Pre-schoolers Across U.S. Learn Reading, Writing and Active Shooter Training

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See What Happened When 3-Year-Old Was Paralyzed By Tick Bite

A 3-year-old girl was left paralyzed after she was bitten by a tick. Amanda and Lantz Lewis say their daughter, Evelyn, had symptoms that came on suddenly with very little sign of the crisis to come. "Around bedtime she was acting cranky," the mother recalled to Inside Edition. When Evelyn woke up the next morning, she couldn't use her legs. Her arms also hung uselessly at her side. They rushed her to the emergency room where a doctor discovered a tick burrowed into her scalp.

Octomom: I Had To Kill Her to Save My Life, No One Hates Octomom More Than Me

More from Inside Edition: The woman infamously known throughout the world as "Octomom" says she now wants to be known by her real name. Natalie Suleman says she's living a healthy lifestyle and no longer partakes in porn shoots or stripping. She told "I had to kill Octomom to save my life. No one hates the Octomom more than me." Her famous octuplets are now 7 years old - 6 boys and 2 girls - who look happy and healthy. She says everyone in her family eats a vegetarian diet.

Why This Mother and 15-Year-Old Son Became Father And Daughter

One family has redefined their lives together as one parent and one child have transitioned to different genders. Corey Maison, 15, who loves mascara and lip gloss, was born male. Corey started taking puberty blockers at 11 to stop facial hair growth and the deepening of his voice. She is one of five children and her mother, born Erica, never felt comfortable in her female body. Erica, now Eric, began his transition with a short haircut. Now the former mother and son are father and daughter.

Pope Francis Tells Mom of Baby Pope: You Have a Great Sense of Humor

Pope Francis noticed a baby girl in the throngs of people lining the streets of Philadelphia. Her mom had her dressed like a mini pope hoping to get his attention and it worked. It was the most adorable moment of the Pope's trip to America and eve...

Rare Identical Quadruplets Adorably Sleep Through Newborn Photo Shoot

Four little bundles of joy all wrapped so perfectly. This gift of rare identical quadruplets was a surprise for mom and dad from Canada. Their doctor shocked them with the news that there'd be not one baby on the way - but four. And that means four times the diapers, four times the clothes and shoes and four times the bassinets. So how do they tell them apart? Each have a different color painted toe nail with corresponding matching earrings.

Schools across the country have been participating in lockdown drills and active shooter training amid what seems like an epidemic of gun violence. Students as young as pre-school learn to crouch in silence, hiding in the dark with their teachers.'s Tara Lynn Wagner ( has more.

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