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Lev Vygotsky Social and Cognitive Theory by Mentors 36 | Piaget v/s Vygotsky | KVS DSSSB CTET D. Ed

In this video we have discussed about Vygotsky Social and Cognitive Development. Key Points of this Video About Vygotsky, Vygotsky v/s Piaget, Elementary Mental Functions, More Knowledgeable Other, Zone of Proximal Development, Language and Development, Classroom Application & Evaluation, DSSSB, Psychology Classes, Pedagogy Videos, CTET Videos, CTET Classes, Child Development Classes, Pedagogy Videos, Pedagogy by Mentors 36, Vygotsky theory in Hindi Vygotsky theory in English, Love Mentors 36 Support Us by donating Rs. 51 only for our Growth. Pay Through the Link Below For all updates and Connectivity Like us on facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Storry With Abhishek (Youtube): Subscribe Mentors 36 (Youtube): For Enquiry (email): -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #mentors36 #kvs #kvspreparation #dsssb #kvsrecruitment #mentor36 #mentorskvs #mentordsssb #ncert #ncertevs #ncertpoem #reasoning #maths #syllabus ##pattern -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Piaget's theory argues that we have to conquer 4 stages of cognitive development: 1. Sensori-Motor Stage 2. Pre-Operational Stage 3. Concrete Operational Stage 4. Formal Operational Stage Only once we have gone through all the stages, at what age can vary, we are able to reach full human intelligence. Special thanks for our patroeon supporters: Ville Medeiros, Chutimon Nuangnit, Cedric Wang, Mike, Eva Marie Koblin, Julien Dumesnil, Mathis and the others. You are amazing !!! Join our supporters and help us reach students and teachers worldwide with friendly videos that explain difficult tings simply: Sources: Full Script:

Vygotsky Theory| Important Theory of Child Development|How to Crack CTET and State teaching Exams

EduTap Team in Association with Gradeup is Launching CTET 2018 Exam Prep Online Course. EduTap Team have taught more than 1,00,000 aspirants with many students scoring 30/30 in CDP portion. Course Detail Page : You can Enroll for CTET 2018 Exam Prep Online Course by EduTap Team through link Here : Notification:- In this video, EduTap is duscussing Vygotsky theory in brief. His socio-cultural theory relates to both cognitive and social development. Here have discussed how social interactions play a role in cognitive development of children and describe the stages of speech and language 1. Scaffolding: he saw children learning within social interactions while communicating. He emphasized the importance of language development for their cognitive development. 2. Cultural aspects: Both through informal and formal conversations and education adults convey to children the way their culture interprets and responds to the world. Specifically, as adults interact with children, they show the meanings they attach to objects, events, and experiences. 3. Speech and Language Development: this is the main assumption of Vygotsky’s theory that thought and languages become increasingly independent and important in first few years of life. If you are preparing for CTET Exam click o the link given below to attempt the full-length Mock Test


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6 month Old Baby Typical and Atypical Development

**EDUCATIONAL VIDEO** ***EDUCATIONAL VIDEO*** This footage compares the movements of two children at 6 months of age: one developing typically, and one developing atypically. This film goes through 8 different positions with the two children. Download Accompanying Handout: All materials including videos are provided at no cost; no fees or charges may be associated with any of the materials without prior written approval. Each year, 1 in 40 children in the United States is born with an early motor delay, and an estimated 400,000 children are born at-risk for a delay. When healthcare providers know what to look for, they are better equipped to recognize the subtle signs of a delay in infants as young as 2 months of age, giving them the opportunity to receive early intervention services and thereby reach their fullest potential. We encourage you to use resources as a guide to identify potential early motor delays at each well-child visit. For more information on infant development, please go visit:

In this video we have discussed about the stages of intellectual development given by jean piaget.
Sensorimotor Stage,
Pre Operational Stage,
Concrete Operational Stage,
Formal Operational Stage,

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