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Leatherman Mut Vs Mut EOD

This is a comparison on the Leatherman Mut Vs Mut EOD. I use this as my every day carry and love it.

5 Multi Tools To Make Your Life EASY

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An actual critical Leatherman Tread review from an OWNER

P.S, I have found out the following. A. people don't like to hear the real truth of the matter. I have found they like to live in a blissful bubble.... B. In general, they are critical to anyone's opinion that is different than theirs. C. If they have already bought it, they feel they need to defend their purchase and will rarely admit even to themselves, that maybe it wasn't the best purchase.. I have seen a few reviews on this device from people who were actually given the bracelet by leatherman, and one person who didn't know what the square bit was used for.... I bought this a week ago, and have had the chance to evaluate it. I am a person who has used tools since I was 13 to do brake jobs on cars, engine rebuilds on cars, motorcycles, transmission work, and things like that, so I am not saying I am an expert, but I AM tool literate to say the least. I feel I am more capable of really evaluating this device as a functional tool. You can also read the other reviews on Amazon http://amzn.to/1PmkONY

✔ DiResta Leatherman Clip

I have been carrying a Leatherman Tool for 25 years now. I use the SURGE most. It is the right size for me, and has the right combination of tools used often use. BUT I have always hated to have to cary the tool in a sheath I like the idea of keeping it my front pocket. It is designed to take an optional clip, but this clip is not symmetrical and the tool often is hanging to one side. Not to mention the clip simply breaks off. I thought of the mod to solve these problems. I use my TIG welder to attach a clip to both sides or handles of the tool. the 2 sides come together to form a larger curve to make hooking it easy and simple. The fact the curve of the clip opens and closes also gives you the ability to use it like a “caribbener” and clip it on to a strap for instance. I put scrap steel into the handle under the welds to act as a heat sink to keep from melting through. I am not the best welder but I get the job done. This is my second modded Surge I did for camera. my first has been holding strong for over a year. Enjoy ENJOY! and please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/jimmydiresta http://shop.jimmydiresta.com http://makingitpodcast.com https://www.instagram.com/jimmydiresta/ https://www.instagram.com/direstashop/

10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test

Follow us on Twitter 🐦 https://Twitter.com/GadgetsHERO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the 10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test Gadgets List you have seen 😃 CRKT M21 Gerber LMF Schrade SCHF9 Swiss Army Knife Schrade SCHF 52M Tops Tracker Digger MSK 1 SOG SEAL Pup Kbar Mule Folder M48 Cyclone --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Story 10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test 10 BEST TACTICAL FOLDING KNIVES SMITH & WESSON BORDER GUARD FOLDING KNIFE Most people know Smith & Wesson for their production of firearms. But you might not know that they also have a full suite of other tools – including their Border Guard folding knife. You might have guessed from the name, but this blade was designed for use by the folks that keep the entryways to our nation safe CRKT M16 LAW ENFORCEMENT FOLDING KNIFE Created by late-great knife designer, Kit Carson, this particular version of the ever-popular CRKT M16 tactical folding knife has been enhanced for use by members of law enforcement around the globe. SOG TRIDENT ELITE FOLDING KNIFE SOG was born out of a desire to create some of the toughest tools on the planet. In fact, the whole brand was inspired by an elite operative group that functioned during the Vietnam War – so you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ve crossed their KERSHAW BLUR GLASSBREAKER FOLDING KNIFE Made in the USA, Kershaw’s standard Blur folding knife is already an excellent everyday carry blade. But, with a tactical treatment, it has gotten even better. BOKER PLUS JIM WAGNER REALITY BASED BLADE Jim Wagner is a longtime self-defense teacher with a wealth of books and instructional videos under his belt. As it turns out, he’s also pretty good at designing self-defense focused cutting tools – case in point: COLD STEEL RECON 1 FOLDING KNIFE Cold Steel has a bit of a reputation on the internet, thanks to their over-the-top demo videos. But that shouldn’t deter you from considering their gear as viable everyday carry SPYDERCO ASSIST FOLDING KNIFE Spyderco is famous both for their highly functional blades and for their iconic, unique, and sometimes odd designs. The Assist, however, might be the strangest looking one they’ve ever made. GERBER 06 MANUAL COMBAT FOLDER Like SOG, Gerber Gear is very well known for their highly aggressive tactical blade designs. And their 06 Manual Combat Folder is certainly one of the best offerings they’ve ever released. ZERO TOLERANCE 0350ST FOLDING KNIFE Zero Tolerance is one of the greatest knife making brands. If you’re skeptical of that fact, just have a look at their 0350ST folding knife. This USA-made bad boy is one of the burliest workhorse knives available for purchase. TOPS KNIVES XCEST DELTA FOLDING KNIFE Tops Knives actually offers a few different options for tactical folding knives. But their Xcest Delta is by far the best of the bunch, both for its unique appearance and sheer badass toughness. DPX GEAR HEST/F FOLDING KNIFE Robert Young Pelton, the brilliantly mad mind behind DPx Gear, is one of the toughest dudes ever to have graced our small blue dot of a planet. 10 Gadgets put to the Test BENCHMADE ADAMAS 275 FOLDING KNIFE All of Benchmade’s offerings are superb from an everyday carry standpoint. But, if you’re seeking the strictly tactical, you can’t do better than their Adamas folder. EMERSON BULLDOG FOLDING KNIFE Though they don’t often get the spotlight in the everyday carry world, Emerson Knives are some of the most uncompromisingly well-built tools available to the general public. AL MAR SERE 2000 FOLDING KNIFE Originally created in collaboration with Colonel Nick Rowe for the U.S. Army’s SERE school, this knife dates back to the 1980s and is renowned as one of the toughest blades to ever be brought into existence. PRO-TECH STRIDER SA20 SNG AUTO KNIFE Strider Knives – out of Escondido, California – offers one of the most identifiable knife silhouettes out there. And their signature style is only bolstered by their commitment to brilliantly built blades. 10 Survival Gadgets put to the Test --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💙FACEBOOK https://Facebook.com/GadgetsHERO 🐦TWITTER https://Twitter.com/GadgetsHERO ✅ INSTAGRAM https://Instagram.com/GadgetsHERO 📌PINTEREST https://Pinterest.com/GadgetsHERO ⭐YouTube https://YouTube.com/GadgetsHERO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎁 SUBSCRIBE NOW https://goo.gl/p273ZL 💗 Do you want YOUR product featured on Gadgets HERO? 📩 : TheGadgetsHERO@gmail.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Survival Gadgets put to the Test

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The Leatherman Tread is crafted of high strength, corrosion resistant 17-4 stainless steel links that include two to three functional tools each, making a total of 25 usable features like box wrenches and screwdrivers available at a moment’s notice.

Cutting Hook, Bottle Opener, Oxygen Tank Wrench, Carbine Glass Breaker, 1/4" Flat Screwdriver, 5/16" Screwdriver, 18/8" Flat Screwdriver, 10mm Box Wrench, 1/4" Box Wrench, 3/8" Box Wrench, 3/32" Screwdriver, 3/16" Screwdriver, #1-2 Phillips, #1 Phillips, 5/16" Box Wrench, 3/32" Hex Drive, 1/8" Hex Drive, 3/16" Box Wrench, 1/4" Hex Drive, 3/16" Hex Drive, 5mm Hex Drive, 6mm Hex Drive, #2 Square Drive, 1/4" Socket Drive, Pick/Sim Card Tool

1. Extremely cool looking! Looks badass and most would not know it was a tool.
2. Great conversation piece: Segway into more gear conversations
3. Tools all function and are crafted up to Leatherman Standards
4. TSA Compliant
5. Customizable: Multiple links
6. 1/4 Inch Socket Drive is a great dual purpose item
7. Seems to fit Leatherman Bits (not advertised)
8. Makeshift Self Defense Weapon

1. Expensive ($150-200)
2. "Chink In the Armor": The pivot point rod by bottle opener is weak
3. Clumsy To Use (inward angled tools, not a lot of grip)
4. Opening: Hard to determine where to open it (I use the cutter)
5. Inside labeling difficult to read (black ink, perhaps sweat would just rub off)
6. Customizable, but as add ons (still need base model) (I'd prefer building my own based on needs) (torx, more phillips)

Watch Version:
1. I trust Leatherman Tools, but I'm unfamiliar with their watches. I would prefer just the watch band and add to more established watch makers (e.g. G-Shock)
2. Kind of Bulky

1. Very unique product that will turns heads
2. Not a full size multitool replacement (more of a backup)
3. An awesome gift for a gear heads, bikers, preppers and people who like to wear chains
4. Leatherman hit a home run with this new tool!


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