How to wear a jumpsuit for women over 40 - fashion for women over 40

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How to dress when you are short for women over 40 - fashion for women over 40

Tracy Gold shares her top secret tips on how to dress when you are short for women over 40. ***** To shop items that make you look taller Subscribe to Tracy's newsletter For your free download on 'How to look fashionable over 40' click here Subscribe to my channel Visit website Follow me on Instagram Image Makeovers Tracy Gold Collection online shop About the video Many short women wish they wear taller, but what if I told you that you can look taller instantly just by the clothes you wear? In this video, I tell you how you how. I’m fairly short myself and I know what’s its like to wish I was taller. There is nothing I can do about that, but I can choose to wear clothing that suits my small frame and make me look taller than I am and so can you. I’m going to share with you my top secret tips to dressing yourself tall. Wear short length dresses and skirts: Dresses that are shorter make your legs appear longer. If you don’t like your legs, wear tights or leggings underneath or opt for an over the knee boot. Wear high waisted pants: This works like wonders to make your legs appear longer than they are. You can take this look further by adding a slight heel and tucking your tops into your waistband. Wear slim leg, bootleg or wide leg trousers with a heel. Slim leg pants will cover part of the shoe, giving you a longer line. If you wear wide leg or bootleg pants or jeans, the flare will cover the heel and no one will be the wiser. When wearing ankle boots with jeans, either tuck them in or fold them just above. The eye is a funny thing, it goes to where there is skin and can shorten your look. Avoid anything ¾ length. Contrary to popular belief, this is going to make you look shorter than you are. Wear nude shoes. This makes it look like your foot is an extention of your foot. Choose a shoe close to the colour of your skin or even a metallic for a trendy look.

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Easy DIY Jumpsuit Tutorial in 30min | DIY Clothes

SEW EASY DIY FASHION LIFE HACKS with Pink Chocolate Break WATCH #SEW EASY - DIY CLOTHES FOR YOUR SEWING MACHINE Shop colorful clothes for women & guys on Shop african print stretch fabrics here What sewing machine do you recommend for beginners? - I use Brother DS140 - Wishlist: Brother CS6000i SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL Follow me on Instagram Tumblr Facebook subscribe to my newsletter here - For this sewing tutorial I used 2 yards/meters of stretch fabric To finish up this 7 days of Summer sewing tutorial series I created a DIY jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have been around for many seasons and it seems they get a style peak in Spring Summer. The cool thing about this sewing tutorial is that the top is up to you. You can opt for a tank top, strapless, off the shoulder or one shoulder. Hope you enjoyed this how to sew a jumpsuit video and from now on I will try to upload 2-3 sewing tutorial videos per week Thanks for watching! Follow me on Facebook Instagram For business enquiries contact me (Jocy) via email -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "1min NO SEW | REFASHION A BLANKET INTO A DIY SLEEVELESS MAXI CARDIGAN | RECYCLING" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Tracy Gold shows you how to wear the jumpsuit trend for women over 40.***** Image Makeover for personalised tips

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Surprisingly, a jumpsuit can be a very flattering piece to wear, if you know how.

In this video, I am going to show you how to wear a jumpsuit for your body shape.

Many women are very nervous of jumpsuits, but in reality, it can be a very versatile piece in your wardrobe. Here is how to wear it with style.

1. The fabric and colour is key. If the jumpsuit is in a plain colour, its going to be most flattering if it’s in a dark colour. In this case, a dark colour will cover quite a bit and make it easy to wear.
2. The fit is very important. Unless you really very straight up and down, a loose fit will work best. This will allow you to belt it and give it shape where you need it. In this example, when I loose the belt, it looks ridiculous, but when I add the belt, it gives it shape. I can also move the gathers to where I need the extra coverage.
3. A printed jumpsuit can both be fun to wear AND it offers extra coverage. In this case, you don’t want something too shapeless, because it can make you look bigger than you are. Make sure to belt it for waist emphasis. A culottes style also can make it look like a dress, when it’s not.

These are general tips on wearing a jumpsuit, but for tips customised to your individual needs, feel free to contact me through my website

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