How to Install Paper on Glass Best Method 2017

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How to Apply Artscape Window Film

An instructional video for applying Artscape's Decorative and Privacy Window Films. Featuring, "New Leaf" For more information, visit Artscape products are currently sold in over 3,000 retail outlets including home improvement retailers like Home Depot and specialty retail stores. Artscape is also available at and To find a retailer near you:

HometintingDIY's How To Install Frosted/Decorative Film HometintingDIY's crackerjack Installer Aaron shows you how to do it yourself install frosted tint on your windows! Jump onto to purchase your tools and frosted film! Please give our professional installers a call on 1300 TINTFX for a FREE quote on film installation. How to Install Decorative Window Film Professional installation on windows these size (675x590mm) would cost at least $200. At our Frosted- Translucent film costs approximately $30 + P&H for the EXACT same sized windows! What a saving!! Spray and clean glass panel as described in How To Prepare Your Windows For HomeTintingDIY Film Remember to take care with any blinds. If possible, remove them completely. Angle 6" Triumph blade down to remove water, pressing reasonably hard. Concentrate on the edges Spray window again. Using your squeegee, squeegee excess water off Paying particular attention to the edges, wipe away remaining water Your film will be cut exactly to the sizes you have requested Window tinting is always easier with a mate! By spraying down another piece of glass, you can lay your film on the glass and easily remove the backing paper Did you know? Frosted film gives you day and night film. If you only want day time privacy, check out our TrueVue Dark - Reflective film! Spray sticky side of film with hometintingdiy solution Spray window panel Carefully transfer film across to the window panel Carefully butt the top corner of the film into the corner of the window Spray film with HomeTintingDIY solution Using your squeegee make a T action on the film Direct sunlight means the water dries up quicker meaning less time for installation! By splitting the excess film at the corner you will prevent creasing Using your stanley knife and hard card cut away excess film from edging, making sure film is as close to the edging as possible. Pay particular attention to the corner By holding the film edge after cutting you will prevent accidentally peeling the film from your glass Using your squeegee, bump out any excess water. Using a hard card and paper towel bump out the excess water Spray film once more and squeegee dry, again paying attention to the edges Excess water can seep under your new film if not removed properly at installation! Check out our next video on how to add viewing panels to your frosted windows

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How to Install Paper on Glass Best Method 2017
Now you can install paper on glass at home.
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