how to make beautiful neck design gown cutting & stitching step by step in hindi

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Transform Old Jeans To Designer Baby Frock Cutting And Stitching Full Tutorial

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15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea

South Korea is a dream travel destination for many, an absolutely fantastic culture, a country of contrasts, where modern technologies and ancient Eastern traditions harmoniously combine into something totally unique in and of itself. Every journey to this amazing country reveals countless new secrets and mysteries. These crazy yet amazing facts South Korea might astonish you. Photo credits: (2:57, 3:49, 4:41, 7:44) People in Korea really love practical gifts like this and especially ones that can be eaten. For example, management at one South Korean company presented their employees with food baskets. The Korean New Year usually takes place in January or February, depending on the time of the second new moon after the winter solstice. South Korea is home to the most visited church in the world with a parish consisting of over 1 million people a year. There's an established gift-giving culture in Korea with certain rules. For example, big gifts to teachers or public officials are considered bribes. And when somebody visits your home in this country, you can be sure that they’ll bring a drink, dessert, or fruit. In Seoul, there's a subway train dedicated to a comedy animated series called “Larva”. It runs on the green line 8 times a day and features two of the cartoon’s main characters in every car. Koreans are not very familiar with Western traditions, and they don't even have geography at school. At the same time, they'd be happy to tell you anything you want to know about K-pop singers and bands. Music: Ishikari Lore by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: TIMESTAMPS They have unbeatable state support for pregnant women. 0:43 Almost every bus stop has a digital information panel with the bus schedule on it in real time. 1:52 It's totally normal to try the food in grocery stores. 2:51 South Koreans like to give and receive practical gifts. 3:13 TV hosts wear traditional clothing on the Korean New Year. 3:43 Kindergarteners have color-coded uniforms. 4:36 Churches give little pleasant gifts to their parish. 4:57 High-schoolers study until midnight. 5:35 Couples like to wear matching clothes. 6:18 The best gift for a teacher is a cup of coffee or candy. 6:59 They have themed subway cars. 7:34 It’s a more isolated country than we think. 8:03 They don’t really eat dogs. 8:31 There's a lack of trash bins but plenty of public restrooms. 9:03 South Koreans’ workaholism has no limits. 9:43 SUMMARY -Expecting women in South Korea are given a special credit card from the government with a $500 balance on it to spend on medical treatment and all necessary supplements and prescriptions. -Buses run 24/7, but they don’t stop at all scheduled bus stops. You need to be attentive, and when you see the bus you need, you have to signal for it to stop. -In the majority of Korean supermarkets, there are unlimited samples for you to test. -A traditional gift at a housewarming party is a few rolls of toilet paper. -Koreans celebrate “Seollal”, or “New Year”, for 3 days: the day before, on, and after the New Year. -Each kindergarten has a specific uniform in a certain color so that kids don't get lost in the crowd during fieldtrips and walks around the city. -About 4 times a year, big churches arrange free visits to dentists and hairstylists for their parish. -Elementary students have classes from 9 AM to 6 PM, middle-schoolers go home at 10 PM, and high-schoolers sometimes have to study until one in the morning. -Couples use social media to brag, have cute little celebrations every 100 days, and even arrange romantic vacations almost every month and display their “in-love” status with the help of matching outfits. -South Korean parents and children like to show their gratitude to a teacher by giving them candy or a cup of coffee. -There are lots of themed subway cars dedicated to certain cartoon characters. -Koreans practically never listen to music or watch movies from other countries. -Modern Korean cuisine is really healthy. They usually eat grilled meat (without oil), a lot of vegetables and plants, and rice. -You won’t find any trash bins on the streets in South Korea because the people there are super tidy. -Office workers are now required, by law, to turn off their computers on Friday evening. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

Simple Makeup Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

Doing our makeup as we age is an evolving process and I have ten simple tips that will help your natural beauty shine through to help you look 10 years younger. It's all about application, formula, and technique so I'm starting from the base and going all the way through to the lips. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe! My Top 10 tricks for a more youthful makeup application: 1. Dewey, light foundation (either tinted moisturizer or sheer coverage) 2. Hide under eye circles or discoloration, along with eyelid primer 3. Highlight cheekbones for a lift and bronzer to hide 4. Light dusting of powder 5. Fill in brows 6. Matte, natural eye shadows 7. Tightline upper lid only and mascara upper lid only 8. Light blush application on cheekbones, not the apples 9. Always line lips to keep lipstick in 10. Lighter shades of lipstick to match liner Product list: Garnier skin active BB cream in medium/deep It cosmetics cc color correcting full coverage cream in medium Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer illuminating Smashbox photo finish lid primer in light Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in strawburn Japonesque eyeshadow palette Kajal Vasanti waterline eyeliner in black Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara in black Laura Mercier loose setting powder in translucent Jentry Kelly golden Contor chiseled cheek bronzer benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter Ulta velvet blush in Princess NYX retractable lip liner in Nude Marc Jacobs lipstick “In The Mood” Lipstick Queen’s Nude Metal lipstick Follow me on… Facebook: Instagram: Website: This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.

DIY Multi Purpose Organizer from Old Cloth | Wardrobe Organization Idea

This video is about how to make multipurpose organizer from old cloth easily at home without spending any money. I have used my old clothes and empty rice bags to create this organizer and it looks very beautiful and useful. This can be very useful for kids as a diaper bag as many things can be kept in the same basket such as kids shampoo, oil, towel, diaper, clothes and many more things. This can be used as no cost wardrobe organizer also and you can save lot of money and use lot of old stuff if you make such type of basket as home for keeping your clothes. __________________________________________________________________ Measurement: before stitching : l = 16 inches before stitching : b = 9 inches height of the basket : 9 inches height of the pockets : 7.45 inches measurement after stitching l = 14 inches b = 7 inches height = 8 inches height of the pocket = 7 inches l X b of cardboard pcs = 14 x 7 clothes required : around 2 mtrs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you can consider few ready made fabric basket if you like ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #diyorganizer #wardrobeorganization #anupamajha _________________________________________________________________ Insta : Email : facebook: Subscribe : __________________________________________________________________ how to make wardrobe organizer, indian wardrobe organization ideas, how to reuse old clothes, fabric basket, washable fabric basket, anupama jha organization videos, diy, how to make multi pocket organizer, diy multipurpose organizer, diaper bag making at home, fabric basket making step by step, no cost wardrobe organization ideas, how to organize wardrobe without using plastic basket

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