Foundation Repair using Push Piers

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B Line Helical Pier Professionals: Foundations Repair Video #3

This video shows some of the process of stabilizing a residential home where the foundation has shifted significantly, and also the foundation retrofit of two separate commercial communications towers. B-Line Construction's Helical Pier System uses A. B. Chance Helical Piers for this process. For more information on residential foundation repair in the Greater Sacramento and Northern California areas, visit our website, Self Support Tower. Helical. Helical Pile. Helical Pier. Shoring. Bracing. Helical Lead Sections. Helix Bearings. Tension. Compression. Corrosion Protected. Hot Dip Galvanization. Rotary Type Torque Motor. Load Test. Load Testing. On-Site Load Test. Load Capacity. Welded Top Hat Adapter Plate. Bolted Top Hat Adapter Bracket. Anchor Guard Cathodic Protection System. Global Production Solutions (Engineering Firm). Certified Helical Pier Installer. Soil Conditions. Ascribed Installation Techniques. Helical Shaft. Bearing Plates. Structural Engineer. Static Axial Compressive Load. Ultimate Load Capacity. Static Axial Tensile Load. Installation Pressure. Torque Equivalent. GDP Group. Aero Solutions, LLC. Tower Mapping. Wind Loads. Seismic Loads. Epoxy. Bonding Agent. Structural Steel. Antennas. Mounts. Coax. Lighting. Climbing Supports. Step Bolts. Port Holes. Tower Appurtenances. T-Brakcets. Installation Method. Reinforcing. Reinforcing Steel. Embedments. Consolidation. Vibrating. Honeycombs. Voids. Soil Information. Geotechnical Report. Soil Conditions. Ultimate Bearing. Compressive Strength. Minimum Compressive Strength. PSI. Pounds per Square Inch. Undisturbed Soil. Reinforcement Cover. Backfill. Control-Compacted. Moisture Conditioned. Hooked Dowels. Dowel Installation. Optimum Moisture. Modified Proctor Maximum Dry Density. Collar. New Collar. Install New Collar with Helical Piers. Existing Foundation. Tower Elevation. Tower Base. Corner Reactions. Maximum Corner Reactions. Axial. Shear. Torque. Uplift. Coax Layout. Waveguide. Caisson Fabrication Inspection. Fabricator Certified Weld Inspection. Material Test Report.Construction Inspections. Foundation Inspections. Concrete Compressive Strength and Slump Tests. Earthwork. Lift. Density. On-Site Cold Galvanizing Verification. Helical Pile Load Testing. Foundation. Ballard. Equipment Pad. Horizontal Reinforcement.GC. General Contractor. Modification Inspector. Wire Tensioning. Wire Re-Tensioning Operations. Foundation Modifications. Weld Preparation. Bolt Installation and Torque. Surface Coating Repair. HILTI HIT-RE 500-SD Epoxy. SIKADUR 32 HI-MOD Gel.

Raising house (DIY) for under $3,000.00.

My brother bought a 4 acre lot that had an abandoned house on it. He bought it for his son but the son is over 6 ft tall. He would hit his head in the basement on the joists. They decided to raise the house (2) block. If you have a flooding problem consider raising your house. It is a wise move for the future. A home on a slab can be raised also. He is a work horse at 60.

Pouring Air Crete Panels for Shed

Today we are pouring panels for the air crete shed, we are excited for this. It seems like a long time coming. air crete is fireproof, bug proof, lightweight, and awesome stuff. Check out our shop Email Send Mail to Honey Do Carpenter PO BOX 51272 Idaho Falls, ID 83405 Pinterest Facebook J lube: Gloves: Glasses:

Slab Raising, Do It Yourself

PLEASE READ THIS. The 6 ft x 6 ft sidewalk slab at our front stoop had sunk on one end to a 10-1/2 inch step. It caused people to trip stepping up, and to stumble stepping down. I didn't want to spend $350 to $400 so I thought up ways to lift the slab and what to put under it. I decided to use heavy-duty C-clamps, a 10 ft. long 4x4 post, and scissor jacks to raise it. And then insert Owens-Corning Foamular high-density foam under the raised slab (from Home Depot or similar store). This stuff is great. It took me about 2 hours once I assembled the tools. Be sure when you buy good hardware store C-clamps that are heavy duty, not those from Harbor Freight or a 'Made In China' tool store. A friend who owns apartment buildings had a slab-jacking company pump in expanding foam. He told me that foam does not last. But this Foamular is actually designed to be installed under concrete. It is used in new construction to insulate walls and floors! Don't try this yourself unless you have proper equipment and take safety precautions. Raise slab HIGH ENOUGH to slide in the foam in manageable pieces. No need to cover the entire area beneath the slab with foam - covering about 1/2 of the area or more will be enough. And NEVER put hands under the slab. Good luck with your project.

580-TON Stone House Moved in 7 Hours

Wolfe House and Building Movers, LLC is famous for moving H-U-G-E buildings, and for making state-of-the-industry machinery for their moving projects.

As one of the only permanent foundation repair solutions, steel push piers are a super fast method for any type of foundation settlement issue.

The push pier system is also the most cost-effective, Eco-friendly method of foundation repair.

At Foundation Technology we offer free foundation inspections and 25 year warranties on all push pier installations.

Schedule a 100% Free Inspection ...

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