Video Game Console Review - The Game Poke (2018)

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This video game console is small, cute and very cheap. The system comes with 99 games built in and it reminds me of those Game and Watch games from back in the day.

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Introducing the Game Poke Video Game Console. This little gadget is slightly bigger than a quarter and it is surprisingly very comfortable to play games on.

The game has rugged rubber directional buttons for up, down, left and right and there is also an action button for game play. Other buttons include, start and pause, select and so forth.

The LCD screen is very clear and the game play is comparable to that of the 1989 Nintendo Game Boy system.

One of my favourite features, in addition to the 99 games that it comes with, is the fact that it comes with a cute little wrist strap which you can use to carry around your little Game Poke video game console on your key ring or on the side of your backpack.

The Game Poke runs off of two little tablet batteries which are accessed via a little battery compartment located to the rear of the console. There is also a mini Phillips screw that keeps the batteries out of reach of little kids as well. These little game consoles are very cheap and affordable as well and they make great gifts for the old and young alike.

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