Illustrator funny hairy cartoon design in Adobe illustrator CC 2017

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How to Create Realistic 3D Fur Effect in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Hello world, In this video, we will learn how to create realistic 3d furry letters in Illustrator using blend tool and one another tool for the final touch. Here I made a letter 'D' as in Devil but you can come up with anything you like. try various colors. but Just remember, USE THE COLORS WISELY. Subtle gradients will do the charm. Keep the backdrop simple as the infinite backdrops in use to be in photography. It is just for presentation, you should think creatively if it requires. ► More Tutorials: ► I hope you'll learn something out of it. :) Do Like & Subscribe. Keep Learning!! ================================ Twitter : Facebook : Instagram : Google+ : ================================

Lace Pattern Tutorial - How to draw a Lace Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

How to draw a wonderful Lace Pattern art in Adobe Illustrator. In this Tutorial I show you how to draw with brushes by using a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet. Learn how to draw Calligraphic Elements, how to make a Floral Lace Pattern, work with Brushes and how to draw an Ornate Lace Pattern. Music by Andre and Kevin Kröker You save a lot of time with this Dagubi - Lace Pattern Template Set: SUBSCRIBE for more Videos and FREE Tutorials: Find more Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop tutorials also Photoshop and Illustrator Brushes, Motion Graphics, Vectors and Drawings from Andre Kröker of Dagubi. DAGUBI Website: Check out this tutorial and find some helpful stuff: Final Vector file Includes the Brushes set used in this image: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


Hola a todos y todas hoy les dejo estos 10 trucos para que puedan dibujar fácil en el programa Illustrator y que sepan muchas más herramientas, que sepan esta técnica en vectores y NO SE OLVIDEN SUSCRIBIRSE AL CANAL en el botón rojo. Espero le den UN SUPERMEGA LIKE DE AGRADECIMIENTO Y PUEDAN COMPARTIRLO CON LAS DEMÁS PERSONAS! PD: También puedes duplicar solo con ALT sin el CONTROL! VIDEINES MENCIONADOS! 5 Trucos para dibujar en Photoshop Limitaciones en el dibujo 10 trucos para dibujo digital MIS LINKS! LISTA DE MIS TUTORIALES:… Inscríbete a mis cursos ONLINE de CREHANA: Mis redes!

How to blend vector art in illustrator and Photoshop (Illustrator and Photoshop CC tutorial)

Hi, guys. ". In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create, blend vector art in adobe illustrator and Photoshop cc 2017. Welcome to my channel "PS Design”. I’ll show you how to use pen tool in adobe illustrator cc, how to use blend option and blend too. In this tutorial, I'll also be showing how to use solid color feature, brightness and contrast adjustments layer to blend the art with the background. I'll be sharing more interesting videos every week so, make sure you subscribe so that you don't miss any upcoming videos. Thanks for visiting my channel. Please, please like my video, share it, comment if you have any question and don't forget to subscribe, please. Have a nice day ahead. Thanks. Like our Facebook Page: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Join our Facebook group:

How to design a logo with golden Ratio #3 | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Sponsored by Squarespace! 10% OFF: How to design a logo with golden Ratio Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel!! Many of you asked me to make another golden ratio tutorial, and I already planned to make a series of them. So I decided today to show you how to make a logo design using the golden circles. In the previous Golden Ratio Tutorial, I started by making a Fibonacci rectangle where the ratio is approximately 1.618. Today, instead of working on an already made sketch I will show you how to draw directly on illustrator, using a reference image of a fox, then I will grid it with the golden circles, to finally get this cool logo. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you are willing to practice and make the same logo, you are free to download the tutorial’s file from the link below: Graphic Design Resources: In today’s Tutorial You will see : - how to trace an image with the paintbrush tool. - how to make the golden circles. - how to grid the created outline with the golden ratio. - how to add gradient colors to the outline. Thank You!! _____ Follow me: instagram: Facebook: Dribbble: Twitter: ______ For Business Inquiry, Email me: ______ You can check my Illustrator tutorial on : Pen Tool Tutorial: How To Design A Logo From An Image: How To Make Your Logo Design Presentation: How To Design A Line Art Logo: The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish #2: The Shape Builder Tool: How to design a logo with golden Ratio #2: How To Round Corners In Illustrator: How To Design A Vintage Monogram: Adobe Illustrator Quick Tips & Tricks #1: How To Design An eSports Mascot Logo: How to design a logo with golden Ratio: How To Design A Low Poly logo: How to design a logo with circular grid | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: how to create a Negative Space Logo Design in Illustrator: how to create a shield logo design: You can also check my Illustrator speed Art : Dragon Logo Design Process: Green House | Gradient Logo Design: Flat Design Coffee Time: Flat design Inspired by Swerve®: How To Create A Cute Character Design in this link: How to Create A Character logo design in this link : Logo Design Process From Sketch To Vector: ______ Background birds sound: Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend From licensed under CC BY 2.0

In this tutorial i will be showing you how to make a funny cartoon or hairy character!

Illustrator funny hairy cartoon design in Adobe illustrator CC 2017

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