The First 10 Playstation Vita Games I Ever Played

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Revisiting the Sony Playstation TV / PS Vita TV / PSTV in 2018 - Homebrew Guide | MVG

► Consider supporting me - The Sony PlayStation TV or PS Vita TV as it was known in Japan was a microconsole released in 2013 to compete head to head with the Apple TV, Roku and Ouya. Retailing for $99 it should have been a hit, but it was a dismal failure being discontinued in early 2016. Now In 2018 with a brand new exploit, i revisit my PlayStation TV, and show you what its capable of. Enjoy! Music: ► Captain - Space Debris Links: ► HDMI Splitter - ► H-encore (greater than 3.60) Tutorial - ► Henkaku (3.60) Website - ► Easy 3.60 Upgrade Guide - ► VitaShell Application - ► Offline Installer Application - ► Adrenaline - Social Media Links : ► Check me out on Facebook : ► Soundcloud : ► Follow me on Twitter :

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The First 10 PS Vita Games I played after purchasing my Vita and some informal about each of them. Long live the Vita!

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