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Cafelat Robot - Manual Espresso Coffee Maker by Cafelat

A completely manual coffee maker that is capable of making high quality, real espresso. Ditch those wasteful coffee capsules! About this project : The Robot is a small, high quality manual coffee maker that makes real espresso It uses few parts, no complicated electronics and only premium materials like stainless steel - it is completely plastic free All you need is ground coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you are all set  The whole process is simple and takes just a few minutes - no need for any capsule machine and less plastic waste for the landfills Features a professional 58mm stainless steel filter basket Also has a bottomless portafilter just like pro machines Save $ on expensive plastic capsules Design is registered and barista version is patent pending The Robot makes espresso shots only Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via More about project : You can then drink as straight espresso, add water to make an americano or even make milk drinks if you have a milk steamer.  You can use fresh ground coffee with the professional basket, or you can use pre-ground coffee (e.g. Illy, Lavazza etc..) using the pressurised basket. Some hot water and some coffee. The Robot has no boiler or heater inside, so you will have to manually fill it with hot water prior to brewing.The Robot has been designed to work with 2 types of coffees:  Fresh ground coffee from a coffee grinder such as a hand grinder or an electric grinder. Blade grinders will not work. Fresh coffee is to be used with the professional filter basket.   Pre-ground supermarket coffee (e.g. the solid bricks) can be used with our pressurised double wall basket. Pre-ground coffee such as this only really work with the special pressurised basket.  The oversized filter basket doubles as a brewing chamber. To keep things simple, there is no heating element, so you will have to fill the basket up with hot water from a kettle.  As soon as you pour in water just off the boil into the basket, it immediately cools to around 95 deg c, absolutely perfect for brewing killer espresso. Do not be fooled by the toy-like cutesy Robot looks, the Robot means business and is capable of pulling espresso shots like a professional machine costing 50x more.   By pushing down the lever arms, the internal piston forces the hot water through the coffee creating the thick syrupy espresso.  The machine is more than capable of producing that magic 9 bar pressure, but lever machines prefer somewhere in the region of 6-7 bar.It might take some time to practice, but the Robot gives you the tools to produce great espresso shots. To stop brewing the coffee you simply stop pushing the lever arms down. Paul's Tip If you back the lever arms up ever so slightly this prevents any drips from the spouts after you have moved the cup away. At that point, you can remove the portafilter.  Depending on where you stopped brewing there may be a bit of water left over in the portafilter. If you find that annoying, after you have removed your beverage place another cup under the spouts and raise and lower the arms again. That will push the remaining water out the coffee leaving a nice dry coffee cake.Coffee grinds make great compost material. 58mm filter baskets Yes the same size as professional semi-automatic machines. Our baskets are extremely high quality, they are made by the same factory that makes all the best baskets in the world.Stainless Steel Tamper  1 piece stainless steel tamper designed and machined to precisely fit snugly in the basket and has tapered side walls to prevent ground being sucked back when you lift the tamper.Pressure gauge   Our Patent Pending system takes the pressure reading from inside the basket. Add to that the manual pressing of the lever arms, it enables you to manipulate pre-infusion,  flow and pressure in real-time to get the best from your coffee.  Extraction pressure   Ignore the magic 9 bar, that figure originally referred to the pump output pressure of a Faema E61 machine, when in actual fact the pressure at the group will be lower, maybe even 1-2 bar lower.   Traditional lever machines (as measured by us) typically extract at 6-7 bars, and since the basket and piston on the Robot are the same size, we suggest you initially aim for 6-7 bars as well and adjust as preferred.Temperature management   The Robot is clearly not going to give you a La Marzocco type flat temperature profi...

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This set is pretty neat, check it out! I'm waiting for my beans to arrive from overseas, but as far as construction goes I was truly impressed!

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