to take care of your residence for typically the unwanted pesky insects, spiders or maybe animals.

Over and above being weird, pests could carry damaging diseases along with dangerous microorganisms that could expose your current family users to disease. Ticks can easily result in Lyme disease, which will be a harmful condition generally associated together with signs and symptoms these kinds of as severe tiredness, rashes and intense illness. Ants can harm your foods, and bees or wasps can result in injuries along with trigger harmful allergic side effects. Fortunately, also before dialing animal control, there tend to be some items you can easily do in order to make your current home unattractive to pests.

The majority of pest control businesses could get rid of several different kinds of infestations, including bots, rodents and also all styles of bugs. Different sorts of baits and chemical substances are needed to draw out and get rid of different kinds of unwanted pests. A registered pest specialist can know typically the safe along with proper doses of these types of chemicals to be able to apply and also when along with where in order to apply all of them.

A considerable profit involving hiring some sort of pest support will be that the actual professionals have got the teaching and expertise to determine the kinds of unwanted pests infiltrating your own property along with determine precisely how best in order to eliminate all of them. The businesses can get rid of certain unwanted pests by making use of poisoned tempt, bait that will leads directly into a capture or different chemicals. A number of pest command companies are skilled in natural and organic or eco-friendly pest manage.

Professionals may improve typically the effect associated with a infestation control therapy by furthermore locating typically the source associated with the pests. If anyone eliminate typically the pests yet don’t get the resource attracting these people to your own personal home, a lot more infestations are usually likely. Insect control firms can decide the lead to of your current problem, locate the precise source along with eliminate the idea to stop future contamination. Click this specific Primary Research Url to find out more.

A Simple Plan For Investigating Prints

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Why You Should be Using the Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are considered to be among the very popular marketing or promotional strategies used by the retailers and the manufacturers in order to be able to attract new customers. Due to the recession and constant price of inflation of consumer products as well as services, then every person would like to save money and those who have the money to spend are even going for discounts.

You must know that the coupons that are being offered in papers have now been taken on the internet through online shopping codes. They are something which not only promotes savings but they also offer millions of products online. A great advantage that you will be able to get when using a coupon code aside from the product discount is that you can also enjoy discounted or free shipping. This is actually what most online shopper search for in a retailer that is willing to offer free shipping. Also, this is very convenient for all the online shoppers and there are many online retailers that offer this type of service discount.

Also a great thing when it comes to using coupon codes is that you will be able to take one for free or half the price. This could be a similar item that you purchase or another product that you may also be promoting. What is also great with the use of the coupon code is that this permits you to shop if you find it most convenient for you. There are several coupons out there that have an expiry of several weeks or a month before its expiry and such can give you the time to look for the best deal and purchase the product which you need if you have the money.

Coupon codes are also really easy to find. All that you need to do is to go online and type promo code or coupon code and you will be able to see a number of websites that have them. Your favorite online shopping site may also be asking you to sign up for their free mailing list. They will be able to offer you promotional codes and other information on discounts if they have them. There is no need for you to buy a newspaper or cut out in some magazine or calendar. You will be able to find codes on the affiliate sites or on the retailer’s website. You can find so many coupon codes that are not only for groceries and for RTW but also for hotel accommodations, travel and other things. You can just find them easily so that you can use them and be able to enjoy the great benefits. Also, there are coupon codes which you can print out and use for online shopping on your favorite retail stores.


What I Can Teach You About Resources

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Basic Dimensions of a Vintage Men’s Haircut Vintage haircuts for men are mostly back in mainstream fashion, meaning your stylist or barber can easily understand you when you come asking for a vintage do. Fortunately, styles of the 1930s to 50s share these basics: “high and tight” (short back and sides) and a longer top, particularly on the front of the head. But you need not know that there remain a lot of variables at play. For instance, exactly how high and how tight, how long will the top be, and how dramatic should the fade be with the sides and top? Whatever your hair type, from extremely curly to extremely straight, the vintage cut is not going to change, but the resulting look will obviously be different. High & Tight
A Brief Rundown of Hairstyles
“Tight” is your haircut’s short back and sides, and when you say, “tightness,” it simply means how short it is. To make sure your barber doesn’t get confused, which can be dangerous, just find a picture of the cut you want and show it. “High” is basically how high you want the short part to be on the side of your head. When you go to the barber shop, don’t just say you want a high and tight because this is also a term for the military-style haircut, which takes off far more from the top than you might want. Again, the best thing you can do is to bring in a picture.
Short Course on Hairstyles – Covering The Basics
Fade The “fade” is how the short back and sides transition into the longer part above your head. This is done either gradually or abruptly. The big and final information your barber will need from you is the length you want for the top.For a nice, truly vintage look, the front should be longer than the back. But the difference can slight or extreme. Remember too that longer hair is more difficult to manage. Back of Head Finally, the the shape at the back of your head. Instead of explaining what you want there, again, bring a picture with you. Now it can be quite difficult to look for photos with a back view of vintage men’s haircuts online, so the next time you see someone who has the cut you really like, ask if it’s okay to take a picture of them. You’ll be surprised they’ll usually agree. They will take it more as a compliment than a cause for suspicion. Those are the three key elements of men’s vintage haircut. But certainly, if your stylist or barber is good enough, they know that they can play around with these dimensions and make subtle changes to achieve a variety of effects. Obviously, the person who cutting your hair needs to have your go signal first.

Smart Ideas: Clothes Revisited

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Facts About Clothing And Fashion

You should know that fashion and clothing are very important when it comes to the daily lives of people. You should also be aware that in every season, there are new kinds of clothes that you can buy and wear. If you really value fashion, then it’s necessary for you to have new clothing from time to time. Also, you should know that there are also clothing and fashion for the summer season. Of course, winter clothing is more classy that the summer ones, but that’s another story.

A lot of summer clothing should be available for purchase due to the fact that summer is a festive time of the year. Summer is also the season where you’ll see celebrities wearing fashionable summer clothing. If you’re going to enjoy summer, then you should consider buying your own summer clothing and fashion. Also, there are many things that you can try when it comes to buying the right summer fashion and clothing that you need. One place would be over the internet since you can just make an online purchase and have the clothing delivered to your doorstep.

You can also try finding a major retailer that sells their own line of clothing and fashion. Since summer is just around the corner, it’s only natural that such boutiques will get summer clothing and fashion for the potential buyers. Of course, some summer clothing might look ridiculous, but that’s just part of someone’s fashion. Of course, you’ll need to pick the ones that will please your taste and not the others.

It’s also a fact the during seasons like summer, some brands have their own special clothing treats that are available for customers. Using the online network will let you search more information for such brands. You also shouldn’t worry if there’s no clothing for men or women since a lot of brands have their own pieces for both genders. Magazines are also a good source when it comes to finding the clothing and fashion that you need.

You’ll also have to consider the kind of material that’s being used to make or produce the clothing and fashion that you want to buy. The kind of cloth and fabric that’s used for these pieces must be appropriate for the season.

Another thing that you have to consider when buying new clothing is its significance or effect when it comes to your fashion tastes. You also have to consider the fact that the clothing that you should get must not be plain like having a hood or big pockets.

If you’re going to get shorts or jeans, be sure that it would be a match with your upper body clothing.


Lessons Learned from Years with Deals

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How to Find Forever 21 Discounts

No matter how full their closets can get, girls can never have too many clothes, especially with the fast-changing trends in fashion today, and the hundreds of looks and dozens of style icons that inspire many modern young women to be fashionable even on their daily outfits, and more so during special occasions. Aside from trendy clothes, a girl’s fashion style is also best completed with matching shoes, accenting pieces of jewelries, perfect pairs of undergarment, and a makeup and hairstyle that will help emphasize and bring out their best features.

Wherever in the world, women’s wear are highly profitable products for brand owners as it only requires constant updates in style, lasting quality, and a good marketing coverage to keep consumers interested, as many women often find it hard to resist when they find good outfits even if they are trying to keep a budget. However, with popular brands having the upper hand when it comes to product marketing on their many branches, the increasing number of market competition between retailers and apparel brands often try to beat other brands through product quality and retail price. For this reason, many brands today, even the most popular ones, offer big discounts and promo periods during anticipated seasons for shoppers to attract more buyers, as putting up sale signs is the best and proven for shoppers to notice shops.

Shopping discounts and promos today are not only applicable to physical stores, as more and more brands create online shops to cover more consumer groups conveniently. This may also mean that coupons taken from physical stores can be used online too, so shoppers can enjoy discounts more for the brand’s items. Many brands today, big and small, provide members and loyal customers with coupon cards or codes that are often awarded through an account registration or when the customer reaches the required amount of purchase. One example is the coupons that the popular brand Forever 21 offers through their website or third party websites that award discount coupons to members.

Coupons from online shops are quite common these days with the continuously multiplying number of internet-based stores which are the most convenient option for a lot of shoppers that cannot be bothered to go to outside and prefer that they just receive their shopping items at home. These coupons are usually given as codes that shoppers only need to input on a field on their checkout webpage before proceeding with payment, with most codes coming with an expiration date so customers will be prompted to buy in the soonest time possible.

Because Forever 21 is very popular especially among young women that would not let themselves fall behind fashion trends, their coupons can give them an excuse to buy more pieces than usual, allowing girls to enjoy their fashion more.


Why Codes Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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Why you Need to Look for Coupon Codes

Tickets that are commonly used by individuals to get discounts are known as coupon codes. They have been in use for a long period of time. Retailers and wholesalers offer them. They are also availed in different social media platforms. People interested in buying items in bulk can adapt their use in order to enable them to get large discounts. They enable people to get discounts on any type of products from clothes to drinks. This has made most people to prefer using them. They are able to save some of the money and use it for other purposes. The discounts give them an opportunity to get more products.

A variety of companies use coupon codes for promotional marketing. With the discounts, more clients are attracted to purchase the products. The codes are acquired and used on specific sites. The companies, therefore, make more sales. They are also effective when the company is introducing new products into the market. The new products will be tried out by many people when there are discounts. Potential clients are thus reached by the companies.

Companies can also use coupon codes in market research Price conscious people are the ones who use coupon codes most. Prices are decreased when the demand for the coupon codes are high. This enables the company to know the types of clients they have. Favorable prices are therefore set for the clients. Their relevance in the market is thus maintained. Price discrimination is another area where coupon codes are applied.

Goods will be available to people who want them at low prices. The company will therefore not have to reduce prices of goods for all their clients. The few who take their time to search for discounts can, therefore, use these coupon codes. The company does not, therefore, have to incur a lot of expenses by reducing prices for all their clients. They get to maximize their profits.

Online marketing has also adopted the use of coupon codes. The coupon codes can be used to give clients free products. This will attract more people to their sites. They as well get to maintain more loyal clients. Advertisement of other products on their sites will also be easy.

Many organizations have found the use of coupon codes to be very effective. There is a need for more people to embrace their use. They are good strategies for people starting up businesses. They give businesses an upper hand. This will work well towards the success of the business. The growth of companies is also enhanced as they are assured of meeting their targets. People should always ensure that they get their coupon codes from genuine sites. They enable cheap purchase of products. There is a wide range of benefits people derive from using these vouchers.


What I Can Teach You About Coupons

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How to Shop and Save at Forever 21

Forever 21 has become a hub for trendsetters on a meager budget. But how does it all happen? What are the options you have for saving money when you shop?

Style Deals

The Style Deals area of the shop sells things which could be bought at an everyday low price. and are categorized into 4 groups; those below $5, $10, $15 and $20. Besides classic goods like basic socks and headbands for $2 or lower, you can buy stuff like sneakers for less than $10, scarves for under $5 and graphic tote bags for lower than $2. One of the added treats is that you can often find them in stores and not exclusively online.

Cash Backs

Everybody loves being paid to shop – exactly what you can do if you shop on the Internet! All big cash-back shopping sites cater tot his store when you go through their websites. Though the 2%-4% these sites commonly offer may not be adequate for your Caribbean holiday, it may just buy you a new bikini! Also, before you are led to the store, you will be alerted by these cash-back sites when there are available coupon codes that you may not know of, allowing you to save even more.

Email Notifications

One of the most convenient and effective ways to stay updated with the recent sales – score coupons too – is through an email list subscription to the shop. Not only do they utilize email to inform customers about new arrivals, but also to let shoppers know about special deals being offered in-store and on the Internet, and, of course, to send over some discount coupons! You will even get an exclusive welcome offer if you sign up directly on their Facebook page!

Purchasing In-store

Known for having some of the strictest return policies, you may not be able to return and get a refund for your online purchases in-store. If that gorgeous dress turns out to be not that gorgeous in person, you can either mail it back (your expense) for a refund or take it to a shop where can only get shop credit. That’s why buying at the store is almost always the best thing to do. Because the daily deals are only available online, you can’t always shop in-store, but if you do so, you can end up saving a few bucks and headaches.

Nowadays, we are all looking for ways to save money when we shop. But of course! Not only are things a whole lot more expensive. Cash has also become much harder to work for. And when you’ve got Fashion 21 coupons and other special offers, you know you can’t pass them up.


News For This Month: Sales

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Get the Most Out of Discount Codes For generations, one of the cornerstones of this market economy has been the consumers’ love, desire, and near obsession with getting the best deals on the things they buy. Whether it is food or clothes, or even cars or homes, consumers everywhere just cannot get enough deals. For a very long time, collecting coupons and using them for various products or at certain stores used to be the best way for consumers to get the best deals. Yet, just like so many other aspects of our markets and businesses which have had to change, consumer technology has recently made coupons almost obsolete. Not so long ago, most bargain shoppers that used coupons would have to literally cut them out of newspapers and magazines with scissors, then take them to the appropriate store to redeem whatever savings is promised. However, since the great expansion of internet technology and social networking, there has been less and less need for people to physically cut out coupons and take them to a store. With the fast development of ecommerce, online shopping, and online marketing, the entities that once provided paper coupons are now providing deals, incentives, and discounts to anyone shopping online. As a result, paper coupons are quickly being replaced by digital coupons and discount codes, especially. Just as with traditional paper coupons, product manufacturers and retailers are the ones that provided most digital coupons and discount codes. These online deals will also be offered only for a limited time, or within a specific time period, or may have other size or quantity limitations, just like traditional coupons. Many of these companies offering discount codes and digital coupons will also offer subscription options, in a somewhat same way as the coupon subscription clubs from the past. With the exception of the technology itself, there really are not too many real differences between how traditional paper coupons and digital coupons work.
The Art of Mastering Coupons
Because of the developments in consumer technologies, consumers no longer have to go anywhere or barely lift a finger to have products from all around the world delivered to them. Appropriately, the ways in which coupons work has had to change, as well. Now paperless like modern shopping is, people that use digital coupons must input some form of discount code while checking out from an online shopping site. The customer saves money, as the savings which the discount code represents are automatically applied to the final checkout balance, just like traditional coupons. However, unlike traditional coupons, neither time, money, nor paper is wasted by cutting, collecting, and redeeming coupons at different stores.
Sales Tips for The Average Joe
Though there may be a certain amount of nostalgia to cutting out coupons in the traditional way, modern consumers and commerce as simply moved to far for this to ever become the norm again. Still, digital coupons and discount codes are basically just the evolution of the traditional paper coupons.

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Sports

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Important Things about Sport Jerseys Sports are very popular around the world, many people watch a lot of it, that is why they soon become fans of a certain team, to show their support, they want people to know that he or she loves that team. One way to show people your support to a certain faction in sports, is using or wearing sport jersey to specify yourself to a team. Sport jerseys these days are made from materials which cannot be easily destroyed. Always bear in mind that not all the products in a store a real or original, fake ones may be in the mix of things, sport jerseys apply to this as well. Unfortunately there are plenty of cheap imitations on the market that have been made to an inferior quality and through which no money gets passed down to the actual team. All of the original sport jerseys have expensive price tags on it, that is why do not get tricked by cheap quality materials or else, you are just going to waste money on nothing. Counterfeit is a crime that happens in the internet or online shops most often, make sure that you will not become a victim of it, when buying sport jerseys, to support your team. There are times where the fake seller will be also well informed on the sport teams that you love, thus making it much more easier for them to sell fake products to sport fans.
The Art of Mastering Sales
All jerseys have names and numbers on the back, it is the common look for sport jerseys. Most people choose a jersey of a popular figure in sport or a trustworthy name in the sport as well, cause sometime players switch teams, so making fans feel weird when wearing their jersey name and number.
Looking On The Bright Side of Jerseys
A team that has only one color or design is boring, sport designers or owners make sure that their team have a number of jerseys for them to wear. Normal sport uniforms have a design that represents their home court and a design which they wear, when they are at a certain sport stadium. Sport jerseys are hard to get these days and people most often buy the original ones, because of the expensive price tag that comes with it. The price tags which have a lot of numbers on it can be found on authentic or real sport jerseys. One thing that you can be sure of, is that original sport jerseys are appealing to the eyes, or they just really look good. Not all the original sport jerseys are expensive sometimes you can find cheap ones with the proper information to know where it is. Getting information to find original and cheap sport jerseys are real, ask your family and friends first then you will have a vague idea on where to find them. Do not expect to get original sport products if the information that you got was fake or wrong. Getting at the right place and in the right time will lead you into free sport products, if you got the information right.

Discovering The Truth About Uniforms

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Attire for Sports Fans Do you think that as a sport fan you can wish to wear your sports jersey anytime, anyplace, anywhere? You have the freedom to do whatever you like, but it is better to ask where you can show off your sports jersey and where it is improper to wear it. Children and seniors look cute wearing their sports jerseys anywhere they like, but to working adults, it is just not proper to wear sports jerseys at a board meeting or a job interview. And so where is the proper venue to wear sports jerseys? You can show off your professional sports jersey while watching the particular sport event, or with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon watching the game. People who are not fans of the team shown on your sports jersey and you show up to their team’s game, you will face the probability of being ridiculed. Indeed, sports jerseys are becoming very popular that some companies are selling these already to established shops and online stores. Sports jerseys are marketed either as original or as replica in order to serve the need of the customers. The problem in identifying which is original or replica is how the jerseys are manufactured and the lack of indications of the kind of the jersey.
Getting To The Point – Jerseys
It is a fact that young adults and many teenagers think that wearing these professional sports jerseys is fashionable, and thus they make this shirts as part of their clothing. What added to this craze is the fact that celebrities like movie stars wear these sports jerseys in support to their team.
Questions About Jerseys You Must Know the Answers To
If you like, you can purchase used sports jerseys, specifically one with wear and tear condition, and this will give you a bargaining power when buying the outfit. The colors of an original sports jerseys are lively and attractive while replicas’ colors are dull and flat. When you wear the sports jersey of your team, especially if it has printed on it the name of the player and the team’s name, you are reflecting the team and sport that you love. The original sports jerseys are really very expensive. Finding used jerseys at the salvation army is also being resourceful as these used jerseys can be bought for very low cost and it is ready with just simple washing. Hoorah to the different teams of the different sports like NHL, NBA, or NCAA or NHL that led to the rage of these sports jerseys, plus the availability of these outfits in stores everywhere. Watching legends in the past, when we applauded our heroes, these memories will be brought back whenever you are wearing your outfit.