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True 18th Century Creepy Story - The Miser who couldn't eat his Gold

After many requests, I'm happy to announce that I will be re-editing the previous Historical Features that are without narration. This is the second Historical Feature from January 2016. Thanks for watching! Oddie's Historical Feature - Episode 2 (2017 new narrated version) This is the true report of a miser, who went missing in the 1760's. The source is the London Chronicle of 1762. Monsieur Foscue had amassed a large fortune, but one day he receives notice that large taxes must be paid to the government; This spreads terror into his miserly heart, and he resolved to hide his treasure, somewhere where no one would find it. Events though, did not go according to plan.... Follow ObsoleteOddity: Merchandise Store: Check out Oddie's Historical Feature playlist here: Music: Creepy Piano Loop - by JM Scherf Music

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