Preoperational / Concrete Operational Interview, Selah, 4 Years Old

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Jean Piaget's Experiment

Piaget on Piaget

Full documentary about Jean PIaget's Genetic Epistemology. It shows some of the classic experiments about seriation, conservation of volume and drawings. Filmed in Switzerland, 1977.

Child Psychology - Piaget - Concrete Operational Stage (Interview)

Filmed entirely with an iPhone 6 Plus via YouTube Capture & iMovie Directed by Haeri G. Edited by Sally G. Featuring Jonathan Gim, age 8 End Credits song "I Didn't Mean It", written & performed by The Belle Brigade. Courtesy of Chop Shop, Atlantic, WMG All credits/copyrights for the song go to the respective songwriters, producers and label, etc.


As requested an interview with Olivia! Both girls are surprisingly pretty shy when filmed and asked questions. As I am sure you noticed Olivia speaks more comfortably in German :) SNAPCHAT: daniellezbliss LAST VLOG: TWITTER : Chat: daniellezbliss ellezavala INSTSGRAM :

Piagetian Conservation Tasks

Fraternal twins Zoe and Alexis are asked to solve a variety of classic Piagetian conservation tasks. At 5 years, 6 months of age, Zoe is still showing solid preoperational reasoning on all tasks, while Alexis (in the last segment) is starting to show the beginning signs of concrete operational reasoning.

Child Psychology interview of a 4 year old girl. This interview is designed to examine the child's progress into the Preoperational and Concrete Operational stages of Piaget's stages of child development. Fullerton College.

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