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Explaining How/Why Each Queen Won Their Season

This video was inspired by my post on tumblr: and my overall love for overanalysing and turning queens' track records into data that can be compared.


Rupaul's Drag Race Season 10 Fun Facts and Trivias.

FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: The Grand Finale with Raja and Manila Luzon

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10 Drag Race Lip Sync Assassins

Rupaul’s Drag Race Top 10 Lip Sync Assassins Thanks for watching.


With AS4 filming just around the corner, the cast has been yet again narrowed down and changed up slightly. All the information in this video is from Reddit and other sources, so please take it all with a grain of salt, this is only a prediction of the cast and everything could change as AS4 isn't due to start filming until next week. If you have any ideas for future videos, write them in the comment section below, if i choose your idea you'll be featured in the video! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter:

Rupaul’s Drag Race Best Winner 2018

Scoring Method:

The Scoring method is used to score the outcome of each contestant during each episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. 2 points are awarded to queens who WIN the main challenge. 1 point is awarded to queens who do well but did not win (HIGH). 0 points are given to queens who are labeled "SAFE" by the judges. -1 points are given to queens who did poorly but did not place in the Bottom 2 (LOW), while -2 points are given to queens who place in the bottom 2 (BTM2) or are eliminated after lipsyncing in the bottom 2 (ELIM). This method can be used to prove that a contestant eliminated earlier in the competition may have actually done better than a contestant who was kept in the competition longer.

No scores are given if the episode did not feature a Bottom 2 Lipsync nor a Maxi Challenge Winner.

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