How To Hang Wallpaper in 12 Easy Steps: DIY

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Wallpaper hanging - tips & techniques in English

How to hang wallpaper

Installing the First Sheet of Wallpaper

Expert paper hanger Jim Tiner walks you through the steps of hanging wallpaper. To View the Next Video in this Series Click Here:

How to Hang Wallpaper

Woodie's show you how to hang wallpaper.

How to Remove Old Wallpaper For Dummies

Stripping wallpaper is a serious home-improvement project. Removing old glue from walls before you paint is a must. These tips show how to strip old wallpaper from your walls and remodel like a professional. More painting and wallpapering advice at

How to wallpaper around a window, the tricky little bit!

How to wallpaper around a window, the tricky little bit! See my own range of specialist cutting in paint brushes now available to buy thank you for your support How to wallpaper around a window, the tricky little bit! ok i know theres no pattern on this paper! but if you are looking for feature wallpapers? This video merely shows the method and sequence i use to wallpaper around window reveals and in particlar the small insert which is used to fill in after trimming the full length. The question i get asked frequently is how this is done? I am using a plain lining paper hung vertically for the purpose of this demonstration! and of course realize that when using a pattern wallpaper that this would need to be matched . the idea was to use this situation where the walls were a bright orange colour and that this would and does show up well on film.

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Learn how to wallpaper your home in 12 easy steps, this video includes the tools you'll need as well as all the steps, you can view Kensington Design's full range of wallpaper here:

You can also order browse the latest wallpapers as well as all the classic Cole & Son wallpapers from England here:

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How to hang wallpaper in 12 Easy Steps!

A simple guide with instructions that shows you how to hang wallpaper in your home.
1. Measure the width of your wall
2. Measure the height of your wall
3. Order your wallpaper online
4. Mark out 1 metre on a flat surface - masking tape works nicely
5. Roll out in 1 metre increments and drop to measure total metres required in height
6. Carefully slice at final wall length, always allow some excess
7. Evenly paste the wall with glue
8. Get hanging
9. Make some space for electrical plugs
10. Smooth your edges
11. Trim excess
12. Enjoy!

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