How to Mix Wallpaper Paste

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Hanging wallpaper - paste the wall

Hanging 'paste the wall' wallpaper

How to make Quick and Easy DIY Curtains for $10

This video is how I make my DIY curtains super cheap for only $10 dollars. All you need is a pair of scissors, a tape measure and 2 twin flat sheets. Super easy no sew curtains that look really good. Everyone likes cheap affordable on a budget!

How To Paint New Wood Or Trim - How to prepare and paint new wood surfaces. How to prepare and paint new wood or timber surfaces, this video goes through the process of painting wood surfaces like trim

Repair Wallpaper

This video is a step by step demonstration of how to repair wallpaper that is busy coming loose from the wall. I take wallpaper that is damaged around the window sill and some wallpaper that is hanging off the ceiling and demonstrate how to repair it that it stays firmly in place. This video is all about repairing things and not replacing them to save you money. This is a simple job once you know how it is done. Have fun and have the confidence to repair your own.

How to make Flour Glue (wheatpaste) perfect for making Piñatas - Easy Recipe by Fantasvale

Hello FANTASTICS! This is a very easy recipe how to make FLOUR GLUE. This is a very old recipe, our grandmothers used to make glue like so. But sometimes natural stuff is much better then the chemical one. This glue is perfect for making piñatas! The ingredients are few, chip and simple: -All purpose FLOUR (50gr which sould be a bit more then 1/4 of a cup) -WATER (250ml taht's 8.50 oz) -a whisk (to prevent lumps) -a tea spoon of sugar -a table spoon of White wine vinegar How EASY is that? And it works! Come to visit my facebook fan page here: REPIN my pins on PINTEREST click here: And now also on INSTAGRAM!

We are now offering Golden Harvest TEKNAbond adhesive! This multipurpose adhesive is perfect for installing wallpaper and murals. Following the paste to water ratio below, slowly stir the dry mix into cold water. Continue stirring for 30 seconds, then let stand for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir thoroughly before use.

For each full package of TEKNAbond dry mix, use the following amount of water:

•For prepasted wallpapers, use 16 pints (32 cups/7.6 liters) of water. Yields enough paste for 14-16 rolls.
•For lightweight wallpapers, such as unpasted non wovens or lightweight vinyls, use 16 pints (32 cups/7.6 liters) of water. Yields enough paste for 12-14 rolls.
•For medium weight vinyls, use 12 pints (24 cups/5.7 liters) of water. Yields enough paste for 10-12 rolls.
•For grasscloth, silk, and other natural or delicate wallpapers, use 10 pints (20 cups/4.7 liters) of water. Yields enough paste for 8-10 rolls.


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