Mark Levin Show Friday August 10, 2018 -President Trump is subpoenaed

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Mark Levin Show PODCAST August 10 2018

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“Obama Did Nothing For America!”, Mark Levin HAMMERS Obama For Calling Trump A ‘Cartoon’

Ben Rhodes, former Obama adviser, wrote in his new book that Obama was shocked by Trump’s electoral victory and belittled the President by calling him a ‘cartoon.’ When Levin was asked to respond about Obama’s comments on Fox News this morning, he said “I will take a cartoon over a leftist any day of the week! And let me tell you something about this cartoon… ---------------------------------------------------------- Please subscribe to my channel!

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Mark Levin schools a liberal bureaucrat Obamaphile whilst "Happy Days Are Here Again" is playing in the background. Quite entertaining! (5 February 2009)

Mark Levin Show Friday August 10, 2018 -Mark Levin Show, Journalist John Solomon from the hill calls in to discuss a breaking story on the extent to which the Obama administration interfered with the 2016 election. Plus handwritten notes exposing Bruce Orr and Glen Simpson who gave a flash drive to the FBI despite conflicts of interest. Evidence uncovered by The Hill reveals that Simpson may have acted in contradiction with his given testimony; he wanted to make a hail-Mary attempt eight days before the election to stop Trump! Also, we constantly discuss the strong Constitutional arguments against this Rogue prosecutor, Robert Mueller. If President Trump is subpoenaed, the case should be made against Mueller – James Comey, Andrew McCabe, the dossier and the FISA court. Put Mueller on defense. The president will have leeway to make his case despite the courts bias toward him. Later, back in 1796, France decided to interfere in a Presidential election —specifically, to replace the pro-British, Federalist George Washington with the pro-French, Republican Thomas Jefferson. And from more modern history, in 2016 the Obama administration sent taxpayer money to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then interfered in the 2016 election. There wasn’t any special counsel in either case and no one was ever held to account.

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