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Caught On Camera: Air-Conditioning Repairmen Inflate Fees To Fix Simple Problem

And the sun beats down on Southern California, Investigative Reporter David Goldstein turned up the heat on air-conditioning repair companies.

The ULTIMATE plumbing tricks BIBLE (30+ Tricks!) | GOT2LEARN

Here is a compilation of plumbing tricks i've posted on my channel, all combined together to form the web's most complete plumbing tricks compilation video on YouTube, enjoy! SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ON: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go visit the Family Handyman website and facebook page here! The #1 brand for DIY (do-it-yourself) YouTube channel: Website: Facebook page: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, go visit their Construction tips website where you'll find some of the best construction tips on the web! (YOUTUBE CHANNEL) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go visit Construction Fasteners & Tools for AMAZING prices on tools and equipment! → Here some more cool trick videos: HOW TO SOLDER COPPER PIPE THE CORRECT WAY: SECRET PLUMBING TRICKS: PLUMBING TRICKS 101: DIY MAKESHIFT DROP-IN PUNCH: HOW TO MAKE A 9/16TH SOCKET WITH A COPPER PIPE: HOW TO REUSE GLUED FITTINGS: DIY MAKESHIFT HOLESAW EXTENSION: Let me know what you think by commenting and rating this video! To become a Got2Learn Subscriber: You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I post pictures and videos daily of any project I am implicated in, thanks! → → GOT2PLAY Go check out my new gaming channel: **Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE to help make the channel grow and also to be eligible to win some COOL prizes. Also, click the "BELL" icon next to the subscribe button to be notified when my next videos are released !

Air Duct Cleaning Scams - Better Business Bureau & Inside Edition

A report by Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero highlighting fraudulent practices by a low priced duct cleaning company in Alabama. The company exposed in the piece makes false claims about mold and bills the homeowners over $1000 from the initial $49.95 rate. This is not proper air duct cleaning procedure nor good business practice.

Inside Edition Investigates TV Preachers Living Like Rock Stars

Spread the word! Video Credit: Inside Edition ( A news report on Inside Edition, aired ‎May ‎23, ‎2011 reports TV preachers apparently abusing donations to live lavish lifestyles. One mansion was valued over six million dollars. They are some of the most popular TV preachers in the United States, who urge the faithful followers to donate generously, saying that in return, the Lord will bring them prosperity. Those who profited were the pastors themselves. They live like rock stars, with huge mansions, private jets, and fancy cars. Their lifestyles are so lavish, that six of them have been investigated by the U.S. Senate, such as Paula White, who lives in multimillion dollar homes in New York City and Tampa, Florida, as well as Creflo Dollar, getting around in style, flying in private jets to preach around the country. He owns a mansion at an exclusive Atlanta suburb. Not one of them would agree to an interview regarding their opulent lifestyle, but when it comes to opulence, few religious leaders compare to Kenneth Copeland. To show his house, Inside Edition rented a helicopter so others can see his 18,000 square-foot mansion (located outside Fort Worth, Texas), valued at over six million dollars. It has beautiful water views and comes complete with a boathouse. But that's not all. Copeland is an avid pilot. He has a 20 million dollar Cessna Citation jet. It's the fastest private jet which money can buy. He claimed that he needed it to better serve the Lord. He proudly did a fly-by for his followers after the church bought it. It was in fact found that Copeland had a fleet of planes registered to the church. He has his very own airport (the Kenneth Copeland airport) located right next to his mansion. Ole Anthony, president of the Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog group, says "I think Copeland is unbelievably greedy". The Foundation worked closely with the Senate Committee investigating Copeland and other TV preachers. "Televangelism alone is at least a two-and-a-half to three billion dollar industry, untaxed, unregulated", says Anthony. Copeland and his church take in tens of millions a year, through donations and selling books and DVD's to his donors. When Kristi Parker's mother died of cancer, she said she found diaries that showed her mother sent Copeland most of her life's savings, hoping her faith and donations would heal her deadly disease. "She sent them a lot of money, a whole lot of money", said Parker. Guerrero asked Parker, "What do you think of Kenneth Copeland's lifestyle?" "TV doesn't do it justice. Their office furniture is probably worth more than most people's houses. It make you sick." said Parker. Copeland, like the other preachers investigated by the Senate, refused an interview. Inside Edition caught up with him at an event in North Carolina. Guerrero asked, "Can you explain to us why you are living such a lifestyle of luxury off of church donations?" An assistant to Copeland said, "We don't have any time for this," and tried to usher Copeland away. At the same time, a hotel employee tried to prevent Inside Edition from recording. Guerrero continued to try to get answers from Copeland. "Why won't you answer any of our questions? It's a simple question, sir," said Guerrero. Copeland then agreed to chat and answered, "Yes, and I'm going to give you a simple answer. My lifestyle follows the scripture. We've never asked anyone for money. We give, we believe, we're open." Guerrero then asked, "Sir, you have a fleet of private jets. Why is that necessary? You're a minister. How many jets do you have?" Copeland answered, "That... is none of your business." He then walked away. Copeland told Inside Edition that he cooperated with the Senate investigation, but the committee disagreed and said Copeland refused to provide the information it requested for its investigation. According to the committee, only two of the preachers did—Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn. The committee recommended that the IRS look further into the matter. Sources: - - [Aired report]

Terry the Tree Trimmer. Hall of Shame Favorite

Fox 2 News Detroit 2001

You always want to be able to trust any service technicians who come to your home with the goal of repair something. Unfortunately, finding trustworthy people isn't always the case. In this video, we show how Marlin Services partners with Inside Edition to catch these crooks in the act. Thankfully, we found the there was a good percentage of companies who fixed the exact problem without over charging or scamming the homeowner. Watch and see what you need to look out for!

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