Luxury Plus-Size Line Believes in Style Liberty for All

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agtUniversal Standard creates not only fashion-forward pieces for larger sizes but styles that are durable and well-fitted

Sara Roncero-Menendez

Plus-sized clothing has been notoriously “hit or miss,” typically failing to be both well made and well fitting to the customer in question. Whether in an upscale national brand to department store chains, even cheap quick-fashion outlets, plus sized fashion are not designed with their special shape and needs in mind, and are rarely anything emulating high fashion. However, a former fashion journalist and a former investment bank director have taken to the challenge of making fashionable, flattering, and functionally high quality clothes with their new brand, Universal Standard.

Having launched their first collection on September 17, Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler’s offerings include minimalist but fashionable clothing options in women’s sizes 10 – 28. From sweaters to skirts, each piece is fitted with elastane to give each piece some stretch (as most non-plus-sized clothing has) as well as engineering the fabric so that it will not pill as easily. Each piece is changed slightly as the sizes change, rather than just altering the width and length by a certain degree. Many of the pieces cost between $100 to $160, comparable to most high quality retailers, and will ship internationally.

plus-size clothing line

Waldman tells PSFK that she hopes that those who partake in the collection’s offering feel good about their purchase and about themselves:

Pleasure; confidence; a sense of freedom of style and expression. It seems so simple doesn’t it? It’s a great feeling to like what you’re wearing and not have to think about it once you’ve put it on. We’ve all felt that feeling at one point or another. We just want to make it an everyday thing and something you have the luxury of taking for granted.

Veksler echoes this statement: “We want people who wear our clothes to feel as style-relevant, beautiful and confident as anyone else. Put simply, we believe in style liberty for all.”

plus-size clothing line

Items from this new collection will begin delivery in mid October of this year, with additional styles (which Veksler has said will add a splash of color to the line) to follow shortly after. All of the pieces are only available online for purchase, though since thus far the responses have been decidedly positive, it is possible that the brand might make its way to sales racks across the country.

Extreme Workout Will Certainly Aid You To Attain Your Goals

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Working out is the best way to attain and maintain weight reduction. Since the entire body is far more in shape, it will be more effective as well as much less apt to change the food items you take in into fat. Once you start physical exercise, you can expect to see the difference without delay. After a few weeks, you will get more vitality, the body will begin to alter and you will lose weight. Going forward with similar work out which produced the final results may well seem like the appropriate course of action, but it just isn’t. To avoid being disheartened from a plateau or perhaps bored with similar exercise program daily, adjust the level of your exercising. This can be how to improve the effectiveness of your next workout. Going faster, lifting further weight or maybe undertaking inclines allows a person to shorten their physical exercise without having limiting the impact. In fact, with a lot more rigorous exercises, you can get even more quickly effects compared to lengthier intervals of exercising. It’s not unusual for some great benefits of workout to lower after the system will become used to a single program. Although you won’t acquire any excess weight by not altering your program over time, you will probably quit losing weight. At the best, you will keep your bodyweight and level of fitness. This is certainly wonderful as soon as you reach your goals. Nevertheless, in the event you nonetheless have to shed weight or maybe improve your physique, transforming the level of your exercise session might help. In order to learn more about improving your workout, there are several fantastic options around. People that don’t have the budget to hire a fitness instructor can click here for some fantastic advice. Webpages like will assist you to fully grasp ways to enhance your exercise to make sure you make the best utilization of your time and effort. These kinds of simple adjustments can not just establish your exercise session more potent, it will also help you invest much less time exercising. For that reason, if you happen to have got a shorter period of time for any selected morning, you can use a a lot more intensive exercise routine and go back to your normal tasks more rapidly. Be sure you cautiously select your more strong exercises carefully and stretch properly prior to exercising to prevent injuries.

Why No One Talks About Fashions Anymore

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How to Decide Which Firefly Jewelry is Right for You Getting the best product for your money is essential when you are looking to buy firefly jewelry. Buying the first item that catches your mind may not be in your best interest. Your purchasing decision should be met with a little time taken to carefully consider what you are buying. There are some particular factors that you might want to think about when you are in the market for firefly jewelry. No matter who you are buying for, you will certainly find the tips below to be helpful to you in your decision to buy firefly jewelry. The first thing you will want to do is research the site you are looking to do business with. If they are advertising firefly jewelry, you will want to know if they can be trusted to handle your request in a timely and efficient manner. Not all companies will be the same, and you want to receive your product in perfect condition. If you can, find some customer reviews regarding the business you are looking to deal with. See if there are any bad reviews and read what happened. A great number of bad reviews is a bad sign, while one or two is pretty standard and should be expected. Take a look at a few different sites to see what kinds of deals are offered. Oftentimes, sites will have sales on particular items, and searching around might let you take advantage of such an opportunity. There are also sites that offer deals to those who either buy enough items or reach a certain dollar amount threshold. It cannot hurt to contact a business if you are unsure as to what a deal implies, or if they have any unadvertised deals going on. Questions about sales will usually be answered with no problem from whatever merchant you are contacting.
What Do You Know About Fashions
Look at the same product that is being offered by different sellers. You do not want to buy a product only to find out that it was very overpriced later on. Furthermore, you may want to find out if there is a reasoning behind the prices. Sometimes there are products that look the same visually, but are crafted from very different materials. They are usually very open about what they use to create their products, and this information should be available to you on their website. If there is any doubt in your mind, send the seller a quick email with your questions.
Jewelry Tips for The Average Joe
Research is always encouraged when making any purchasing decision. You always want to come out of the purchase with an item equivalent to what you paid for it. Buying from a bad seller is never a good time. When you are made to feel uneasy by a merchant, you can always move onward to another seller. If you have questions of individual merchants, send them a short message and see if there is something that can be done to make your purchase of firefly jewelry go as smoothly as it should.

A Critical Manual to Obtaining the Hair You’ve Always Wanted

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We’re certain you’ve read a whole lot about typically the motion (basically certainly not shampooing your own personal hair to be able to preserve your own natural oils), but specialists urge anyone to listen closely to your current hair. As long because women are usually using high quality goods, that they can advantage from much more frequent laundering. It decreases split ends, gives great dampness, and presents hair a good overall fresh and glistening look, according to Not confident how generally to lather up? Specialists recommend these simple rules: Clean daily in case you stay in any city along with pollution or even humidity, or even work out and about daily. Rinse every couple of days when you stay in any rural surroundings away via pollutants, or perhaps an specifically dry environment. And in case your tresses is standard or blend, with dried out ends and also oily root beginnings, you must split the actual difference along with wash every single other moment. Find out more at today.

When you’re continuously envying best hair, change away coming from all all those pricey trend treatments that will do much more to depletion your finances than deal with your body. And alternatively, pick upwards some everyday habits that will will truly make some sort of difference. This specific content details a number of secrets, from, in things females with amazing hair accomplish daily, along with here’s their particular list – all associated with which anyone can perform from typically the comfort regarding your individual home. But why don’t be sincere, people get to utilize them occasionally. Many professionals recommend heavy steam rollers, which often are soft on the actual hair as well as do not really get extremely warm, while they’re heated up solely simply by steam completing through the actual foam in the spinning. But in the event that you completely have to be able to use warm tools (blow dryers, straightening irons, wands, hot rollers) to fashion your frizzy hair, always utilize a heat protectant. Silk’s smooth consistency won’t hard up your own personal hair when a person sleep the particular way silk cotton does, leaving behind you together with smoother tresses in go back. Much less strands in the particular morning? Today that’s the actual dream (no pun intended). Go on over to and learn more. The particular skin which makes upward your remaining hair needs humidity just just like the pores and skin on your own personal face really does, especially when it’s planning to offer a healthy and balanced foundation regarding hair for you to grow, and also a general concept is to be able to condition each time an individual shampoo. But typically the moisturizing won’t end when you depart the bath. Even when you’re not really heat-styling your current hair, anyone should clean through some sort of protective item.

Doing Shirts The Right Way

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A Guide On Selecting The Perfect Supplier For Fashionable Clothes Numerous individuals are wrong to believe that once they ask for recommendations from buddies and search thoroughly through the internet, they are sure to find great supplier for retail and wholesale fashion clothes. Sadly, searching online and chatting with friends isn’t enough to enable you locate great clothing dealers as there are many other things to be evaluated for one to find the right suppliers for fashion clothes. These are the basic factors to keep in mind when choosing the right dealer for stylish hoodies, jumpsuits, sweatshirts and midi dresses. Search for a clothing supplier who has established their name amongst most world markets and business operators. He or she should have good connections with most popularly known manufacturers for designer and fashion clothing like midi dresses, jumpsuits, sweatshirts and stylish hoodies. You must remember to check the reputation of your preferred supplier for fashion clothing to curb cases of you be taken advantage of in future. Find a credible supplier who provides best deals on their stocked clothing for sale. Fashion clothes can be very expensive sometimes but you still can find some offered at best rates. That is why you should make sure that your chosen supplier for clothing is credible and affordable.
What Research About Stores Can Teach You
Great clothing suppliers will offer superior service and clear communication. Dealers who really believe in quality customer service will always have skilled personnel to handle their clients. When buying clothing from such a dealer therefore, you will be assured of having the opportunity to make the most from your money as you will be treated fairly and at the same time get what you want.
The 10 Best Resources For Trends
When buying wholesale clothing for your retail store, you should get a supplier who has enough money to meet your order needs. Evaluate the credit rating of your preferred supplier to determine if they have enough money to cater for your order needs. This will reassure you that such a supplier will not quit selling wholesale clothing when you need them the most. You must as well find the best wholesale clothing supplier who is known in offering best clothing brands and trends. The particular manufacturers from whom certain suppliers for wholesale clothing get their clothing determine the kind and quality of clothing such suppliers will have in stock. This is to say that if you want to be supplied with great quality clothing that match the current trend and up to the market demands, you should search for a supplier who have connections with widely known clothing manufacturers.

A 10-Point Plan for Options (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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Planning to Purchase Pearls Online? – Here are Several Safety Measures That You Should Take You will be able to find a lot of pearl jewelries for sale on the internet today, and that is something you’ll be very happy with if you love such pieces of jewelry. Just like any other online transactions though, you have to be very careful whenever you attempt to spend money through the internet. Below are several safety measures that you should take, in case you are planning to purchase such pieces of jewelry over the internet. As far as purchasing valuable and expensive items on the internet goes, the first step that you should always take, is to look for an online seller that is reputable. For those that want a convenient means of figuring such matters out, reading reviews about those sellers or stores that has the item you want, is something you can do. Apart from that, you can also get the answers you need, by contacting the previous clients of these stores or sellers, and asking them about the results of their transactions. If you gather enough information about them, you will find it a lot easier to determine just how reliable they are. Reading the details of the products you are planning to purchase, is the next safety measure that you must always remember to take. Since it is usually a red flag for online sellers, you have to be alarmed in case you find any missing pieces of crucial information. With accurate and detailed product specifications after all, determining an item’s worth will be much easier for you to accomplish. In addition to that, if you need to compare multiple products to find out which one will be the best for your tastes, then this can help you out as well.
22 Lessons Learned: Options
Lastly, you should never be afraid to ask these online stores or sellers any questions that you may have about the product, especially if it is something that you are unsure of. You have to bear in mind that a reliable seller, will always make sure that they answer the questions that you may have for them regarding the products they have for sale. In the event that the seller doesn’t provide you with a straight answer or even hesitates to give it at all, then you should immediately put your guard up.
Why Pearls Aren’t As Bad As You Think
Transactions such as buying valuable items like pearls over the internet, is something that you should always take seriously. The money you are going to invest in such items, is definitely worth every layer of extra protection that you can muster. So with all those things being said, do keep these extra safety precautions in mind, the next time you try to look for, and purchase these expensive pieces of jewelry over the internet.

Getting Down To Basics with Fashions

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Using Fashion to Highlight Your Beauty Sometimes the terms fashion and beauty can be that confusing Fashion, in general, pertains to the materials or things that have been newly released or used. On the other hand, the term beauty pertains to the aspects or traits which are difficult to measure or rather, cannot be measured. If noticed, fashion really does emphasize these characteristics, whether or not they are seen. The best thing is, fashion can help you express yourself and to bring to light the best in you, you must utilize it in the right way. In general, people are free to choose what to use or wear in a given occasion, although they must keep in mind that these should make sure that it emphasizes their best qualities. An example of not knowing how to use fashion in the right way is when your outfit gets noticed but no one remembers your face.
A Simple Plan For Researching Resources
The right choice of clothing is the first thing to consider if a woman wants her clothes to complement her beauty. Nice and fashionable clothes are what it takes to bring out the beauty of a woman. It is not solely wearing the dress that will make a woman attractive but through it, her best features are brought out. To make a statement in fashion, wearing the right dress will speak for you. Because of this, women are urged to constantly make sure that they dress appropriately. To be successful in reaching one’s aim in fashion, she must first become aware of herself and find out what works best for her. If a woman appears to look great no matter what she puts on, she is a model of someone who has come to know and understand herself. She is among those who have finally understood fashion and style that is best suited for them. Being able to understand herself enables her to decide wisely on what clothes to wear and how she should wear it to attract a lot of people or complement her features. To sum up, take into consideration that beauty is not in itself a standout feature, like at times it can be deceptive. Some are able to come up with means to make their best features more noticeable than their worst features. There are many fashion styles that can effectively do this. It is also best to get advice from fashion gurus to help you in your fashion makeover. Remember to find out what really works for you because not all types of fashions are appropriate for everyone. So to become fashionable and beautiful, you must put all of these into consideration. Come out of your shell and take the first step into a fashionable and beautiful you.A Simple Plan: Fashions

The Essential Laws of Shoes Explained

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Australia Thong Shoes: What to Consider when Purchasing Them Online Stress and pressure in our lives should not be kept dormant inside our systems, but rather, these should be steamed off to ensure that further ailments and problems will not be developed in the long run. The attitude of people also affects greatly on what type of stress reliever works, but one effective way for people to steam off stress is to go out and shop around. Should you find shopping an effective way and you enjoy shopping for shoes, or to be more specific, thong shoes, then this is the right place for you since this article talks about tips and guides for one to effectively choose the best thong shoes for you. However, although shopping for shoes can be one’s great joy, this also comes with a price, which is the pain of being confused at all the possible options that one could choose. In order for one to be able to have a great and fun experience in the end, following the items that we will be mentioning below should make one’s shopping experience fun and pleasing. If you want to settle with the right thong shoes, make sure that you know your size prior to shopping because finding the right fit can be a pain, not to mention that it is considered to be a common problem. Purchasing shoes will not be that hard to pull off if you decide to purchase one from a shoe shop in your area, however, if you have chosen to purchase Australia thong shoes online, then there will be a number of things that you will have to consider, one of which is to make sure that you will have your feet measured professionally in a shoe store first to avoid purchasing the wrong fit.
The Ultimate Guide to Shoes
It will also be best for you to consider choosing the right designer and brand that fits your preferred style and design because if you have found that your purchased shoes does not meet with your standards, then consider trying other brands that does. Another thing that you will find helpful is to make use of the tools that you already have, which is the internet, and there should be a number of brands that you could find there that you could use to your advantage.
Discovering The Truth About Fashions
When someone chooses to purchase thong shoes or whatever item it may be, the need to also educate yourself about the return and exchange policy will surely be crucial to your cause as well, so never ignore such advantage.

Why People Think Services Are A Good Idea

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Why Custom T-shirt Printing is Popular T-shirt printing for some people is usually done when they have various projects they are deliberating on while others do so for fun. The mode of equipment used in this type of printing includes ink jet as well as colour laser printers. Being the new trend in town, most people are turning to custom t-shirts as their preference. The main reason as to why people are inclined to getting these t-shirts is because one can have their own designs on the shirts depending on what they want whether an image or certain words. One should however consider various factors before they decide to get their own custom t-shirts. Before you get a t-shirt designed, one should first and foremost consider the colour of the t-shirt they want to have. One has a wide range of options to choose from depending on what their preferences are as well as tastes. The options that one can choose from range from light coloured t-shirts to those that are dark coloured. When printing, one should choose a colour which will blend with the ink you want to be used on it. Dark coloured t-shirts blend with light ink while light coloured ones match with dark ink in order to prevent any mess from occurring during the printing process. Custom t-shirts can be used for advertising a brand especially for a business that has its marketing campaign on which will help in creating awareness to their targeted audience. T-shirt designers get a lot of customers who want to get their own custom t-shirts made for them. T-shirt printing is a good business as once other people see some having their own t-shirts, they also will want to get them which will lead to great profits for the designers. Some clients want their own images printed on the custom t-shirts which isn’t a difficult task at all.
9 Lessons Learned: Shirts
Screen printing, embroidery as well as vinyl printing are the various forms of t-shirt printing. When one chooses a design, it is printed onto a sheet made of vinyl after which it is stuck on the t-shirt right after it is cut according to proportion. It is the most preferred form of printing as it is long lasting as compared to screen printing. Screen printing on the other hand is done using high tech equipment on various clothing such as hats, socks as well as bags.
Why Prints Aren’t As Bad As You Think
A form of high quality printing is embroidery. This is mostly used by companies that want to print their logos onto t-shirts, or emblems as well. Those companies that want them printed on both sides of the t-shirt can however find it too costly as one pays per thread. Embroidery produces long lasting t-shirts as the stitching ensures the designs are made perfectly.

Sales – Getting Started & Next Steps

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Benefits of Wearing Cool and Crazy Socks One thing we can say about people who wear cool and crazy socks is that they are not ashamed to tell the world who they are and what they want. This makes us think of them as people who are not afraid to show off their personality. Some people believe that those who wear crazy socks are relatively more intelligent, successful and revolutionary, then those who choose to abide by what is plain and acceptable, fit for the occasion it is worn for. What are crazy socks, anyway? These are socks with bright color combinations, different design patterns and figures like animals, food, vibrant patters, and whatever else comes to your mind that looks cool and crazy. Crazy socks avoid formal colors like brown and black. When someone wears socks with funky patterns we can know much about their character.
What Research About Clothing Can Teach You
These cool and crazy socks give a person a look of being approachable. You look relaxed and carefree so people will tend to feel at ease talking to you when they see you wearing this type of socks. It feels different talking to someone wearing traditional socks. You manner of talking with the one wearing formal socks will be different from the one wearing crazy socks.
A Simple Plan: Socks
One advantage of wearing crazy socks is that it gives a way to break the ice, to connect to others, and you are also seen to be a fun person. People wearing crazy socks are looked upon as people who are creative and are not afraid to break rules and be different. With the popularity of cool and crazy socks, many have now joined the business to benefit from this popular trend. Wearing these cool and crazy socks gives one a feeling of belonging to the ‘in’ crowd. The things we wear does not only affect how other perceive us but it also does affect our self-perception. It has been discovered by a study on social psychology that what people wear affect the way they think. Psychologists have coined the term enclothed cognition to mean the influence on a person’s psychological processes of the clothes they wear. There is a change in the way a person thinks and acts depending on the clothing he wears, if you want to take it in its simplest terms. The effect goes as far as being confident in accomplishing tasks that normally we don’t want to do. With cool and crazy socks a person will have more confidence and will be able to accomplish more tasks than ever. When you take on more tasks with confidence, then your success factor gets higher. Crazy socks can help build up that confidence for greater success in life. If you think your life lacks the energy that it needs, try wearing crazy socks and see the difference for yourself.

If You Think You Understand Costumes, Then This Might Change Your Mind

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Keeping In Mind These Valuable Tips in Online Wig Shopping Nowadays, online wig stores are considered to be the best ways of finding wigs of all kinds. Convenience is one of the biggest factors for this because it’s a lot easier to buy wigs from an online wig store rather than go to a physical store and put up with different kinds of hassles. Naturally, just like in other things, you should also keep in mind a few things in these kinds of transactions. These are the things you should be made aware of when it comes to searching for an online wig shop. The fact that there are more than just a few online shops out there is the first thing you should know. Checking it more than just a few is one of the most advisable things you can do in your search. The chances that there will always be a better online wig store is always out there even if you think you found the best. The prices of the different online wig stores is something you will be able to compare when you do multiple website checking. Check also whether the online store is reputed or not. Among the most important things for you to keep in mind is this. You should also be careful because some online stores may give you good price but not good products. If you happen to buy from these online stores, you will find that you may be looking at a lot of hassles and frustrations with this.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Sales
You should also check out the product offerings. It is always best to have more than just a few options to choose from. This would make things a lot easier for you. You can find the wig that suits you best this way before you make the purchase.
The 10 Best Resources For Wigs
Among other things, their mode of payment is also something you should look at. Good sites offer multiple choices when it comes to payment methods. Credit and debit card options should be available. Among the most common forms of payment is COD or cash on delivery. If you are not comfortable with their payment methods, you can always check out the other online stores. Don’t forget to make certain that the payment methods of the shops are secured. There are hackers of accounts and the last thing you want is to be robbed. This is the reason why you should only purchase from trusted sites. Lastly, check out whether they offer other benefits. Naturally, choose websites that give you more offers. You can even get some free delivery services from other websites. When it comes to these things, the most important element is the customer service.