KCON NY 2018 Stray Kids 한지성 Han Jisung Matryoshka Fan Cam

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KCON NY 2018 Day 1 - Stray Kids - District 9 + Random play

180623 Seeing STRAY KIDS (스트레이 키즈 ) Chang Bin, Felix, And Chan Up Close - KCON 2018 Day 1 New York

First of all, I suggest you go full screen to see the video a lot better. Okay omg. I can't believe I got this close to Chang Bin, Felix, and Chan!!!!!! Like I'm so shook. I remember at one point the Stray Kids members were performing on the stage however Chang Bin and Jisung were not there. So I literally turn around, Chang Bin is on the top of the stairs while Jisung is on the opposite side of the whole concert area. It was like a beautiful rap battle. He's literally coming down the stairs, and I'm over here screaming because my god he looks so gorgeous. At another point Siwon was on Stage Speaking and I look to my right, I didn't even realize FELIX AND CHAN WERE NEXT TO ME! MY BIASES WERE NEXT TO ME. At the end of the video Chan was even touching our hands. Omg can I just cry now? Also their Australian Accents. Good Bye. I feel attacked. It was hard to film because it was only from their side we mostly saw, but I promise you they look so gorgeous. They seriously made my night. Stray Kids. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Warning, so much screaming. If you have any questions, comment below. You can check out one of their songs that I really like: https://youtu.be/AdfIfFGCqgo Please Subscribe and Like! I'll be posting more KCON videos! Thank you for watching! - Sumya My Social Media Handles Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sumya__s/ https://www.instagram.com/nct._.2018/ Twitter https://twitter.com/sultana_sumya

[KCON 2018 NY] Stray Kids - INTRO + District 9ㅣKCON 2018 NY x M COUNTDOWN 180705 EP.577

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Hyunjin × Han (StrayKids) ; #Hyunjisung #ฮยอนจีซอง - Say Yes

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Okay so I was lucky enough to go to Kcon and see all my fav groups this year but I was also lucky enough to have Han/Jisung from Stray Kids right next to me.....just ignore my yelling, I am embarrassed enough on my own lol! I wish audio could be better but I was freaking out in the moment and I just really love Stray Kids. (Also I dont know why my voice is so high pitched in this video, its usually not but I was really excited)

I'll be posting other videos later from Kcon NY

Here is a thread I made of Klub Kcon (a short performance/dance club before Kcon where this year Stray Kids and Pentagon preformed)


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