8 Short Sci-Fi Stories - Arrival

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4 Short Supernatural Stories - After Shock

Sit down, turn off the lights and spook yourself with our '4 Short Supernatural Stories'. Taken from the audio book 'After Shock', we are proud to present over an hour of sensational storytelling including: 1. 'After Shock' read by Peter Bowles - 0:00 2. 'Dead Copying' read by Dennis Waterman - 23:33 3. 'The Twilight Children' read by Anton Rogers - 40:16 4. 'Til We Meet Again' read by Prunella Scales - 1:09:57 If you enjoyed these stories, please give this video a thumbs up! Subscribe to our channel for regular uploads of funny, spooky, humorous and entertaining short stories and audio books. Connect with us on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixMusicInternational/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/phoenixmusicint?lang=en Website - https://www.phoenixmusicinternational.com

The Moon Weed (A Tale of Alien Plant-Beasts) by Harl Vincent, Science Fiction

Unwittingly, Van the traitor of the Earth pits himself against the inexorably tightening web of plant-beasts he has released from the moon. Published August 1931 ~ Astounding Stories

Planet of the Gods by Robert Moore Williams

Far, far in the future Earth has achieved real peace and is sending out interstellar expeditions, not to conquer, but to explore. The third such expedition, has made it to the Vega system and discovered to everyone's amazement, not only a solar system but two worlds circling the Vega sun that seem to have atmosphere and water. And apparently intelligent life is there as well as well because something tries, and almost succeeds, in blasting the expedition ship out of space before it can even get close to either one. Damaged, with 3 dead men aboard, the expedition ship semi-crashes and seek to hide from this obviously hostile civilization. The three dead members of the crew are buried and four of the local inhabitants pay a friendly call. Then during the second night on this planet, one of the dead bodies knocks on the door and wants to come in. Something very strange is going on here. Chapter 1 - 00:00 Chapter 2. Vegan World - 20:45 Chapter 3. The Four Visitors - 33:53 Chapter 4. The Monster - 47:19 Chapter 5. What the Graves Revealed - 1:03:45 Chapter 6. The Capture of the Ship - 1:21:16

Salvage in Space by Jack Williamson

A lonely and very poor asteroid miner, slowly collecting bits of metallic ore in the asteroid belt on his slowly accumulating 'planet' of debris, sees and captures a derelict space ship with a horrible monster aboard .. as well as a dead but lovely girl. One of Jack Williamson's early tales that earned him his reputation as a master story teller. Read by: Phil Chenevert (https://librivox.org/reader/5717)

8 Short Funny Stories - Taking The Biscuit

8 Short Funny Stories, humour for the whole family! Over 2 hours of audio including: 1. Taking The Biscuit - read by James Bolam - 0:00 2. The Way To A Man's Heart - read by Julia McKenzie - 10:18 3. Edward's Problem - read by Hayley Mills - 24:51 4. Wish You Were Here - read by Penelope Keith - 44:05 5. Dear Mr Previn - read by Prunella Scales - 59:51 6. Twenty Five - read by Brian Blessed - 1:12:35 7. Goodbye Gertie - read by June Whitfield - 1:29:00 8. A Likely Story - read by Andrew Sachs -1:43:21

8 Short Sci-Fi stories of alien encounters! Over 2 hours of audio including:

1. Arrival - read by Colin Baker - 0:00
2. Nightmare - read by Peter Barkworth - 25:10
3. Telemart Three - read by Rula Lenska - 36:08
4. In The Hereafter Hilton - read by Dennis Waterman - 54:08
5. The Light Of Other Days - read by Anton Rodgers - 1:09:30
6. A Glitch In Time - read by Jon Pertwee - 1:31:28
7. Dream Fighter - read by Martin Kemp - 1:36:14
8. Silent Partner - read by Martin Jarvis 2:03:28

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