The Impact Boarding School Has On Children | Leaving Home At 8 (Full Documentary)

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What Would Your Kid Do - Episode 4 - Part 1

What Would Your Kid Do - Episode 4 - Part 1 What Would Your Kid Do? Is the brand new show hosted by Jason Manford, which challenges parents to guess how their children will behave in a variety of situations. At the end of the show the parents who have shown they know their child the best and correctly predicted their behaviour will play for a family prize with a twist – it’s chosen, of course, by the child from the winning team.

School Swap: Korea Style, Episode 1 Full BBC Documentary 2016

School Swap: Korea Style - Episode 1 Documentary in which Welsh students experience the South Korean education system. Three Pembrokeshire teens spend three days in one of the toughest school regimes in the world. School Swap: Korea Style - Episode 1 What does it take to have the best school in the world? To find out, three Welsh teenagers from Pembrokeshire swap their classroom, teachers and parents for a school on the opposite side of the world. South Korea boasts one of the best education systems in the world, but also one of the toughest. So for three days, they will live and breathe Korean education to find out the secret to their success. Can they hack it?

The Unbelievable Way 3 Men Found Out They Were Triplets Separated As Babies | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Megyn Kelly sits down with two of the triplets from the documentary “Three Identical Strangers,” which tells the story of three identical boys separated at birth who found each other years later, having grown up within 100 miles from each other. The pair join Megyn Kelly TODAY with the story of their emotional reunion as well as the reason they were separated: a secret scientific study. » Subscribe to TODAY: » Watch the latest from TODAY: About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: Find TODAY on Facebook: Follow TODAY on Twitter: Follow TODAY on Google+: Follow TODAY on Instagram: Follow TODAY on Pinterest: The Unbelievable Way 3 Men Found Out They Were Triplets Separated As Babies | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Vancouver dad on raising 5 free-range kids in city apartment

Adrian Crook lives with his five kids in a condo in downtown Vancouver. When he separated from his wife, he left the suburbs - bucking the pressure in North America that kids need a house and a backyard - and rented a 29th-floor penthouse in the very dense Yaletown district. To maximize the two bedroom space, Crook uses transforming furniture. A murphy bed slash desk turns his bedroom into a home office (he’s a videogame designer). The bottom half of his girls’ bunk bed transforms into a table and desk. A carpenter friend turned two IKEA bunk beds into a triple bunk for his three boys. Crook grew up in the suburbs, but became hooked on the vibrancy of city living as an adult. He gave up his car and he and the kids rely on bikes, public transit and their feet. Crook estimates they walk about 10 kilometers per day just going to and from school and activities. He taught his kids to ride the bus alone, but - despite praise from fellow riders (one wrote Crook "praising the kids’ skills and behaviour")- after an anonymous complaint from a concerned citizen, the British Columbia government weighed in and determined that kids under 10 can’t be alone (neither on the bus nor at home). Some Canadian media are calling it a debate between “helicopter” and “free-range” parenting or a battle against the “nanny state”. Crook has launched a legal battle. Crook is also running for city council and has founded two non-profits to advocate for both better transit and more housing choices (denser zoning options in Metro Vancouver). 5 kids, 1 condo blog: Abundant Housing Vancouver Abundant Transit BC Crook’s run for city council

Animal Odd Couples [Full Documentary] | Wild Things

Biologist Liz Bonnin explores why some of the most bizarre and surprising animals pair up with each other and with us. She scours the globe in search of the most extraordinary and cute animal relationships, investigating why such odd couples sometimes form. From dogs mothering baby tigers and polar bears befriending huskies, to buffaloes bonding with grown men and lions behaving like our brothers. Liz will discover how oxytocin, the love hormone, plays a vital part in bringing the oddest animals together. The biological need to mother can shake up the natural order to such an extent that we see cats mothering ducklings and deer adopting dogs as their own young. There’s even the rhino and the sheep that love spending time with each other so much that they become ill if they are separated. Click here for more documentaries: Content licensed DRG Distribution and produced by Oxford Scientific Films LTD. Any queries, please contact us at:

A Cutting Edge documentary that looks at the impact, on both children and parents, when children are sent away from the family home not for bad behaviour – but for the sake of their education.

We follow four eight-year-old girls as they adjust to a new life away from their parents and their home. Each of their parents has decided that their child will be better off boarding in a private school, in this instance Highfield, one of the best boarding schools in the UK.

But how do they cope being separated from their families at such a young age? And how in particular do the mothers deal with the difficult decision of sending their offspring away to be educated?

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