New Volkswagen Touareg Concept 2019 - 2020 Review, Photos, Exhibition, Exterior and Interior

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Volkswagen Touareg 2019 vs AUDI Q7 2018

2019 Volkswagen Touareg vs 2018 AUDI Q7 - Which is Better?

NEW volkswagen touareg 2019

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2019 Volkswagen Touareg

2019 Volkswagen Touareg - Review ( better than BMW X5 ? )

The Touareg looks more Audi-like than ever before, with angular headlights, sharp creases on every panel and a rear-end profile that's more than a little Q7. But it ties together with other modern VWs thanks to the integration of its headlights with the company grille. It's a bit wider and longer than before, which VW used to expand cargo capacity dramatically, but aluminum help keeps the curb weight about 220 pounds lower than before. But the real meat and potatoes of the new Touareg is inside. Having a screen for a gauge cluster is nothing new, nor is an infotainment screen, which is why Volkswagen decided to jam the two together. The Innovision Cockpit system merges the 12-inch gauge display and the top-tier, 15-inch infotainment screen. It's pretty impressive from a visual standpoint, and it further reduces the physical-button clutter around the infotainment screen. There's a head-up display, too, in case that isn't enough screen for you. VW claims that the Touareg packs the biggest collection of driver-assist systems of any car it sells, and I'd believe it. There's a night-vision camera in the mix, in addition to a lane-keep assist system that'll work in roadwork areas, a front-facing cross-traffic assist system and four-wheel steering. Optional matrix-type LED headlights can dip and reroute beams around oncoming traffic to prevent dazzling. The 2019 Touareg will launch with two different diesel V6s, putting out 228 or 282 horsepower. A 335-hp gas V6 will follow, along with a 415-hp diesel V8. Eventually, China and Europe will get a plug-in hybrid with a net output of 362 hp, too. The new Touareg will go on sale later this year -- not that it matters to you or me.

2019 Volkswagen Touareg - INTERIOR

--Interior concept - interior space for the digital era Interior designers have fully conceptualised the Touareg interior anew, systematically tailoring it for the digital era. Everywhere it makes sense to do so, digital surfaces have replaced conventional indicators and controls. The dominant centre of the interior space is formed by the wide and elegant dash panel with the Innovision Cockpit that can be integrated here as an option - an alliance of digital instruments (Digital Cockpit with a 12-inch display) and the Discover Premium infotainment system (with a 15-inch touchscreen). It is the digital control centre - the Volkswagen Touareg's interactive interface, in which information and settings for all key convenience, assistance and infotainment systems blend into a matrix. Thanks to its own eSIM (offered in 13 European countries at launch), the new SUV is also "always on". The 'Innovision Cockpit' represents a watershed - because no other Volkswagen interior has ever been digitalised to such an extent, offering wider ranging connectivity to vehicle functions and the outside world. --Comfort, quality and exclusivity of the highest levels As unyielding and demanding as the on-road and off-road may be, the interior of the Volkswagen SUV always remains a luxurious comfort zone. The screens of the Innovision Cockpit with their overlaid glass surfaces, elegant wood accents (genuine natural grain wood), vegetable-tanned leathers and aluminium and chrome details give the vehicle a look and feel that reveals its extraordinarily high quality. For example, in the new 'Atmosphere' trim line a narrow wing of 'Curved beam wood' - a curved wood accent in ash - spans the entire width of the dash panel, following its shape, and is integrated into the light design of the ambient lighting. One way to personalise the interior is by choosing one of three trim lines: 'Atmosphere', 'Elegance' and 'R-Line'. 'Atmosphere' is a new, lounge-like world, in which wood and natural colours reign. 'Elegance' stands for a new, technical world where metal and related colours dominate. Then there is the 'R-Line' package, which focuses on sportiness - as it always does at Volkswagen. --New massage seats and variable rear seating system The optional electrically adjustable front seats may, as a further option, include a new, pneumatic massage function which is featured for the first time in the Touareg. Users can select from eight modes. The pneumatic massage functions, which offer variable control of intensity, are implemented by individual air cushions. The rear seating system also provides 160 mm of longitudinal adjustment to create even more space at the rear. Offering additional comfort is the tilt adjustment for the rear seat backrest (three stages up to 21 degrees). The term 'long-distance vehicle' takes on a whole new quality in the Touareg with its seat system. To ensure that five people have enough space for their luggage on long trips or on a short trip to the next airport, cargo capacity is increased by 113 litres to 810 litres in the new VW Touareg compared to the previous model. --Largest Volkswagen panoramic sliding roof Natural light enters the interior through the largest panoramic sliding roof implemented in a Volkswagen to date. The transparent roof cut-out (interior dimension) is 1,270 mm long by 825 mm wide. The front half of the roof can be opened variably via a four-way switch. It can travel up to 495 mm towards the rear by electric drive and can be tilted up. An electrically operated fabric sunshade reduces solar radiation. --Ambient light in 30 colours The atmosphere inside the Touareg can also be personalised by ambient light. In addition, an optional 30 light colours are available, whose brightness can be variably adjusted. Premiere of the Innovision Cockpit --Fusion of new assistance, handling and comfort systems The VW Touareg is launching with the largest range of assistance, handling and comfort systems ever to be integrated into a Volkswagen. They include technologies such as the 'Night Vision' assistance system (detects people and animals in darkness via a thermal imaging camera), Roadwork Lane Assist (semi-automated steering and lane keeping, accelerating and braking up to 60 km/h), Front Cross Traffic Assist (reacts to cross traffic in front of the Touareg), active all-wheel steering (makes the Touareg handle like a compact car), new roll stabilisation with electro-mechanically controlled anti-roll bars and 'IQ.Light - LED matrix headlights' (interactive, camera-based dipped and main beam headlight control) and a 'Windshield Head-up Display' projected directly into the windscreen. The driver experiences these systems as a single unit in the new Volkswagen Touareg. Full Review Music Source: NCM Epic Music Ender Guney 2018 Features "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

New Volkswagen Touareg Concept 2019 - 2020 Review, Photos, Exhibition, Exterior and Interior

Volkswagen presented the completely redeveloped Touareg in China - the flagship of the brand. Equipped with the connectivity of a new era and a pioneering fusion of assistance, comfort, lighting and infotainment systems, the Volkswagen Touareg points the way to the future. At the same time, the exclusive SUV charges up its market segment with pure dynamism. The largest markets for what is now the third generation of the Touareg are China, Europe and Russia. Worldwide sales of the previous two generations amount to nearly one million units. The Volkswagen Touareg - as comfortable as it is dynamic - has, as the most technically advanced Volkswagen of its era, the potential to enthuse technology and design savvy drivers of premium class models of all sorts, reaching new target groups as well.

Volkswagen is presenting the fully digitalised Innovision Cockpit for the first time in the new Touareg. Here the digital instruments (Digital Cockpit with 12-inch display) and the top Discover Premium infotainment system (with 15-inch display) merge to form a digital operating, information, communication and entertainment unit that hardly needs any conventional buttons or switches. Always-on, offering intuitive control and maximum personalisation - with the Innovision Cockpit, the Volkswagen Touareg provides the blueprint for tomorrow's digital interior today.

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