EXID's Members Reveal What They Love Most About Each Other | KCON 2018

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NCT 127 Stops By To Talk About KCON New York

NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology, a term coined by S.M. Entertainment to describe the group’s concept of having an unlimited number of members divided into multiple sub-units all over the world. NCT 127 is NCT’s Seoul team, the home of K-pop. NCT 127's American-focused single, "Cherry Bomb," has over 38 million views on YouTube and counting. The band is currently on Billboard’s Social 50 and are in NYC for KCON New York. Watch our time with NCT 127 when they stopped by BUILD.


Omg That was literally the funniest thing ever 😅 Eng Subs by: SM’s Backdoor Entry Subscribe 🤡

[EXID&BTS] This Is Why Fanwars Don't Make Sense

❤️ Welcome to this channel! ❤️ Please, read the description below. 👇 First of all, I didn't plan to do this video AT ALL. Certain fans of both fandoms made me do it. There's a great lack of respect and empathy, and not only towards idols, but between us. If you want to know with more details what happened, keep reading. I'm going to be very objective here because I'm a big fan of both groups and as a logical and honest person, I see mistakes when there are. . Everything started with Jimin's fancam of "Fake Love" surpassing the views of the most famous Hani's fancam. Hani's fancam of "Up&Down" had been the most viewed for almost 4 years. When this happened, social media went a little bit crazy about the matter. ARMY were very happy and some LEGGO congratulated Jimin, the group and the fandom. Some ARMY were underestimating Hani's fancam (especially those who don't know nothing about her and EXID) and some LEGGO defended Hani and the girls since Hani's fancam isn't only the reason why fancams became a thing (even in music shows), but also saved the group from disbandment because "Up&Down" became a hit thanks to it. But, just a few days later, a lot of the views of Jimin's fancam were removed by YouTube because those were from mass streaming and YouTube's new policy is very severe with mass streaming and the incorrect visualization of views, and Hani's fancam became once again the most viewed. LEGGO were happy and some ARMY weren't. Some even said that the reason why it lost views was because LEGGO reported Jimin's fancam (reporting a video DELETES it, not its views), acussing LEGGO of something that it's not true. From that moment, some ARMY and some LEGGO began to discuss among themselves, because those ARMY were offended to read that the importance of Jimin's fancam would never be equivalent to Hani's (which is true for its history, although it's different for the majority of ARMY). This is how Hani began to receive insults, to be criticized for the clothes she has on the fancam and the sexy choreography ("porn" for some) of "Up&Down". In other words, people were slut-shaming her and calling her talentless without knowing NOTHING about her. Guys, that can't be allowed. In the 21st century, the fact that a woman can't trust herself by exposing her body and acting sensually because she is going to be called a whore is shameful and disgusting. Male idols can have sexy concepts, be shirtless, move their pelvis sensually and touch their cocks, but if a woman does exactly the same thing, she's a bitch? Really? Please, grow up. EXID fans got angry and because of that, a few couldn't contain themselves and did just as badly when they began to criticize Jimin and BTS without reason (since the problematic fans were at fault). The argument got bigger and "ended" in a bittersweet way, and I say "ended" because there are still people who continue with the matter. Links to some bad comment from BOTH PARTS: https://imgur.com/VNXkIYe https://twitter.com/seolskirt/status/1019678190535692289 . That is the reason why I made this video. Not only certain people have disrespected both groups, especially Hani and Jimin, but also discredited their friendship indirectly with so many damaging comments. It's time for us to learn to behave properly and to be respectful of others. If someone is disrespectful, it's good to try to reason with the person, but if the situation doesn't advance, reporting and blocking is the solution. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the video! These two groups are honestly one of the best things that happened in my teens and I couldn't be more proud of them. It's cute that some are friends and in general they have a good relationship. So, you know, stop with all the bullshit if you caused some of it. Credits of certain clips and fancams to: 쪼물: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKbAsf72ky-6SKlMRy28sA 취미는사랑: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkwtXDSTSgJHLM7MSPyOCTg RUMI: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIuGrCKqdQf1Fm7LSUkk3JA MY Young: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRjCdr-hLu_pAxcMzTfal7A Bangtan Subs: https://www.youtube.com/user/bangtansubs2 (this channel is amazing). Music used: Shin Chan soundtrack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaN1t1mCy04 Jason Farnham - "Get Outside!" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1T6QFpd0J4 Until the next time! LEGGO~EXID ❤️


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EXID's members discuss what they love most about each other at KCON 2018.

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