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Accordion box Tutorial (50 Reasons I Love you) by Srushti Patil

This is a tutorial video on how to make a Accordion box. To buy this box contact me. Details are given below. Materials required:- Black cardstock (Thick and Thin both) Designer papers Colored papers Print out of reasons number Double sided tape Ribbon Blog - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Do like, comment, share and subscribe the channel Follow me on Twitter @SpSrushti & Instagram @all_about_sketch for more updates. For any queries or doubts mail me on Thank You, Keep Watching, keep Supporting :)

ألبوم صور مميز على شكل فيلم الكاميرا - Crafts n' Creations

إذا أعجبكم الفيديو لا تنسوا الضغط على إعجاب (like) ومتابعة للقناة ( subscribe) شاركونا بتعليقاتكم عن الأشياء التي ترغبون في مشاهتها على القناة الأدوات المستخدمة: لجسم الألبوم الخارجي - ورق أسود مقاس 90 * 12 سم - 2 ورق أسود على شكل دائرة قطر 12 سم - 2 ورق كرتون رفيع على شكل دائرة قطر 10 سم - 10 أوراق ملونة مقاس 10 * 7 سم - كرتونه إسطوانية للتزيين - دوائر من ورق الجليتر اللامع - شريط ستان - قلم فضي أدوات أخرى - مسطرة - مقص - فرجار / برجل - قلم رصاص - كتر - لزق

How to make ferri wheel photo frame

this video is about how to make photo frames using bamboo stick or ice-cream stick. This ferri wheel photo frame is so cool ,pleas try to make one ...... Material:- - Bamboo stick - Ice-cream stick - straw - Pen refill - card board sit - super glue - glue gun scale measurement :- - for two ring ( body ) 10cm = 30 pieces - straw 8 cm = 6 pieces -pen refill 9 cm = 1 pieces -photo frame( six ) 6.1 cm = 24 pieces 8 cm = 24 pieces - stand 24 cm = 4 pieces 20 cm = 2 pieces 13 cm = 3 pieces Please subscribe my channel for your support, please like and share my video....... My other best video, must seen:- How to make bicycle video link :- thanks for reading my description and watch my video. the video about creativity and diy or diy things making.


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Mini Álbum Acordeón || Scrapbook || Día de las Madres

Hola! El día de hoy, después de mas de un mes sin videos; les comparto una idea muy sencilla que es un mini álbum con un acordeón que funciona para muchas ocasiones. A mi me gusta mucho porque es sencillo pero es muy bonito y el espacio es el adecuado para fotografías y escritos. Espero y les guste tanto como a mi:) || Los extrañe mucho || SUSCRIBETE! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tienes dudas, comentarios, fotografías o algo mas? Facebook: Blog: Pinterest: E-mail: Hasta la próxima! Royalty Free Music by

Many people asked me to make a tutorial on the reel album. So, here it is for you guys. Hope you guys enjoy it.

1. Take out color print out of photos on normal print paper, don't stick thick photographs otherwise it they may get damaged.
2. Use double side tape for sticking photographs.
3. You can fill the pringles can with something to make it heavy (like Moulding clay) so that it don't keep moving like it did in the video.

Materials Required:-
One Pringles can
2 black hard cardboard squares (18cm x 18cm)
Black colored paper
8cm x 6cm red colored paper cut out (any number of cards depending on the length of the strip)
12 white small circles (2cm radius)
Black & White markers
Hole punch
Rubber band
Glue, scissor, pencil, ruler

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