Luxury Plus-Size Line Believes in Style Liberty for All

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agtUniversal Standard creates not only fashion-forward pieces for larger sizes but styles that are durable and well-fitted

Sara Roncero-Menendez

Plus-sized clothing has been notoriously “hit or miss,” typically failing to be both well made and well fitting to the customer in question. Whether in an upscale national brand to department store chains, even cheap quick-fashion outlets, plus sized fashion are not designed with their special shape and needs in mind, and are rarely anything emulating high fashion. However, a former fashion journalist and a former investment bank director have taken to the challenge of making fashionable, flattering, and functionally high quality clothes with their new brand, Universal Standard.

Having launched their first collection on September 17, Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler’s offerings include minimalist but fashionable clothing options in women’s sizes 10 – 28. From sweaters to skirts, each piece is fitted with elastane to give each piece some stretch (as most non-plus-sized clothing has) as well as engineering the fabric so that it will not pill as easily. Each piece is changed slightly as the sizes change, rather than just altering the width and length by a certain degree. Many of the pieces cost between $100 to $160, comparable to most high quality retailers, and will ship internationally.

plus-size clothing line

Waldman tells PSFK that she hopes that those who partake in the collection’s offering feel good about their purchase and about themselves:

Pleasure; confidence; a sense of freedom of style and expression. It seems so simple doesn’t it? It’s a great feeling to like what you’re wearing and not have to think about it once you’ve put it on. We’ve all felt that feeling at one point or another. We just want to make it an everyday thing and something you have the luxury of taking for granted.

Veksler echoes this statement: “We want people who wear our clothes to feel as style-relevant, beautiful and confident as anyone else. Put simply, we believe in style liberty for all.”

plus-size clothing line

Items from this new collection will begin delivery in mid October of this year, with additional styles (which Veksler has said will add a splash of color to the line) to follow shortly after. All of the pieces are only available online for purchase, though since thus far the responses have been decidedly positive, it is possible that the brand might make its way to sales racks across the country.

How to Layer Summer’s Best Pieces

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How to Layer Summer's Best PiecesThink layering is only limited to winter? Think again. Try sporting a simple tee underneath some of your favorite summer staples to create a whole new look. Such as: a gingham mini dress is transformed with the addition of a t-shirt—the everyday basic lends a cool girl vibe and wards off chilly evening temps. Reimagine your frock as a tunic and wear it with a pair of cropped kick flare pants. The on-trend bottoms add interest and offers an alternative to a warm weather uniform of dresses. Finally, throw on a few ladylike accessories, like a red ankle strap pump and bow-accented woven bag, to offset the otherwise effortless look. You may already own many of these pieces, but if not, shop the must-haves below.

The 8 Cutest Beach Cover-Ups to Buy This Summer

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The 8 Cutest Beach Cover-Ups to Buy This SummerNow that Memorial Day Weekend is behind us, summer 2016 is unofficially underway. We love shopping for our summertime essentials, whether it’s a flirty bikini, oversize sunglasses, or lace-up sandals, but there is one item we often overlook when preparing for a seaside escape. The cover-up.

When heading to the beach this season, retire your uniform of blah T-shirts and jean shorts in favor of a playful cover-up or two. Aside from these one-piece wonders being super easy to throw on over your swimsuit, they are also so, so versatile. Wear them with your flip-flops and a wide brim straw hat for a day in the sand or pair them with pom-pom festooned strappy sandals and a colorful clutch for an evening out with your friends at a nearby cabana.

Remember, when heading out for a weekend trip or a week-long getaway, the pieces you pack need to be able to do double duty, and a cool cover-up can accomplish just that. Ahead, we rounded up a selection of the best styles to buy now, ensuring you won’t forget this wardrobe staple the next time you hit the beach. From neon stripes to bohemian crochet styles, these cover-ups will establish your best-dressed list status on your next far-flung excursion.

Lovable Punk Belt For More Punk Clothing Lover

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They say that you are what you eat. But sometimes, you are more to what you wear. Because often we do not always have control on what we eat, take that office catering for instance. But, when it comes to what we wear, we know just what clothes to pick. Office may make us wear formal pieces, and party may make us wear somehow unwanted high heels. But, there will always be that signature can’t be separated from our look. It is through how we look the best at some pieces of clothes compared to the others, it is through the way we put it on, it is through the detail that we choose. After all, style is all about your personality and that is just how it works.

Hence, there are always those pieces that you use to highlight who you are. When it comes to punk clothing at more specific, we know it that we can’t always put it on to everywhere we go. But, with one or two pieces, we can still let it shown. Belts are good pieces to complete your appearance. They are not too dominant yet they give the specific detail to give a clue of what you are into. In punk clothing, bullet belts describe it the best. Apparently, many think that it is a lot of friendlier compare to those spiky belts, so you can still put it on to some cute or pretty occasion.

The choices itself vary greatly; from those really bold to those moderate one. Find awesome bullet belt at, where bullet belts are not just belt with bullets. Eye-catching is what they surely are, but taking it to the next level, this is how every punk clothing lover can make punk look just loved more and by more.

An Interesting Idea for Team Unity

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If you are the coach or manager of a basketball team, your primary goal is probably facilitating a robust team that has fun and plays well together. That’s especially true if you are coaching a team full of kids. If your team is a little bit older and more established, you’re probably going to be a little more focused on winning. Whether you’re focused on winning or focused on bringing your team together for a fun game, you’re going to have one way to achieve that—you need to establish team unity.

If your basketball team experiences a kind of synergy that helps them relate to one another, they are going to play better. You can see this kind of idea on display all around. If you just look at the levels of professional basketball here and abroad, you’ll notice that the flashiest, most athletic players are not always on the best team. Oftentimes, the best teams are those that are made up of a bunch of people who have been playing together a long time. They might not be the most talented but they understand each other and understand their roles as part of a machine. That’s the kind of unity, you want to foster with your team. How do you do that? Well, team building exercises are great; they’re very popular with companies. However, you should also consider letting your team design the uniforms.

Custom Uniforms

Designing custom basketball uniforms is enjoyable and helps pull a team together. Obviously, if you are designing uniforms for an already established franchise, you’re going to be limited in your selections. If that’s the case, you need to make sure you’re dealing with a uniform designer who has a wide range of colour options. It’s obviously very important that they’re able to reproduce your franchise’s colour exactly.

Furthermore, since you’re limited to the established colours of your team, you’re going to need some other way to make your uniforms stand out. That’s why it’s important for the company you choose to have a wide range of design options as well. V-neck basketball uniforms are growing in popularity for many professional players; however, scoop neck uniforms are classic.

Letting your team design them will help create the feeling that they are putting something together themselves. They will feel like they are working together on something that is just for them. It will also help set them apart from any teams in the past, so they can develop their own identity; this is especially important if they are members of an established franchise.

As a Reward

Uniforms can be used to inspire your team at the beginning of a season, but they can also be used later on. If you offer them the opportunity to design new uniforms once they achieved some sort of goal, they would be just a little bit more motivated to achieve that goal.

New uniforms also give you the opportunity to retire old uniform designs if they achieve something admirable. That’s a great way to boost unity and create a singular team identity.

The Biggest Fashion Trends of Spring 2016

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The Biggest Fashion Trends of Spring 2016Prepare your closets: Our big spring trend 2016 report is here, and man, is it full of personality. Well, six personalities, to be exact. After scouring the runways and scrutinizing all the looks, we found that this season is less about the usual trends (sequins! colorful velvet!) and more geared toward self-expression. Designers really embraced individuality, and that means all sorts of fantastic clothes made for all sorts of fantastic women—from the modern boho to the elegant urbanite.

So who is your spring 2016 fashion doppelganger? Read on to meet spring’s most colorful characters, then shop their style, stat. Charmed, we’re sure.


Imaxtree; Jason Lyod-Evens; InDigital Images; Jason Lyod-Evens (3)

Who she is: This woman is up on the news, above the trends, and too busy affecting change to respond to any inane meeting requests. You can tell by that casual twist in her style (the designer sandals are a dead giveaway) that she doesn’t lose touch with what really matters in her life—getting upstate this weekend to plant tomatoes and to finally tackle that Garth Risk Hallberg novel.



Imaxtree (2); InDigital Images; Jason Lyod-Evens; Imaxtree (2)

Who she is: Oh, to be the woman who makes wearing complicated patterns and maxiskirts look so effortless. Channeling her inner Sienna Miller (or Mary-Kate Olsen, depending on her age and affinity for saucer-size shades), she’s a well-connected sophisticate who lives out of a suitcase, always jet-setting from this music festival to that art biennial. Don’t bother asking for her address. Just follow her on Instagram.



Imaxtree(4); InDigital Images; Imaxtree

Who she is: Romance is not dead for our heroine of all that is light, for she will always be there to lend a hand and stand up for what is right—whether it’s organizing a charity benefit or perfecting her découpage. Socially minded, she cherishes both femininity and feminism, but she’s not afraid to look pretty for pretty’s sake.



Catwalking/Getty Images; Imaxtree (4) InDigital Images

Who she is: You want to loathe her, but you can’t. She’s just the best, and so damn cool in her boldly colored actif-sportif outfits, ideal for dropping the kids off at school, doing yoga, and baking gluten-free cookies that happen to be delicious. Like Karlie Kloss, she’s a role model for the athleisure set, radiating positivity with a dazzling smile.



Jason Lyod-Evens; Imaxtree(2); Jason Lyod-Evens; Imaxtree; InDigital Images

Who she is: This woman loves the softer-edged, 2.0 version of wearable tech that still reads as luxurious. Less Lisbeth Salander and more Ava from Ex Machina, she never needs an extra charger since there’s one built into her handbag. Not that it matters—she’s plugged into pretty much everything as it is, always intrigued, enlightened, engaged, and primed to kick some ass.



Victor Virgile/Getty Images; Imaxtree (3); Jason Lyod-Evens; Indigital Images

Who she is: Ahem. Excuse me, people. Why is this not done? We’ve discussed it in depth already. I know what I want, and you should too. Were you distracted by the cut of my Versace? Stop smiling. I didn’t wear it for you, honey. Now kindly step aside while I shatter this glass ceiling.

Tesco F&F clothing voucher deals: 25% off womenswear brands

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See how you can save on your F&F online orders

Fans of Tesco’s own-brand clothing range can get extra savings on autumn savings with the brand’s latest voucher codes.

Tesco’s F&F clothing are currently offering 25% off selected womenswear brands, including AX Paris – perfect for those who want to get that new dress for the Christmas party.

Where to find discount codes?

If you want to find even more savings online search voucher code sites like Voucherbox, Savoo or HotUKDeals.

And remember to sign up for the newsletter

How do I get FREE delivery?

  • Order over £50 worth of items and get free UK delivery, or £3.95 for orders under that amount.
  • Free returns on orders
  • If you order before 3pm you can get free next day click and collect from store.

How Revolve Clothing took its L.A. brand global

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For many, fashion is an art form. But Revolve Clothing has it down to a science. The e-commerce retailer uses data to draw in its consumers (hip 20-somethings who want plenty of options) and keep them coming back.

The online retailer sells hundreds of mid- to high-end brands and designers, and its catalog is tens of thousands of products deep. Co-founder Mike Karanikolas, who built the company out of his L.A. suburb home with partner Michael Mente, said that the goal was to bring the unique pieces of boutiques to a bigger scale.

“Our customer is a girl that’s young, fun, trendy, and looking for special, premium pieces that are more exciting than what she can find in a department store,” he said.

In a space that’s now crowded with competitors including Nasty Gal and Net-a-Porter, Revolve has cultivated a loyal following. Karanikolas said 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from 20 percent of its customers. Revolve is on track to bring in $455 million this year, a 50 percent year-over-year increase from 2014.

Speed and automation are core to Revolve’s approach. It looks at what people are buying, clicking on, putting in their baskets and revisiting, by category. Using that data, it automatically restocks and orders new products, which is approved by a human buyer. Karanikolas added that the sale is the most important metric, but taking product interest (items in abandoned carts, product page traffic) into consideration helps the company make faster decisions.

“Fashion is a mixture of art and science, but we make it as much of a science as possible. We’re forced to rely on data, otherwise we’d be completely lost,” said Karanikolas.

Karanikolas and Mente don’t have backgrounds in fashion, but thanks to the company’s system of algorithms and team of smart buyers who mirror its shoppers, it can hit on trends just as they rise before moving on to the next one, just as the mainstream market is catching on to the last.

“Revolve truly gets its audience,” said Jessica Navas, chief planning officer at branding agency Erwin Penland. “They understand the passion and even urgency around online shopping.”

Revolve credits its data-driven approach with helping its overseas growth. China is its biggest international market, with revenue there climbing 80 percent year over year. China is notoriously difficult to crack for outsiders who struggle to translate their brand for the country’s crowded, mobile-driven market.

Karanikolas hesitates to use the term “fast fashion,” with its connotation of cheap goods, but the speed of the algorithm allows Revolve to make rapid-fire decisions and add hundreds of products to its “new” tab daily, an important ability in the quick-consumption fast fashion era, akin to Asos, which also updates its offerings daily. Pricier brands like BB Dakota, Equipment and One Teaspoon keep Revolve’s selection high end.

As an online-only company, Revolve has relied on user-generated content to drive customer confidence, since they can’t see and try on products in physical stores. Its RevolveMe program encourages customers to tag their Revolve-bought outfits with the hashtag for a chance to be featured on the website’s homepage. All of the #RevolveMe content is made shoppable in the homepage corral. Karanikolas said its responsible for driving millions of dollars in sales a year.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.21.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.21.38 PM

“RevolveMe creates a community that feels both insider and stylish — which translates to users playing around with fashion and ultimately making sales,” said Navas.

Most recently, Revolve has experimented with shoppable video internationally. A recent mini-collection of clothing, created to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer, was promoted through shoppable video that premiered in China on messaging apps WeChat and Weibo. Clickable “hot spots” blinking in the video pulled up a product page and “buy now” button.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.28.40 PM

“The Chinese watch nearly 6 billion hours of video a month,” said Danielle Bailey, L2’s head of Asia-Pacific market research. “Online video has become fertile ground for brand marketers increasingly through video commerce. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million.”

Bailey added that brands should use video in their product pages to “bring product to life” without translation, which can be expensive.

As Revolve moves ahead, Karanikolas said that the company’s main priority is mobile, which has a dedicated in-house team.

“We always ask ourselves, how are people going to shop next?” he said. “That’s worked out well for us.”

Vollebak: an adventure clothing brand from the creatives behind Airbnb’s floating house

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Nick and Steve Tidball, the creatives behind TBWA’s floating house for Airbnb have launched an adventure clothing brand, Vollebak. Its first products, introduced with some mind altering online experiments, are a jacket designed for extreme conditions and a hoodie that claims to lower your heart rate…


Nick and Steve are twin brothers and former creative directors at TBWA. The pair devised the brilliant floating house which cruised down the River Thames this summer to promote Airbnb to Londoners, a project that was featured in our July issue. They are also extreme sports enthusiasts and for the past few years, have been working on a clothing brand aimed at adventurers and athletes.

Vollebak launched online yesterday with two products: the Baker-Miller Pink hoodie, which is designed to put wearers into a state of relaxation and the Condition Black jacket, named after the military term for the fight or flight mode we experience during life or death situations.

Photography by Andy Lo Po

The hoodie is named after the shade of pink which was proven to have a calming effect on prisoners in the US in a series of psychological experiments conducted in the 1980s (also known as P-618 and Schauss Pink). Tests carried out by Alexander Schuss at a correctional facility in Seattle concluded that just 15 minutes of exposure to the colour was enough to suppress feelings of aggression or violent urges.

A mesh visor floods the wearer’s field of vision with Baker-Miller Pink and aims to reduce oxygen intake by encouraging slower breathing. A pair of deep ‘sling’ pockets, meanwhile, encourage more efficient breathing through the diaphragm rather than the chest. “Sliding your hands into these pockets positions your forearms over the base of your stomach, so you can feel it rising and falling with each breath,” says the brand.

The garment aims to induce a state of relaxation by stimulating the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for lowering heart rate and regulating the digestive system. Vollebak claims the hoodie will help calm athletes before and after physical challenges, when they need to recharge or conserve their energy.

Photography by Andy Lo Po

The Condition Black jacket is made using Ceraspace (a material made out of ceramic particles, developed by textiles company Schoeller) and is designed to keep wearers warm and dry in extreme weather conditions. It also comes with some nifty safety features – such as glow-in-the-dark instructions on how to use the jacket and what position to assume to keep warm in an emergency, plus a pull cord to operate the jacket’s hood when movement is restricted or wearers are feeling weak.

Steve Tidball says he and Nick had the idea for Vollebak after some gruelling experiences. “The first happened when we were out training in Tarifa on the south coast of Spain,” he says. “At the end of a long training run I got dragged out to sea by a rip. I remember losing all hearing within seconds, and my vision narrowing down into this tiny black and white tunnel. At the exact moment that I really needed to rely on my senses to help get me out of the situation, I effectively lost all meaningful access to them.

“The second came out in the Namibian desert the night before a 78 mile ultramarathon. Knowing we’d spend the next 24 hours racing in 45 degree plus heat, I spent almost the whole night awake in our tent with my mind racing and feeling totally wired. This is such a common problem for athletes. During the 6 hours that I really needed to be conserving energy, my body and mind were just burning through it.”

Photography by Andy Lo Po

While the pair had already been discussing creating an adventure clothing brand, those experiences led them to create products aimed at helping athletes who need to stay calm, or who may experience extreme situations. “As athletes we couldn’t see anyone experimenting in this space, and as designers we believed we could find ways to solve that,” he adds.

Each of the products comes with an accompanying soundtrack, available to download from the Vollebak site. The soothing Baker-Miller Pink soundtrack is composed of elements of pink noise, while Condition Black’s is filled with disorientating sounds and aims to help listeners train for being in a state of confusion or fear. “It aims to increase your tolerance of the Gamma brainwaves your body creates during life and death situations by taking your brain from its natural alert and awake state, to one that you would typically associate with panic, fear, and terror,” says the pair.

The idea of using sound design in clothing to alter perception is heavily inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Sound of the Sea’ dish, where you’re served an iPod Nano in a conch shell playing a ‘seascape’ while you eat your fish in order to heighten your perception of flavour,” adds Steve. “We worked with sound engineer Michael Powell who’s a specialist in the field of brainwave sound design, to create a bespoke track for athletes to download from our site and listen to whilst wearing the hoodie [and jacket].”

The Condition Black experiment, which features flashing images and a disorientating sound track

The pair have also launched a pair of online experiments – one is designed to simulate the feelings you’d experience during Condition Black with flashing imagery and the same unsettling soundtrack (it is not suitable for anyone with epilsepy), while the Miller-Pink experiment’s soothing voiceover and all-pink screen help viewers relax again.

As well as drawing on psychological experiments and physiological research, Tidball says the films are inspired by the work of artists such as Derek Jarman and Olafur Eliasson.

“It’s difficult to know whether we would have created a 15 minute film where the screen remains one unchanging shade of pink for the entire time with just a voiceover if we hadn’t seen Derek Jarman’s ‘Blue.’ Similarly the mind-altering nature of our Condition Black experiment is directly inspired by some of the experiences we’ve had with Olafur Eliasson’s work. He’s able to transport you to a different mental state, and that’s something we really wanted to replicate but in our own way and with entirely different benefits,” he adds.

A Vollebak survival bag. Image: Andy Lo Po

While the hoodie costs £220 and the jacket, £780, experiments and soundtracks are available for free. “We weren’t interested in creating a purely commercial platform,” says Tidball. “We wanted to create a space that would help push athletes closer to the limits of adventure…if that means someone comes to our site to help themselves get to sleep before racing the next day, or trains with the Condition Black experiment every morning on the way to work before their next climbing expedition, that’s what we want,” he adds.

Prices reflect the cost of R&AD, processes and materials, says Tidball – products are manufactured by Portuguese clothing factory Petratex, which runs its own innovation lab. “Over the last 5 years they’ve poured investment into cutting edge research, advanced technology, and wearable tech, and it’s just as well, because other factories would have stopped working on our Condition Black Jacket before we even got to production,” says Tidball. “Working with [Ceraspace] is probably about as fun as carving granite – despite that, Petratex created a process that could make it work, cutting it with a robotic laser operating at 1200 degrees, before cross stitching every panel by hand onto the jacket in a bespoke pattern,” he adds.

The homepage of Vollebak’s website. The site is split into two sections: one for the Baker-Miller Pink hoodie and another for the Condition Black jacket. Each contains an online experiment, a soundtrack and an article about the product and the research that inspired it

Products have been tested on athletes in a range of situations, says Tidball, including the brothers themselves. “One of the most compelling testing stories actually happened on the set of our photo shoot. I was lying down in the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie. It required staying completely still for at least 10 minutes to get the shot we needed. It was really hot under the lights, and I was on a hard wooden floor. Despite all that, the next thing I remember was being shaken awake.”

Tidball says the product range will be kept small, with no more than a handful of new items released each year. Vollebak will also be launching a membership scheme for athletes, who will be invited to try out future releases.

With just two products, the brand’s website uses soundtracks, experiments and detailed product information to create a site that is compelling even for those who aren’t looking to shop. The brand’s visual identity, meanwhile, features a series of symbols which can be used ‘like a periodic table’ says Tidball.

Photography by Andy Lo Po

“We wanted to see if instead of just making an external facing logo, whether we couldn’t also create something that actually had a function. What we came up with is basically our version of the Vollebak periodic table. Three cubes sit above our name. We distil every Vollebak project into three elements that reveal the DNA of each idea. In Condition Black for instance these represent cold weather solutions, survival and the Gamma state. Each then receives its own symbol and occupies one of the boxes,” he explains.

“Our aim is for this to become a system that will help drive innovation over the next decade. Essentially, by simply cataloguing each project, patterns will naturally start to emerge. We’ll be able to see which combinations are helping us innovate successfully, as well as seeing which combinations are waiting to be explored,” he adds.

Photography by Andy Lo Po

The Tidballs have been working closely with former NASA scientists, psychologists and the founders of some successful sports brands to create the first round of products. They’re certainly inventive, with a slightly futuristic aesthetic and some clever added features. Inspired by space, psychology and the fine art world, the pair have developed a distinctive identity for Vollebak that will appeal to both athletes looking for gear to enhance their performance – and a growing market of affluent explorers interested in the latest kit.

“From the outset we knew we wanted to look and feel very different to anything else athletes will ever have seen. I think having influences that come from radically disparate fields like space exploration…and conceptual art has been really helpful for that,” adds Tidball.

Rags for riches: Clothing brands are offering discounts for used clothing

Friday , 11, December 2015 Comments Off on Rags for riches: Clothing brands are offering discounts for used clothing

No need to throw out your old clothing to make room for this season’s pieces, an assortment of your favorite retail stores have been offering discounts or credit in exchange for used items.

H&M-owned brand & Other Stories recently announced a new recycling program that allows customers to drop off clothing items — of any condition and brand — to receive a 10% off voucher. All items collected will be passed to recycling partners as raw material.

& Other Stories had previously offered a beauty recycling program that also gave 10% discount coupons to those that return the company’s empty beauty containers before expanding the program to clothing.

See also: Target is giving store credit in exchange for your used clothing

All received items will either be recycled into fabrics, become second-hand clothing, reused to create cleaning cloths or other products, or upcycled, turning the product into another of higher quality.

& Other Stories isn’t the only clothing company that has participated in recycling movements. These seven retailers accept or have accepted used clothing in an effort to help those in need or to curb the billions of pounds of clothing items that end up in landfills yearly.

1. H&M

& Other Stories’ mother company, H&M, has a global recycling program. You can bring any used clothing into H&M stores to receive 15% off your entire purchase.

2. Target

Recently Target partnered with online secondhand clothing store thredUP. Customers in Minneapolis could fill a thredUP bag with used items and bring the bag to Target locations in exchange for store credit. thredUP only accepted products that were on-trend and in-season, making it difficult to receive large sums of credit.

3. Madewell

Last month, Madewell paired up with denim recycling organization, Blue Jeans Go Green, to turn old jeans into housing insulation. In exchange for an old pair, Madewell gave customers $20 off a new pair of jeans.

4. Patagonia

You can send your used Patagonia products back to be recycled or repurposed.

5. Levi’s

In July, Levi’s announced that they would be providing 20% off vouchers for any used clothing or shoes brought into one of their stores.

6. American Eagle

For Earth Day 2015, American Eagle was collecting used denim to shred and recycle into insulation and building materials in combination with the Make It Right foundation. Customers could bring their old pairs into any AEO store and receive a 20% discount on a new pair of jeans.

7. Aéropostale

Each year, Aéropostale partners with DoSomething for a jean drive entitled “Teens for Jeans.” Unlike other campaigns, these jeans are donated to homeless teenagers in need. Schools are encouraged to start drives, with each person participating receiving a $25 coupon.

6 Style Lessons from Petite Celebrities on Short Girl Appreciation Day

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6 Style Lessons from Petite Celebrities on Short Girl Appreciation DayIt’s National Short Girl Appreciation Day! Lucky for us, Hollywood is teeming with petite women whose impeccable style we admire. Get inspiration from the stars and learn to embrace your frame in the same beautiful way as these leading ladies.

Look for Vertical Necklines (above)

Clocking in at 5′ 2″, Eva Longoria proves that a form-fitting, V-neck dress should be a staple in every petite girl’s closet. This silhouette effortlessly lengthens the body.

Match Your Separates

Demis Maryannakis/Star Max/GC Images

We love how Demi Lovato’s sexy separates complement her 5′ 3″ frame. Strut your stuff with a revealing crop top and matching slit skirt.

Color Block Like a Boss

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Even with a flowing floor-length gown, Anna Kendrick stands tall at 5′ 2″. The color blocking heightens and accentuates the waist making her lower half appear longer.

Play With Prints

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lena Dunham is on point with her prints both on and off camera. The linear elements on this dress work especially well with her 5′ 3″ height. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, take risks, and have fun.

Go Monochromatic

Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Channel Zoe Kravtiz’s eye catching style and wear one color, which elongates her 5′ 2″ height. You, too, will look elegantly polished.

Show Some Skin

Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images

Since you’re short, your clothes should also be on the shorter side. Dare to rock a mini skirt or shorts like 5′ 2″-tall Amy Poehler