SasuSaku movie Switch-part 18

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Sasuke Story-I got to see you again

I know you maybe wanted a part from Switch but I got this dream about them and I just had to show you my beautiful blossoms. I love you all so much!

SasuSaku movie Switch-part 21(final?) Please read description!!!

Okay, guys.... I know I let you all down and I'm so, so, so, so very sorry! I'll try to not let that happen again but my life was a mess and I lost some people on the road... I hope you all will forgive me and I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much for 500+ subs!!!! You all are the best!

Gifts For Naruto's And Hinata's Wedding

Enjoy and Subscribe! :D Second Channel: Follow me on: Instagram:

sasusaku sweet lie 1 (please read description)

hey guys i am presenting a new story (sweet lie) hope you like it as you like my movie destiny dont worry i'll continue destiny also..... please comment and like.......

Top 15 Saddest Anime Deaths ( Try not to cry Challenge )

Hello in another video I hope you liked it , and please rememeber that this is only my own opinion also I put koro-sensei as a HM because I didn't really watch it See you again soon : 15/Naruto 14/Plastic Memories 13/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 12/Shigatsu wa kimi no uso 11/Anohana 10/Death Note 09/Guilty Crown 08/Naruto 07/Angel Beats 06/Naruto 05/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 04/One piece 03/Hunter X Hunter 02/Clannad 01/Clannad Check our facebook Page :

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