Bath Resurfacing & Bath Re-Enamelling.

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Thank you for 12:12 min of your time. My work on Instagram ► After 20 years of crafting jewelry sometimes I need to challenge myself just for the pleasure of creating. Today I´m going to turn 2 brass hex nuts into a 1 Ct diamond ring. I can craft the same engagement ring design in 18K white gold or platinum. Purcharse the only engagement ring in the world created from 2 brass hex nuts ► Thanks to: Pepetools - PepeLube Lubricant 1:28 ► Pepetools - 2:22 ► Rio Grande - Automatic Torch Igniter 7:32 ► My web: Follow my work: INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► PATREON ► I’m a jewelry designer. In this channel you can find the beauty of the small things. "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT. YOU CAN DO IT" Walt Disney

Rustoleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Tutorial

Complete tutorial demonstrating the application of Rustoleum Tub & Tile Refinishing kit to make a worn bathtub look shiny & new again. Step-by-step how to video for the novice DIY.

50 cent rusty masonry hammer - OLD TOOL RESTORATION

I went to see if a local fleamarket had some cool old tools for restoration projects, which it rarely does. I was surprised to find this beautiful old masonry hammer only for 50 cents. I've seen people ask a lot more for similar ones. The handle was not realy staying on well so I needed to fix that. The rust on this was was so thin I was sure is was not hiding any stamps so I went straight to very coarse belt and sanded the flat parts down. After This I used a dremel with coarse sanding drum to sand the other areas.The I moved to finer grit (around 150) first on the belt and then with the dremel and by hand. I've previously determined 150 grit is fine enough for good polish with the following method. After this I continued to use my 2 scouring pad disks on angle grinder for rough polishing. This was followed by Polishing wheel and metal polish compound. This resulted to a nice mirror finnish you can see ont hte video. The procees took e couple of hours in total. The handle was in fairly good shape so I decided to re-use it. it only needed a wedge and a clean up. I put the handle on a leather and sanded it down. with multiple grits from really rough to 1200 grit for a nice smooth look. The I sew the end of the handle off as it was in bad condition and I wanted to get rid of the nail or whatever was used as a wedge previously. I decided to go for cross sheped wedge pattern, which I've never tried before. I cut a cross to teh top of the handle and cut out some small wedges to fill it. However my wedges wede mafe on too soft wood which resulted in a litlte uneven I had to put a lot of small wedges in there instead of 2. After polishing the end it turned out looking quite alright and my "fail" was only cosmetic so I was pretty happy with the result. Lastly I oiled the handle with linseed oil to protect the handle. Once again thanks for watching! Please let me know your thought in the comment and leave like/dislike. That helps me make better content in the future. I you would like to see some more, go ahead and subscribe and turn on the notifications. Music: Beyond - Whitesand --------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE ▶▶▶ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Restoration playlist▶ ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Restaurarea căzii - procesul de aplicare a stratului de acril

Procesul de restaurare a căzii de fontă utilizănd material de acril. Articol complet de review

How To Remove Mold Mould From Silicone Sealant In Bathroom Shower

Here is a straightforward method of removing mould that appears over time on silicone sealant used around the bath or shower cubicle.

Ekopel 2k Bath Resurfacing and Bath Re-Enamelling. 100% odourless.
Service life up to 20 years.

Bath Refinishing material.

EKOPEL 2K extends the service life of a bathtub and eliminates the necessity of total bath repair.

Main characteristics. Bathtub Resurfacing Product.

- Odourless. No hazardous diluters used in manufacturing of the material.
- High density and excellent coverage.
- Perfect adhesion to steel and cast iron.
- No streaks, no bubbles.
- UV resistance.
- Harmless to humans and the environment (when solidified).
- Freezes at the temperature below 0, does not lose its properties after defrosting.
- Pouring method is used.

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