Whole Home Renovation Montgomery County, MD

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Real Life Renovations Season 1

A renovation show filmed in St. Louis Mo. Follow a single mom thru an entire home renovation on a budget. Jenny Rausch from Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath leads the design team and is the host of the show. Watch a kitchen and several baths get demolished and put back together with a few disasters in between!

671 Day Timelapse Of Building Our Homestead (From Scratch)

I nearly cried after watching this... We forget how much work our dreams can take... Worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears! https://www.paypal.me/RedPoppyRanch contact: redpoppyranch98@gmail.com Instagram: @redpoppyranch https://www.facebook.com/RPRIdaho/ https://www.pinterest.com/redpoppyranch/ Contact: Redpoppyranch98@gmail.com Video about Lifevantage products and the science behind them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs8ecK_Z2z0 Link to these products: http://redpoppyranch.lifevantage.com/ Music: http://www.epidemicsound.com

Unsellables - Season 1, Episode 21

Kristina House poor with more space than she needs, Kristina listed her three-storey, three-bedroom detached home three months ago. And although the interiors are immaculate, she hasn’t received a single offer since. Kristina is perplexed… But Sofie says the property’s ramshackle exterior, rusty fixtures, and overgrown hedge are the problem. In order to appeal to as broad a range of buyers as possible, Sofie comes up with a $3,700 plan to seal the deal. Ready to move on with her life, Kristina is on board from the get go. And as Anthony and the team improve the home’s curb appeal, repair the sunroom, and re-accessorize the interior, Sofie gives Kristina a few quick lessons in real estate.

Abandoned Grandmother's Home - W/ Secret Lookout Room

This house was another find by driving around near a location that ended up being no good. Originally thinking this was a church, this big unique looking home didn't disappoint. With lots of items left behind and an odd lookout room in the attic, this house left us scratching our heads. So come along as we explore all THREE floors of this mysterious place. Enjoy Please Note: Exploring Abandoned locations can be dangerous. I don't condone or encourage anyone to enter an Abandoned structure. Not only is safety a concern, but often times its illegal and when possible, i seek out permission. I simply go to document its history before it's gone and leave things the way I find them. I assume all the risks & responsibility in doing so. Please don't attempt to do this on your own. Equipment ►Main camera https://goo.gl/af8vpT ►Sport camera https://goo.gl/HUkakN ►Magnetic camera https://goo.gl/6MnyYk ►External Mic https://goo.gl/gyKEKf ►Handheld gimbal https://goo.gl/TvL982 ►Drone https://goo.gl/2bfp27 ►Led lights https://goo.gl/rTvsW4 ►Main tripod https://goo.gl/xJWUWW ►Mini tripod https://goo.gl/xhdJfA ►Rotating pod https://goo.gl/AtpcVX ►Please Subscribe https://goo.gl/7t6Eqc ►Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JPVideos81 ►Business email: jpvideos81@gmail.com

My Houzz: Gordon Ramsay’s Surprise Renovation

Watch as Gordon Ramsay surprises Christina Wilson, his friend, U.S. Executive Chef, and season 10 winner of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” with a renovation of the Philadelphia row house she bought with her winnings from the show. www.houzz.com/myhouzz Find the great products and materials from the video here https://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/102401299

Whole home renovations can reinvent a space from top-to-bottom without a change in address. Follow along as we give this Silver Spring, Maryland home a complete remodeling and painting makeover.


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