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Figma Tutorial - A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It's awesome.

Figma is a web-based (with a companion desktop app enabled by Electron) UI design and prototyping tool. In this tutorial, I create a mobile layout while discovering many of its features. I have to say, this is perhaps the strongest contender against Adobe XD. What do you think?

Designing A Fantastic UX With Psychology

Humans only have limited mental capacity and no-one is ever operating at 100%. We are all influenced by the world around us and by how our minds work. As designers we need to be able to understand this and design for it. EVENT: SmashingConf San Francisco 2018 SPEAKER: Joe Leech PERMISSIONS: SmashingConf Organizer provided Coding Tech with the permission to publish this video. CREDITS: Smashing Magazine:

Why Do Design Thinking Projects Fail? - Innovation Advice

Sign up for our newsletter and get our "Intro to Design Sprints" : Jon was in Tokyo & in amongst a heavy ramen & alcohol consumption schedule he still found time to give us a classic rant on Design Thinking & its limitations. Why is it that so many Design Thinking projects fail at large organisations? Why doesn't it stick? Design Thinking has had a huge positive influence on the entire Design industry but something is not quite right with how it's being sold and implemented.

IDEA TO APPSTORE - Design Process UX/UI Remote Design Sprints

FREE DESIGN SPRINT WEBCLASS - Sign up here: Follow us on Instagram: My friend Sarah's insta: This video covers: -AJ&Smart's complete design process -How to design an app for the appstore -How to run a remote design sprint -UX/UI design process -A real product design case study -Remote workflows for product design This video is all about taking your idea for an app and the actual process behind building it and delivering it to the appstore. If you’ve ever worked on an app, you can only dream of that feeling of pure joy when you open the App Store and see your app featured on the homepage. Then you open Product Hunt and it’s #3! The app was v2 of Kevin Rose’s meditation app ‘Oak’, which myself and my colleagues at AJ&Smart were lucky enough to completely redesign. I was personally a little worried about the redesign being taken badly (people often don’t like change) but the response was overwhelmingly positive. I rarely get a chance to show you exactly how we design products at AJ&Smart because many of the products we work on are under heavy NDA, but Kevin kindly agreed to let me show everything! The main process we used to rethink the app and collaborate with Kevin (and his developer) was the Design Sprint by Jake Knapp. As we were on separate continents, we did this completely remotely. Since I’m assuming a lot of you already know the step-by-step of a Design Sprint (or if you don’t you can check out our other stuff here) I’ll not bore you by going into allll the tiny details and exercises, and will focus on the points that made this sprint different. Here's a little bit of background: A few of us at AJ&Smart were actually using the original version of Oak as a meditation app, and we took a long-shot and reached out to Kevin Rose because we had a few suggestions about how it could be improved. I then met Kevin in San Francisco, and was telling him about our ideas for product improvements, and together we decided that AJ&Smart would help him redesign the Meditation Select screen of the app, buuut little did he know that when I returned to Berlin and spoke to the team about it, we were so excited about the project that we decided to surprise Kevin and do a total redesign from scratch, ripping the app apart and building it back together again. With an excited Sprint team pulled together, we gathered our zen-like focus and dived in, and life at AJ&Smart became all-things Oak for a few weeks… This video will take you through the whole process that we used to conduct a remote design sprint with Kevin Rose and to deliver the designs to the developers and ultimately to land it in the App of the Day on product hunt and featured in the Appstore. My Remote Design Sprint top tips: Be extra-specific when making notes and writing the likes of the How Might We postits — these may need to be read by someone on the other side of the world when you’re not there to explain what you meant. Double-down on alignment check-ins: there’s a lot more scope for misunderstandings and confusion in a remote Design Sprint, so it’s important to make time for extra check-ins to make sure everyone is on the same page Extra focus on the Lightning Demos: again because there’s scope for confusion, it’s important to realllllly understand the client’s mindset and what they[re envisioning. It’s harder to do this while not in the same room so we’ll always put a lot of emphasis on them showing us what inspires them, and we’ll also do a bit of extra work on this too (like the Pinterest board) Have the right toolbox: tools become very important when running a remote Sprint. Don’t let technology ruin your Sprint or let important stuff get lost in emails. See below for what we use when running a remote Sprint Remote Sprint toolbox: RealtimeBoard — a collaboration tool where you can basically set up a workspace that has everything you need for a Sprint (digital postits, voting dots, storyboarding, etc) Basecamp — for project management. It’s important to always track clear and transparent notes that all team members can access. Figma + Marvel — UI Design and Prototyping -------------------------- We are AJ&Smart, a small design agency based in Berlin. We are crazy about Design Sprints and innovation and we teach everything we know right here on Youtube. If you want to learn more about how to run the best Design Sprint EVER, subscribe and we'll help you every step of the way. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to make all our dreams come true!!

Reinventing The Agency Model: Aj&Smart

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Is this a figma review? Is this a sketch review? SURPRISE! It's both!

FIGMA OR SKETCH?! It's the question on every product designers mind! At AJ&Smart, we're building prototypes on the regular, which means we're using a lot of prototyping apps. Sketch has been a favourite among AJ&Smart-ers for a while, but now we're using Figma more regularly. Find out why and when you should use Sketch and when you should make the switch to Figma

This is a review of the Sketch app and Figma in a basic sense. We touch on what we like about both Sketch and Figma and why we think you should use them in your prototyping. And some tips for using both of the design tools.
About us:

We are AJ&Smart, a small design agency/studio based in Berlin. We are crazy about Design Sprints and innovation and we teach everything we know right here on Youtube. If you want to learn more about how to run the best Design Sprint EVER, subscribe and we'll help you every step of the way.

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