2018-04-13 - blue van T99SEC towing trailer without lights

author Martin Strange   5 мес. назад

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Towing a Trailer w/ a MINI COOPER

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Small car towing an enclosed trailer

Small car towing an enclosed trailer. Pulls very well with engine and electric motor. It's my friend's trailer. I was simply demonstrating my Prius pulling the enclosed trailer. However, I did pull an open 6.5 by 12 ft trailer (500 lbs) and a load of 1200 lbs for the summer, mostly city roads and at times 55 miles an hour in the country. The Prius pulled very well. I liked the smooth drive and was very stable. As with all trailer pulling, you must, repeat must have the proper tongue weight. I just watch a video earlier why trailers jackknife. Hope this helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd-hUX8memY

BMW 325i towing a Jetski

1200 pound trailer with about 150 pound tongue weight can be safely towed by 3 series BMW with class I hitch. Car only transports jetski to the lake. Never used to put in or pull out of water.

She's DONE!

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I was following this blue van T99SEC and its trailer, nothing appeared wrong until the van braked and indicated for the turn and I realised the lights on the trailer were not connected. Due to the height of the trailer it was very difficult to see the indicators on the van, and only the high level brake light was visible.

A check on the Government website a few days later show that the van is not currently taxed.

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