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How to Hang a Wall Mural | Rebel Walls

Claim your space with a made-to-measure wall mural from Rebel Walls! View the whole guide on how to wallpaper here: Wallpaper used in this video: View all wall murals from Rebel Walls: Step-by-step: 1. Start by dividing the lengths as indicated by the cutting symbols. Lay the lengths, with the label facing upwards, in numerical order starting with length number 1. Make sure you have all the lengths and that none of them are defective or damaged. 2–4. Our wall murals are always hanged from the left to the right, start with the left corner of your wall. The lengths are numbered in hanging order from left to right. The lengths should be hung edge to edge without any overlapping. It is essential that the first length is vertically straight. (Tip: Make a pencil mark one wallpaper width from the left near the ceiling. Hold a plumb line on the mark and draw a vertical line down the wall. Then line up your first length of wallpaper with the pencil line.) 5–7. Roll the paste straight onto the wall. Be sure to evenly cover the entire surface. If you miss a spot, this will cause the wall mural to bubble. Paste an area the width of one and a half lengths at a time. Gently and evenly press the lengths together to ensure there are no visible seams. Make sure the wall has been pasted where the lengths meet so that the edges are not visible. 8–10. Try not to get paste on the front of the wall mural. Any excess paste should be removed immediately using a wet wallpaper sponge. Smooth each length with a clean wallpapering tool or wallpaper brush. Work from the ceiling to the floor and from the middle out to the edges. 11. Once all the wallpaper has been hung, cut off any excess along the ceiling and floor. Always use a sharp blade to avoid tearing the paper. Keep the room ventilated and at normal room temperature for 24 hours to allow the paste to dry.

How to Stencil a Feature Wall Using a Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY accent wall decor. Learn how to stencil an accent wall using Cutting Edge Stencils "Casablanca" stencil. With simple wall stencils decorating is fun, inexpensive and easy! Professional decorative artists Janna Makaeva and Greg Swisher show how to use an interlocking wall stencil, teach a simple stenciling technique and give expert stenciling tips and design ideas. Reusable stencils help the DIY decorator to redo a room on a budget with unlimited color choices. Stencils are a great alternative to wallpaper and wall decals, they make decorating easy, affordable and fun! More stencils and decorating ideas at Produced by Gordon Recht Productions, Original music by Greg Swisher Copyright 2011

Color Theory and Paint - Mural Joe

MORE PAINTING HOW TO's: Part one of Mural Joe's Color Theory demonstration to answer questions like "what paint do you use?", "How do you know what colors to use?".

Completed pages for September + new coloring books

My finished pages for the month of September plus four new coloring books (yet again)

How to Install a Wall Mural

Installation of a graphical wall mural with simple wallpaper paste and a little know-how from

Customize your walls in a whole new way! These coloring wall murals are perfect for the artist in everyone. The large scale and thick black lines make it easy to color to your heart's desire.

Fill in the entire scene, or choose pops of color.

Marigold Floral Wall Mural:
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