Primitive Technology:used-Build Chair and Table-Dinner-Primitive Life!

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Primitive Life-Trap and Bird Enclosures!!!

Primitive Life-Trap and Bird Enclosures!!! please share and sub my chanel!thank you!

Build Water Tank From Bamboo and Mud

Build Water Tank From Bamboo and Mud

Primitive technology - Use the stone to make primitive hut, Made of bamboo (Part-2)

Primitive technology - Use the stone to make primitive hut, Made of bamboo (Part-2) Follow Primitive Skills 😍👇 subscribers; Facebook: -------------- thanks

Primitive Technology: Sandals

I made a pair of sandals from loya cane. Walking bare footed in the bush generally doesn't cause problems for my feet. But when repetitively carrying loads of various materials the soles of the feet become cracked and split. So I made some basic footwear for the purpose of working on rough surfaces.  I cut some cane and measured out a length 6 times the length of the foot (about 1.5 m), folded it into loops and wove more cane between the loops to form the sole, adding new cane as needed. Next, I made bark fiber cordage and threaded it through the sandal to keep it on. The pair took about 1 hour to make (longer due to setting up the camera). The sandals do protect from the ground, preventing the feet from cracking. I personally don't like wearing footwear in the forest as bare feet give better grip, especially on inclines. But for heavy work or when my feet are injured I'll wear these. These sandals are so quick to make that I've already got 2 pairs. The material used to make them (loya cane) is everywhere here but pretty much any rope like material will do. Bark fiber rope, grass, vine, flexible roots etc. will all make usable alternative materials. Wordpress: Patreon page: I have no face book page, instagram, twitter etc. Beware of fake pages.

Primitive Life:Stone Road!

Primitive Life:Stone Road!Primitive life-wilderness!primitive technology! Build Stone Road! in the forest! Please share and sub my chanel if you like this video!thank you very much!

Primitive Technology:used-Build Chair and Table-Primitive Life.
I make a chair and a table in 3 days. They will make my dining place more clean. Besides, i make a water pot and a cup of water. This evening i will have a delicious dinner with 3 fishes and several Sim fruits. During cooking time, i practice my shooting skill. It's so great that i shoot to target better.

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