How i got 805diamonds in $2 & BUY SKINS/CLOTHES in Rules Of Survival Mobile

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How I got HAZMAT MASK on Rules of Survival

So this is how I got my Hazmat Mask on Rules of Survival and it took me a lot of time and spent so much gold on it just to have it. Goodluck on your hunting!! MY INFOs: ROS IGN: KimmyLee (asia) **full** Vainglory: Kimyy PUBG Mobile: KimmyLee (china) PSN: Ms_Kimmy_Lee

Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

(Turn on captions [CC] in the lower right corner for more information while viewing.) I made a brick mold that makes bricks 25 x 12.5 x 7.5 cm from wood. A log was split and mortise and tenon joints were carved using a stone chisel and sharp rocks. The mold was lashed together with cane to prevent it from coming apart when used. Next, I made a mixture of mud and palm fiber to make the bricks. This was then placed into the mold to be shaped and taken to a drying area. 140 bricks were made. When dry, the bricks were then assembled into a kiln. 32 roof tiles were then made of mud and fired in the kiln. It only took 3 hours to fire the tiles sufficiently. The mud bricks and tiles were a bit weaker than objects made from my regular clay source because of the silt, sand and gravel content of the soil. Because of this, I will look at refining mud into clay in future projects instead of just using mud. Interestingly, the kiln got hot enough so that iron oxide containing stones began to melt out of the tiles. This is not metallic iron, but only slag (iron oxide and silica) and the temperature was probably not very high, but only enough to slowly melt or soften the stones when heated for 3 hours. The kiln performed as well as the monolithic ones I've built in the past and has a good volume. It can also be taken down and transported to other areas. But the bricks are very brittle and next time I'd use better clay devoid of sand/silt, and use grog instead of temper made of plant fiber which burns out in firing. The mold works satisfactorily. I aim to make better quality bricks for use in furnaces and buildings in future. Wordpress: Patreon page: I have no face book page, instagram, twitter etc. Beware of fake pages.

HOW TO GET THE HazMat Mask !!!!!! Rules Of Survival

Opening Surprise pack - 88k Score on an empty Experimental Server

No new players joined this server and eventually all the others left so I could make some big spawner cells. Because the pellets grow in size over time (up to 5 mass) you get more mass back than you put into one, only problem was the max cell size of 22.5k. Songs: agario gameplay

Im so very happy igot 805diamonds in first top up

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