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Five Most Common Problems With Refrigerators

Kung Fu Maintenance describes the five most common problems with refrigerators. Get Kung Fu Maintenace Greatest Hits album here! To have someone like me make repairs for you click the following link In this particular episode of Kung Fu Maintenance classes KFM shows the different treatment needed to maintain refrigerators showing five most common problems with fridges. To give proper split temperature through the return and transfer heat through the refrigerant from inside to outside the refrigerator or freezer. No degree is needed to watch these videos and the emphasis is on safety to prevent the need for any accident attorney or any insurance claim. You must be EPA certified to hook up gauges or change refrigerant charges for most types of refrigerant. Proper maintenance reduces electricity usage and increase equipment longevity through the best use of refrigerant gas to transfer heat where desired. Nice Little Hand Held Drill Get the Screwdriver used in so many KFM videos here Get the Multi Tool Pliers used in so many KFM videos Get KFM's Favored Cordless Drill Plus Power Tool Set Get the Wet Dry Vacuum used in so many KFM videos Get The Kung Fu Maintenance book here Or the Kung Fu Maintenance E book here for less than $5 Get the Kung Fu Maintenance album (good driving music) "Up Beat" here Get the Kung Fu Maintenance album (nice Instrumental music) "Entropy" here I don't work for any of the product companies listed however I do make a small commission on items ordered through the links. http://KungFuMaintenance.Com http://Blog.KungFuMaintenance.Com http://Arcade.KungFuMaintenance.Com http://VGBlog.KungFuMaintenance.Com http://TheMaintenanceEar.KungFuMaintenance.Com 00:13 Ok, today I am going to be discussing with you the five most common problems with 00:17 refrigerators. 00:18 Number one is a stuck fridge fan. When you open your fridge and it is in it's run cycle you should hear the sound like you are hearing now, the fan motor spinning, sometimes what happens is the fan blades get stuck against the side or the fan blade itself goes so far back that it seats against the motor and than the blades get stuck and don't turn 00:42 second most common problems with refrigerators is drips from the ceiling 00:47 now if it's just small drips it can be caused by food put in that's hot like 00:51 boiling or something that had boiled 00:54 and than set in the fridge without a cover on it, the way to eliminate that is 00:58 to keep a cover on your food 01:00 but if your seeing excessive drips 01:02 from the inside center here 01:04 then it may indicate 01:06 that you have a clogged condensate drain 01:09 which is a very common problem with refrigerators 01:11 The third most common problem with refrigerators is the compressor not 01:15 running. 01:15 If you listen 01:17 back here you can kind of hear the hum of the compressor. So if you don't hear that 01:20 sound 01:22 that low humming sound 01:24 that's different from the fan going than 01:28 your starter may need to be replaced on the compressor. 01:31 The fourth most common problem with refrigerators is torn gaskets the way that 01:35 you prevent that from happening is to clean the gaskets here often 01:39 and to clean 01:40 the fridge surface here often 01:43 where it mates because what happens is sticky foods stick in there and than 01:47 pulling apart from the gasket 01:49 eventually can tear the gasket wear out the gasket so that's the way to 01:54 kind of prevent it. Each 01:55 door manufacturer is different 01:57 so you might have to consult your directions on how to replace your gasket 02:01 some of them will have screws along the inside portion here 02:05 of the gasket in order to change it 02:07 others will have a press in place groove that the gasket 02:11 gets pressed into 02:12 others the entire door portion will pull apart so that you can 02:16 replace the gasket so each kind 02:18 is just slightly different. 02:20 And the fifth most common problem with refrigerators is being off balance 02:24 what you want is for when you let your fridge door go 02:28 you want it to just close 02:30 nice and gently 02:31 and close all the way 02:33 you want the fridge to aim towards the back just a tiny bit so that condensate 02:36 goes down and stays along the back of the fridge and settles into the pan 02:41 that's on the back on the top of the compressor 02:44 usually but anyway you want your fridge to angle towards the back just a tiny bit 02:48 if your fridge is off balance 02:50 there is usually an adjustment screw here

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Best Refrigerator Repair Johns Creek GA call the pro's at 770-444-9336 at Around the House Appliance Repair Johns Creek Georgia.

If your refrigerator is not working properly, or you're experiencing any of the following; food not cold, items in freezer soft or melting, fridge temperatures fluctuating, food spoiling or going bad quickly. Our customers love our services, and you will too.

Call for a free in home estimate for the best refrigerator repair in Johns Creek GA today.

These are all symptoms that your refrigerator needs repair. Appliances that are causing these problems can be repaired quickly and professionally when you call Around The House Appliance Repair is the go to company for the best refrigerator repair in Johns Creek GA.

We are the best refrigerator repair service in Johns Creek GA because we service and repair all major brands of appliances; LG, Kitchenaid, Kenmore, Jenn Aire, Hotpoint, GE, Frigidaire, Estate, Electrolux, Amana, Admiral, Whirlpool, Sub Zero, Roper, Maytag, and more. Get the best refrigerator repair Johns Creek GA today for all of these major brand name refrigerators.

We service stand up freezers, disposals, ovens, stove tops and ranges in Johns Creek, Marietta, East Cobb, Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Suwanee, Duluth, Sugar Hill, Buford, Berkeley Lake, Norcross, Dunwoody, Atlanta, Dekalb, Forsyth, Fulton, North Fulton and North metro Atlanta.

Our quality services are the best refrigerator repair Johns Creek GA with 5 Star ratings on Yelp!

We have excellent reviews for best refrigerator repair Johns Creek GA on Angie's List too!.

We also offer upright freezer, washer or washing machine, dryer and ice maker repair just to name a few.

Nick and the team are your best bet for having your broken refrigerator, ice maker, oven and stove or any other of your kitchen appliances working properly again.

Best Refrigerator Repair Johns Creek GA - Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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