Soloing the Changes - Intro - Jeff McErlain

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10 Country Guitar Licks You Need To Know First

This is the first video you should watch if you're interested in country guitar. And is the first site you should go to when you're done watching. Congrats to Zane Price for winning the Keeley Tone Workstation from a previous video, leave a comment below if you want to win a Fender Brad Paisley Signature Telecaster! ___ Lick #1: 1955 - Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash (played by Luther Perkins) Lick #2: 1968 - Mama Tried - Merle Haggard (played by James Burton and Roy Nichols) Lick #3: 1977 - Eastbound & Down - Jerry Reed Lick #4: 1985 - Guitars, Cadillacs - Dwight Yoakam (played by Pete Anderson) Lick #5: 1993 - Chattahoochie - Alan Jackson (played by Brent Mason) Lick #6: 1993 - Ain't Goin' Down Til The Sun Comes Up - Garth Brooks (played by Chris Leuzinger) Lick #7: 2005 - Awful, Beautiful Life - Darryl Worley (played by Brent Rowan) Lick #8: 2005 - Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do - Dierks Bentley (played by J.T. Corenflos and Bryan Sutton) Lick #9: 2005 - Alcohol - Brad Paisley Lick #10: 2015 - Nobody To Blame - Chris Stapleton ___ If you like free stuff I have a free book on country guitar at It's called "The Graphic Guide To Country Guitar" and it gives you some things to work on and tips+tricks for getting the craft of country guitar playing down. This video was made to get more people into playing country guitar by showing the history, important artists, monster guitarists, and licks that are within reach. There are plenty of beginner country guitar lessons on YouTube, but I wanted there to be a video that taught the things that would have made the process of learning country guitar easier when I was first getting into country guitar.

My secret for playing minor pentatonic scales all over the neck! Weekend Wankshop 170 twitter/instagram @BenEllerGuitars Skype lessons? email Weekend Wankshop 170 reveals some of my favorite secrets for playing minor pentatonic scale shapes all over the neck of your guitar! This is one of the most important tricks you can learn to take your playing to the next level. The concept is easy enough to understand, even if you don't have a ton of music theory knowledge. You'll also learn a scorching lick to help you put these concepts to use right away. This lesson is based around C#minor pentatonic in several different positions, using root notes across all your strings instead of just relying on the low E all the time like a lot of players do. Learn those dang notes across all your strings, kids! this lick is also a troy grady/cracking the code style downward pick slanting delight. Playing my G&L Legacy with burnt and destroyed finish by me. Fralin Split Rail pickups into my Kemper Profiler. Thanks for watching!!!

Josh Smith Blues Fusion Guitar Masterclass

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Robben Ford & Jeff Mcerlain Les Paul Goldtop Jam Robben Ford traded in his 1952 Gibson Les Paul for a 1954 that we had for sale. Here's a great jam between Robben and Jeff Mcerlain. Jeff is playing the 1954 Les Paul that Robben ended up trading the '52 for. Check out Robben Ford's guitar camp Carter Vintage Guitars is located 625 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204. We are Nashville’s premier music store with a wide variety of guitars, mandolins, and banjos in stock. From classic and iconic brands to the newest boutique treasures we have the gear to complete any rig. Visit to view our inventory. Videos are shot by Jon Roncolato with Nikon D750 cameras. Audio is captured via a Zoom H6N. Video editing is done by Zach Broyles in Final Cut Pro.

8 Facts About the Circle of Fifths that you May Not Already Know

Check out my lead guitar improv course here: Purchase my "Scales, Modes, and Arpeggios" eBook with over 320 full fretboard diagrams here: ****** Video Cliffs and Written Lesson Found Here: ****** Relevant Lessons 1.) The Relative Major/Minor Concept - Thanks a lot for watching!

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