Vigilantes 'planning roadblock' to stop Hither Green burglar's funeral procession from passing victi

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Moment Hither Green Vigilante Calls LBC To Defend Stamping On Tributes

This is the moment a vigilante who tore down flowers put up by a dead intruder’s family and stamped on them called LBC to explain why he did it. The caller, who did not want to be named, said he had been left “infuriated” that the shrine had been erected near where pensioner Richard Osborn-Brookes stabbed to death Henry Vincent during a break-in. “If they want to mourn him, put the flowers outside the caravan where he lived,” the caller fumed during his conversation with Nick Ferrari. Loved ones of Vincent started re-attaching tributes on Tuesday, after they were originally ripped down. Flowers were then repeatedly torn down and put back up a number of times. “No one local appreciates those flowers,” the caller added. “The council should stop them, they have no right to put flowers down. “They shouldn’t be allowed to put flowers down on a public highway.” During his call to LBC, the unnamed man said residents would be more tolerant if the flowers were moved away from the pensioner’s home. He continued: “As a vigilante I’d say to them put the flowers further down the road… we’re happy to leave them there for a week. “Then we’ve got a compromise, but if they’re not willing to compromise every time they put them up we’re going to take them down again.” Meanwhile, The Deputy Chief of the Metropolitan Police has admitted that anyone removing the shrine could be arrested. Craig Mackey told LBC: "If you do things where you cause a breach of the peace, disorder in that area, then like anyone, you could end up getting arrested. "We don't want anyone getting there. It's in everyone's interest - and particularly the local community - that we bring their community back to whatever normal is as quickly as possible. "There is someone still outstanding on this offence, let's deal with that person."

London. Funeral for police officer after London attack. April 10. 2017.

London. Funeral for police officer. April 10. 2017.

Woman, 31, says she decided to get STERILISED to help save the planet

A woman has revealed why she decided to get sterilised at the age of just 31 - to help save the planet.Gwynn Mackellen, from San Francisco, explained how she has made the decision to not have any children as it's the best thing she can do to help the environment.Speaking on This Morning, the recycling consultant, 31, said she would 'feel bad' if she had children because of the 'negative impact' it would have on the planet.However, her decision was branded 'crazy' by British viewers, with one suggesting she was using the environment as an 'excuse' because she's 'not motherly'. Explaining her decision to get sterilised, Gwynn said: 'I would feel bad bringing another person in the world.'All the other choices that you can make [to help the environment]] are very small in comparison. Once you have that person they have impact, and they could have offspring.' Share this article Share Gwynn said that she doesn't feel guilty about being born, but wanted to make sure she didn't add to the environmental problems the world faces. She explained: 'I didn't ask to be born, so it wasn't something i caused. But i feel responsible that any negative impact I have ends with me.' When questioned by This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield whether she thought they were 'selfish' for having children, Gwynn said: 'I don't want to judge somebody else.'However, she added that she would like to see more education on the environmental benefits of having no children or fewer children. 'It's something that's just not talked about, even though it's the most effective thing we can do to reduce our environmental impact,' she said.However, Gwynn failed to convince This Morning viewers, who branded her reasoning as 'ridiculous'.One commented: '[E]veryone can do what they want and have their opinions, but sterilised at 31 is crazy.' HOW DOES FEMALE STERILISATION WORK? Also called tubal occlusion, the surgery involves blocking or sealing the fallopian tubes. A keyhole incision is made in the stomach and two metal clips are placed on the fallopian tubes. Or a hysterectomy - where the uterus is completely removed - can also be performed.It is a permanent surgery and is more than 99 per cent effective as a form of contraception. Another added: 'She got sterilised to save the planet... If we all did that it would be the end of the human race!'Others suggested she was using the environment as an 'excuse' because she isn't 'motherly'. However, some viewers had more sympathy with Gwynn for her decision to get sterilised.One viewer said: 'Good on her, there's way too many people on the planet and we've already destroyed it almost beyond repair.'Another posted on Twitter: 'I've been trying to get sterilised for 6 years but because there's no medical reason for me to have one no one will even talk to me about it'.

How did South London burglar become a traveller God? | Update News

South Park Crescent in Hither Green has become a floral battleground after a shrine made by the family of a deceased burglar was torn down by members of the public. On 4th April, two burglars entered a property on South Park Crescent in Hither Green, South London. The owner of the home, 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks found them inside and allegedly stabbed one of them to death after being threatened with a screwdriver. The burglars are suspected to be Henry Vincent and Billy Jeeves; two career criminals who break into homes and rob possessions on a regular basis. 38-year-old Henry Vincent had left the property and collapsed nearby where he was found by paramedics with a stab injury to his upper body; he was taken to hospital but died soon after 3.30am. Police are still searching for Billy Jeeves, who is also suspected to be involved in the break-in although his van was found totally destroyed and burnt in Orpington. The home owner Richard Osborn-Brooks was initially arrested on suspicion of murder, but released with no further action. This has opened up national discussion about whether or not it is right to kill a burglar, and which amount of force is justifiable in self defence. However, the story goes much wider; the family of the deceased burglar have been tying flowers and balloons to the fence opposite the house involved as a shine for him. With handwritten messages to him, the friends and family of Henry Victor argue that the fence is the right place to put tributes for the man that they have lost - a husband and father. On the other hand, friends, family and neighbours of pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks say that this is disrespectful and that he may not feel safe to return to his home. They feel like the group of travellers who placed the flowers are just trying to antagonise the community and shouldn't be placing the tributes on a privately owned fence.

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Vigilantes are understood to be planning a roadblock to stop the funeral procession of a burglar from passing the house of his victim.    Henry Vincent, who was killed after breaking into Richard Osborn-Brooks' house, will be laid to rest with a service featuring a horse-drawn cart, his friends have said.  But 78-year-old Mr Osborn-Brooks' supporters, who believe the funeral costs top £100,000, have said they will disrupt the family's plans to carry Vincent in front of the pensioner's home in Hither Green.  One man, named as Mike, told Sun Online at least a dozen vehicles will be ready to stop the procession coming near the scene of what has become a turf war between Vincent's relatives and angry locals.  At the weekend, police stopped Vincent's family from attaching balloons and banners to fences beside his victim's home on what would have been his birthday.  They held a vigil close to the house where he died to mark his 38th birthday and around 20 women from the travelling community, who said they were relatives of Vincent, arrived in south London to lay flowers. Some carried balloons saying "You’ll be missed" and placards featuring photographs of Vincent. They were escorted by five police officers who tried to stop them stapling the banners and balloons to the garden fences of homeowners.  Eventually, the tributes were attached to the street sign itself and a lamppost.  Mr Osborn-Brooks has been advised to stay away from the property since the night he fatally stabbed career criminal Vincent with a screwdriver, amid concern for his own safety. Neighbours have voiced their objections to the tributes, while members of the public have been seen tearing down flowers and condolence messages attached to the fence. Vincent, who was a member of the traveller community, is expected to be buried near his family’s site in Orpington, Kent. His family have also revealed plans to route his horse-drawn funeral procession past Mr Osborn-Brooks’ house in Hither Green, south east London.

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