How To Build A Used Gaming PC For $300 RIGHT NOW! (No Crazy Deals)

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$300 Gaming PC - Pentium G5400 - Is It Worth It?

Full Playlist of Videos on this $300 PC Build - Overview of $300 PC Build - Parts Suggestions & Alternatives to Consider --- Expand Video Description for More Details --- Pentium G5400 - @Amazon - @NewEgg H310 Chipset Motherboard - @Amazon - @NewEgg 8GB DDR4 RAM - @Amazon - @NewEgg 250GB SSD - @Amazon - @NewEgg 450W PSU - @Amazon - @NewEgg Mini-Tower Case - @Amazon - @NewEgg Windows 10 Pro (Discount Code sktech10%) --- Logitech mk270 Keyboard/Mouse - @Amazon - @NewEgg For $30 more, I would strongly suggest you go with Ryzen 3 2200G and a B350 motherboard instead Ryzen 3 2200G - @Amazon - @NewEgg B350 Motherboard - @Amazon - @NewEgg Another option is a used PC, as shown in the video: My Review on this - i5-2400 - i5-2500 - i5-3450 - i5-3470 - i5-4440 - i5-4460 - --------- --- Direct Support --- YouTube Sponsor (Loyalty Badge & Emoji) Floatplane (Early Access & No Ads) PayPal (One Time or Monthly Support) Patreon (Monthly Support) --- Digital Software & Games --- Windows 10 Pro (Discount Code TD20) MS Office 2019 Pro (Discount Code TD20) Humble Bundle Fanatical BackBlaze Private Internet Access --- Computer Deals in the US --- Amazon NewEgg eBay Tech Deals - Rogue Storm - Tech Deals - Rogue Storm - Discord - --- Send Us Stuff (New, Old, or Fun Stuff) --- Tech Deals 9720 Coit RD Suite 220, #209 Plano, TX 75025-5833

Intel/AMD $300 Gaming PC Build!

A sleeper gaming PC build for $300?? Check it out! 👉PARTS LIST: Check Out My Latest Video: Benchmarks Video: My first PC gaming build for YouTube! 👉Social Links👈 Twitter: Discord: 👉Cool Stuff👈 My Picks On Amazon: Newegg Daily Deals: 👉My Setup👈 PC: Setup: Video Gear: Background music: 0:13 to 4:42 - Wind by Thunderbolt 4:41 to 7:19 - Joakim Karud - Something New 7:19 to 10:42 - Joakim Karud - Rock Angel 10:42 to 13:08 - Joakim Karud - Piano & Sax 13:08 to 14:44 - Joakim Karud - Hold On 14:44 to end - Tobu - Roots Intro graphics: Admj707 at Intro music: Tobu - Candyland []

How Making Multiple Gaming PCs With Used Deals.... + Real Talk

Here is a video where I make mutliple gaming pcs in one video with all these used parts that are lying around. Though I thought I would get on my game and start building PCs and as well as start preparing with some cash in hand for the possibility of "The Hokkening". Though are my concerns just that... concerns? If you can't wait for the hokkening, then you can get a gtx 1060 here, as they are now back in stock: For a $1 a month you can help support the channel directly & gain access to an uncut special monthly live: Join our Forums for Discussion: Stay up to date with the latest updates here: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Google Plus - Check out my Video Editing PC Here - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Provided by either: monstercat, chukibeats, epidemicsound, vlognocopyright or bassrebels

How To Build A Gaming PC - FULL Beginners Guide

A Full in-depth build guide on building a PC with overclocking GPU and Ram, installation of Windows and Installing Drivers as well! ►Gaming Benchmarks: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Full Parts List (US)◄ iFixit ToolKit (Optional): Anti-static Wrist Strap (Optional): Comfast WIFI Adapter (Optional): i3-8100: MSI Z370-A PRO: G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB (3200Mhz): WD BLUE 1TB: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB =: EVGA 500W: Rosewill Nautilus: Cheaper Case Alternative: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Full Parts List (UK)◄ iFixit ToolKit (Optional): Anti-static Wrist Strap (Optional): Comfast WIFI Adapter (Optional): i3-8100: MSI Z370-A PRO: G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB (3200Mhz): WD BLUE 1TB: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB: EVGA 500W: Rosewill Nautilus: Cheaper Case Alternative: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Full Parts List (CANADA)◄ iFixit ToolKit (Optional): Anti-Static Wrist Strap (Optional): Comfast WIFI Adapter (Optional): i3-8100: MSI Z370-A PRO: G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GB (3200Mhz): WD BLUE 1TB: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB: EVGA 500W: Rosewill Nautilus: Cheaper Case Alternative: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Drivers Install◄ Cheap Windows CD Keys: Windows 10 Media Tool: Windows 8.1 Pro Media Tool: MSI Drivers 1: MSI Drivers 2: MSI Drivers 3: MSI Drivers 4: Graphics Driver: ►Overclocking Software◄ Heaven Benchmark: MSI Afterburner: ►Troubleshooting Tips◄ 1) If your PC doesnt turn on (No fans are spinning): - Flip the switch behind your Power Supply from O to | (SEE 15:50 in video) -Make sure the front panel cables are connected correctly, most importantly the 'Power Switch' pin is in the correct spot. (SEE 12:51 in video) 2) Your PC boots, but screen is black (no output) -Check and make sure the CPU connectors are fully seated in the CPU header labeled CPU_PWR1 on the motherboard. (SEE 10:56 in Video) -Make sure the HDMI/Display port cable is connected to both the GPU and the monitor. If its connected to the back of the motherboard, its gonna display a black screen. -Make sure the input on your monitor is the same as the source of your HDMI/DP cable. If the cable is in HDMI 1 port in the back of your monitor, make sure your monitor source input is set to HDMI 1. -Make sure the PCI-E connector is hooked up to the GPU and that its fully seated. (SEE 10:28 in Video) -Make sure all of your ram sticks are fully seated. If above fail, turn off PC, remove all ram sticks and re-insert them in again. 3) You boot to BIOS, but PC doesnt recognize the USB stick and doesnt boot to windows setup screen. -Make sure all the USB cables are connected properly to the USB headers on the motherboard (SEE 11:05 and 11:56 in Video) -Connect your USB stick to the back of the PC, do not use the front usb headers. -Restart PC and hit F8 repeatedly until Boot menu opens up. Then select the USB drive on the list and it will boot straight from it. -Installation on USB drive is either incorrect or corrupt. Re-install windows files on USB (SEE 14:53 in video) Additional issues? Tweet me at @Ed_Techsource ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♦Full Gear List: Follow me for all the updates! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

ULTIMATE Optiplex Gaming PC! (2018)

Welcome to my latest pc build where I take a dell optiplex and upgrade it to the max. Thanks to for providing parts for the video! Prebuilts to upgrade: Parts used for upgrade: i7 2600: Samsung SSD: PSU: --------------Social Media Links-------------------------------- Twitter: SoundCloud: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal Rig Specs(Amazon Links): Ryzen 7 1700: Asrock AB350 ITX: Galax HOF DDR4 3200mhz: Zotac GTX 1070 ti Mini: Corsair SF450: Jonsbo C2: Songs Used: THBD - Good For You I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Make sure to leave any questions in the comment section down below and I will do my best to answer them.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to build a used gaming PC for under $300. I break it down part-by-part and show you that this is possible without any crazy deals!

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