Speaking God's favor over your life

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Affirmations: "God, Grant Me Abundance and Prosperity". Scripture Affirmations.Relaxing!

Affirmations and Scripture verses about God providing abundance. Gratitude towards God's blessings will attract more blessings, and

Miracle Prayer/ Miracle Prayer/ Job Search Tips/Prophetic Ministry

Miracle Prayer! Miracle prayer GOT ME A JOB IN 10 DAYS! Fr. Rokey. Innocent childlike prayer. You've got to try it to believe it. DISTURBED! DISTURBED!See Miracle baby, and hear baby miracle prayer. prophet Be Shocked! Many get Money, job Miracles from this Prayer. Prophetic Ministry Prayer. Got miracle job search tips from this miracle prayer. Many got jobs in bad economy. Need a miracle, healing prayer, hear about many who got this miracle. Hallelujah Jesus! See this miracle. This miracle shield of prayer can change your life immediately. Need jobs, get miracle prayer not by the River Ministries but by the Blood of Jesus. Hallelujah Jesus. Hallelujah Jesus! Deliverance prayer from obstacles preventing you from getting your miracles. Listen and see your miracle come through with this miracle shield of prayer. hallelujah Jesus, like Joyce ministries and Hinn ministry Want personal prayer by Skype or Yahoo Messenger send a message and contact and I'll arrange to call you. If you feel blessed by this prayer, kindly pass on to others who need a blessing. That's a great way to thank the Lord. Please help this homeless guy see Message body http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlUk8CDZykI

Drop It - Joel Osteen

God wants to do something new in your life and heal your past wounds! But, you have to be willing to let go of the old. Are you carrying around baggage from the past? Maybe there’s someone who hurt you, an unfair situation that you can’t stop dwelling on, or a mistake you wish you hadn’t made. Today’s the day for freedom in your life. In this powerful message, you will learn the principle Jesus taught His disciples in Mark 11 about “letting it go.” Learn to trust God’s vindication in your life and receive His mercy for every mistake. If you’ll let God heal your pain, He will give you beauty for ashes, and a new season of joy and favor will arrive in your life! This is Message #677 "Drop It" by Joel Osteen. For more inspirational messages, visit https://www.JoelOsteen.com/Messages

Psalm 37 - Don't Fret Because of Evildoers (With words - KJV)

Psalm 37 - King James Version; The Heritage of the Righteous and the Calamity of the Wicked; Don't Fret Because of Evildoers; (1 Kings 2:1-9) {A Psalm of David.} king James Bible

Healing scriptures Full Length updated version "Read by John Hagee"

For all those who are in need of a healing. Also to my friends and family. My grandma gave me this audio CD when I was battling an illness in 2006. I still listen to it often. Happy that so many people have been touched by it. As I no longer post much on youtube anymore, I don't have time to moderate the comments so I have disabled the comments for this video. Sorry for any inconvenience

Osteen's incredible book I Declare. I declare breakthroughs are coming in my life. sudden bursts of God's goodness. Not a trickle. Not a stream. But a flood of God's power. A flood of healing. A flood of wisdom. A flood of favor. I am a breakthrough person and I choose to live breakthrough minded. I am expecting God to overwhelm me with His goodness and amaze me with His favor. This is my declaration. In Jesus' name amen. Thanks to Joel

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