Black Death -- Book/Game Review

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D&D 5e Reflections

Basic Fantasy Role-playing Game session

2019 & Beyond -- Adventures in the East Mark (Returning to my Roots)

Starting this month my local group and I start a long term campaign dedicated to returning to our roots. This is a review of the OSR that will fill that space, Adventures in the East Mark. The most impressive OSR that also hits all the variables I love in my old game, Moldvay/Mentzer D&D.


I review Cubicle 7's Core Rule Book, Keltia. I share the system and how it all works.

Blood & Bronze -- A Book/Game Review & Session Recap

Blood & Bronze is an amazing game and is well worth one's time and money.

Castles & Crusades: Player's Handbook (7th printing)

Let's take a look at C&C PHB.

A quick and easy review of John M Stater's Quick & Easy Role-playing games: Black Death and Swords & Sandals

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