Table Top king Chefmate GC512 12 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer 13 hp Restaurant Equipment review

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how to prepare fried rice, filmed in china, rise prepared by chinese chief cook. it is so simple, anybody can do it.

Emilio Mitidieri Demos Antique Berkel Meat Slicer Expert Emilio Mitidieri, owner of,, and, discusses and demos an antique Berkel meat slicer from his San Francisco showroom. To learn more, visit:

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Table Top king Chefmate GC512 12 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer 13 hp Restaurant Equipment review

If you currently find yourself filling your basket with sliced meats, cheeses, and breads, you can quickly make back your investment in a food slicer.
Mid level to premium slicers will mostly bear motor speeds from 180 RPM to above 200 RPM.
Refer to the manufacturer’s specification sheets for dimensions.

The higher tier slicers have a strong metallic build and will withstand intense assignments thus obviously lasting much longer under heavy use.
You’ve seen them at the deli, making short, neat work of slicing meats and cheeses.

With that in mind, this blog will serve as a guide to choosing the right slicer for any application.
But the unsung hero is the motor.

Everything else is metallic, giving them high durability.

A gripe people tend to have with certain low tier slicers is the use of plastic in the gears which breaks down much faster.
For large food slicing jobs, an electric meat slicer gives you a precise slice every time without constant supervision, so all of your food slices come out with the same thickness.

Buying pre-sliced foods at the grocery store is always going to cost you more than slicing them yourself.
Investing in a meat slicer could save you and your employees hours of repetitive, tiring, and sometimes dangerous manual labour.

Another important detail to consider is the size of the slicer.
The more surface area you need to slice, the larger the knife you need.
Not every kitchen needs a meat slicer, but most people who invest in one are happy they did.

Nonetheless, some people do prefer the extra control they provide and feel that the meat slices come out with an improved texture and flavor when using manual models than with automatic ones.
They therefore require much more work and are slower to use than automatic models.

And the Table Top king Chefmate GC512 12 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer 13 hp Restaurant Equipment is the best out there.

A meat slicer will deliver precision perfection with every slice and also allow you to cut slices thinner than you ever could with a kitchen knife.

These slicers can also burn out if too much strain is put on the blade so it’s important to only use it within its limits.
While designed for simple, safe operation, they are not recommended for slicing cheese, and do not offer as many safety or convenience features as higher-end models.

If you think your family could benefit from adding one to your supply of appliances, here are some of main things you need to know to find the right one for you.

If most of your slicing is low volume or you plan on slicing infrequently, a manual food slicer may be right for you.
Aluminum alloys produce a more rugged slicer.
For the mid to high tier slicers, manufacturers never use plastic, except maybe on the food grip handle.
The number one determining factor in choosing a slicer is not price, but application.

Manual food slicers require someone to move the food or carriage manually in order to complete the slicing.
With a meat slicer, you’ll be able to spend less time slicing products by hand while helping more customers and being able to provide fast service with exceptional results.
Some standard duty models are able to handle a small amount of cheese slicing per day but they’re primarily recommended for slicing deli meats and vegetables.
Entry level slicers will have a horsepower of between 100 and 150 RPM with 150 being the more ambitious low tier variations.
If in the highly impossible case a high tier slicer has plastic in the build, run.

Deciding which food slicer to purchase can be confusing, so we're happy to help you decide.
This is where all the horsepower comes from.
You might have limited space in your kitchen and need a slicer with a small footprint.
Choosing the wrong slicer can result in costly repairs, and added cost of ownership.

Electric food slicers, often referred to as automatic food slicers, will make up almost all the food slicers you come across in your search.
As a result, injuries and wasted product occur more often, which don’t help your business grow and thrive.
Choosing the right slicer will increase quality, productivity, and profitability in your operation.

Meat slicers make the task of slicing meat, cheese, and other foods with speed and ease.

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