Hither Green burglary: Killed Henry Vincent came from a family of criminals

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Little Hulton Inbreeding louts

This is what happens after years of jobless inbreeding scumbags, The family tree consists of one straight root and no branches!!!!!!

"The true victims are Henry Vincent's children, not the pensioners he burgled."

The Met Police and the hurt feeling brigade make victims out of the remorseless, shameless 'family members' of Henry Vincent - the burglar who preyed on the elderly and the vulnerable and deservedly got sent up to that great, big caravan in the sky. You can now get one-to-one legal advice from me directly for just £20. Please visit my website for details: https://crimebodge.com/get-one-to-one-legal-help/

A very angry man has torn down the tributes to Henry Vincent

A furious vigilante has torn down the tribute to a career criminal killed by a pensioner in a burglary gone wrong. Iain Gordon, who wore a jacket marked Voluntary Services Lewisham, ripped down more than a dozen bunches of flowers before gathering them on the pavement and stamping on them. He then launched a furious tirade against the burglar, Henry Vincent, branding the crook a “scumbag” as he complained about the shrine - and tried to rip the head off a teddy bear. The bloke, who said he was from Lewisham, then blasted people who left tributes - claiming the flowers were paid with using cash stolen by Vincent, who was stabbed by 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks.

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How did South London burglar become a traveller God? | Update News

South Park Crescent in Hither Green has become a floral battleground after a shrine made by the family of a deceased burglar was torn down by members of the public. On 4th April, two burglars entered a property on South Park Crescent in Hither Green, South London. The owner of the home, 78-year-old Richard Osborn-Brooks found them inside and allegedly stabbed one of them to death after being threatened with a screwdriver. The burglars are suspected to be Henry Vincent and Billy Jeeves; two career criminals who break into homes and rob possessions on a regular basis. 38-year-old Henry Vincent had left the property and collapsed nearby where he was found by paramedics with a stab injury to his upper body; he was taken to hospital but died soon after 3.30am. Police are still searching for Billy Jeeves, who is also suspected to be involved in the break-in although his van was found totally destroyed and burnt in Orpington. The home owner Richard Osborn-Brooks was initially arrested on suspicion of murder, but released with no further action. This has opened up national discussion about whether or not it is right to kill a burglar, and which amount of force is justifiable in self defence. However, the story goes much wider; the family of the deceased burglar have been tying flowers and balloons to the fence opposite the house involved as a shine for him. With handwritten messages to him, the friends and family of Henry Victor argue that the fence is the right place to put tributes for the man that they have lost - a husband and father. On the other hand, friends, family and neighbours of pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks say that this is disrespectful and that he may not feel safe to return to his home. They feel like the group of travellers who placed the flowers are just trying to antagonise the community and shouldn't be placing the tributes on a privately owned fence.

► Hither Green burglary: Killed Henry Vincent came from a family of criminals
► In 2003 Vincent, his father Henry Vincent Snr and five of his uncles were jailed for a total of more...
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