Should You Walk Away From a Real Estate Deal?

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Canada Real Estate Sales DROP SHARPLY! If This Continues, Recession Is VERY Close!

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Welcome to Inside the Real Estate Market. Hi there, I'm Jamie Johnston, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Condos Plus.

With the sudden change in the market, some buyers who bought at the end of March and early April are thinking they might have paid too much. Should they just walk away from the deal and loose their deposits?

Bad Idea! Walking away is the most expensive thing you can do. A Seller will then resell the property, probably for less money because you the Buyer will cover the losses. The Buyer will also pay for the extra legal fees, carrying costs of the property, extra costs for where the Seller is moving to, and so on. You get the picture, big bucks!

Close now. We don't care what it costs you. The market will bounce back in September and prices will be back to March and April prices by this time next year. Remember, real estate is a long term investment, think short-term and you can loose. Think long term and you will always come out ahead.

I'm Jamie Johnston

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