Famous 1920s Women Biographies

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Joséphine Baker: The 1st Black Superstar

© Forget About It Film & TV, for BBC Wales. 2006. Narrated by Josette Simon. Directed by Suzanne Phillips. **I encourage everyone to watch this interview with Julie Menin where Jean-Claude Baker discusses Joséphine's children (part 1) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjF3RwF5BFI **This documentary features a few over-eager commentators with hyperbole that knows no bounds. The opening comments verge on the ridiculous, like "Her body was democracy's body..." **Dixon-Gottshild's analysis of La Baker's "Banana dance" @ 16:42 is typical of most modern-day historians who feel they must read deeper meaning into the whole thing. To suggest that Baker was "making fun" of a stereotype, or that the fact that Baker left the stage quickly after her performance was a testament to some "attitude" is really not at all the case. La Baker was a young, beautiful girl who just enjoyed showing off. That's really it. **I have always found it unfortunate that the issues of race, "rainbow children" & banana girdles always cloud the magnificent artist that Baker became in her later years. I personally prefer the 1986 documentary "Chasing a Rainbow" far better than this, but both taken together offer a better glimpse of the real Joséphine. Still, a complete look at the real Joséphine - the good the bad & the ugly - has never been achieved except by Jean-Claude Baker in his book "The Hungry Heart".

Creating a Rainbow: Josephine Baker and the Rainbow Tribe

Celebrating Black History | Introducing Josephine Baker

Happy Black History Month! In this transformation, we are celebrating the life of Josephine Baker! Singer, actress and performer, Josephine Baker has paved the way for African American women through her brave and unapologetic style of dance! Watch me as I transform into the many powerful African American she-roes of our history. Let's celebrate Black History Month and educate our youth to dream big and be inspired by our predecessors! Don't forget to thumbs up and share! Music : "Everybody's Charleston Crazy" ** This is NOT a sponsored video. This video and thoughts are those of my own and are meant to educate and inspire** Xo, Ahfro Baang

How We Lived- 1920's

A short video describing life in the 1920's

The End of Extravagance: The Story of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

Hey everyone – so recently (for who knows what reason) this video has been getting more traffic. This is a school project I made in my sophomore year of high school, and since I threw away my notes/bibliography a long time ago I can't guarantee its accuracy. Nonetheless, please enjoy!


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