The Science of Brain Development in Early Childhood - The State of Education in Nebraska, #112

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Importance of Brain Development in the First Five Years

Education Centre - Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo Adelaide 2014. Did you know that the most important time for building a child's brain is in the first five years? That's when there are more brain connections forming than there are stars in the sky. Fortunately, it doesn't require more time or expensive toys or classes. There are so many ways to involve your child in everyday activities that help them learn and grow. In this session, psychologist and parenting author, Jodie Benveniste shares some simple ways to 'Care', 'Learn', 'Talk' and 'Play' so you can switch on more and more lights, and help your child enjoy the brightest start...First Five Forever. Presented by the Department for Education and Child Development To see when the next Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo is on in your area be sure to check out our web site and CLAIM YOUR FREE TICKETS. Want to keep up-to date with what's happening? Join the conversations at: FaceBook Google+ Twitter

Early Childhood Development: Early Learning, the Brain and Society

How does a child's capacity to learn relate to the central debate about nature or nurture? As part of the Early Childhood Development lecture series, Dr. Patricia Kuhl talks about children's ability to learn effortlessly and the importance of social interaction in the learning process. Kuhl, professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences and co-director for the UW Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, is internationally recognized for her research on early language and brain development. Produced May 24 2007

The Power of Relationships in Early Childhood Development - SERIES 01

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: In this series Kadija speaks to parents and providers an understanding of how relationships with young children develop, and why these relationships are so important. Kadija utilizes the transactional model of development to support our understanding of how the child, parent and environment influence each other and ultimately child development.

PBS The Secret Life of the Brain - The Baby's Brain (mini).wmv

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN, an amazing production of David Grubin Production, was broadcasted on PBS in 2002. It is a five-part series, revealing the fascinating processes involved in brain development across a lifetime. This mini clip, with appreciation to the original comprehensive production, contains compelling episodes of the first part "The Baby's Brain -- Wider than the Sky" and the second part "The child's Brain -- Syllable from Sound". Thanks to PBS, Educational Broadcasting Corporation, David Grubin Productions, and YouTube for making the fascinating science available to general public.


Building Brains Together features early childhood and out of school time educators who have made a commitment to furthering their education and career pathways. It describes their love and passion for the work as well as the challenges they overcome to advance their skills. The video draws a connection between well-trained, nurturing educators and healthy brain development in young children.

A research-based discussion focusing on how children's early brain development influences the directions of their lives, with host John Baylor, Dr. Samuel Meisels, Dr. Laura Jana, Julia Dadds, and Amy Bornemeier. For more videos, visit

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