Steel Construction: Foundations

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Steel portal frame building assembly | NMOREAUX.COM 2013

Structure made with AutoBuild ( ) and animated in a custom software © N. Moreaux - Please contact me for video licensing

Basic Anchor Installation Training

This video covers anchor installation basics, including installation practices and techniques for adhesives, expansion anchors, and heavy-duty screw anchors for concrete and masonry applications. Learn more at

Fast-Tube™ Installation Fast-Tube™ is a revolutionary column form replacing cardboard tubes (SonoTubes) to form concrete columns for residential or commercial use. Manufactured from high strength fabric, Fast-Tube™ comes on rolls of 120' and in diameters ranging from 6" to 24". As Fast-Tube is shipped flat; it is 1% the space of Cardboard tubes. Fast-Tube is quicker to install than Sonotubes, and results in no waste as you cut your columns to an exact length. Fast-Tube is completely waterproof, and as such can be set up weeks in advance. Also unlike Cardboard Sonotubes; Fast-Tube can be removed from the concrete in seconds. Saving hundreds of dollars in labor costs on site. Please contact Fab-Form Industries for more information 1-888-303-3278

Bolt Connections - Column Shoes and Anchor Bolts

Demonstration of Peikko Bolt Connection using Peikko's Column Shoes and Anchor Bolts. Learn more at

How to Build and setup a Concrete Foundation for Garages, Houses, Room additions, Etc Part 1

In this video we show you the whole setup for a concrete foundation setup when it comes to building garages, houses, room editions and more. We hope this video supplies you with enough information to get your projects done! Please dont forget to like, subscribe, share , and comment if you have any questions on how we setup our foundation concrete pours! We are more than happy to help! Patreon Account = OdellCompleteConcrete tools: Shop at Amazon for your tools : http://amzn.to2naDkg Table Saw Folding Stand : Makita 70lb Jack Hammer: Makita 35 pound Jack Hammer : Hilti Totary hammer Drill : Skill Saw: Skill Saw with Laser Guided : Marshalltown Finishing Square Trowel 14 x 4: Marshalltown Finishing Square Trowel 24 x 5: Marshalltown Finishing Round Trowel 16 x 4: Marshalltown Margin Towel 6 x 2: Marshalltown 6 x 3 Edger: Marshalltown Walking Edger : Marshalltown Rock-It Adjustable Bull Float Bracket: Bon BullFloat and Rock N Roll Bracket: Milwaukee Hammer Drill/Driver :

Foundations - Training DVD from the BCSA and Tata Steel

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