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Sketch vs Figma - Why I switched!

Sketch or Figma? Which should you use? In this video I'm telling you my reasons for switching! Please remember to subscribe It feels like there are a million design tools we're supposed to be paying attention to, but completely switching to a new tool can mean a new workflow, new things to learn, new processes... it's a lot of effort! Recently I switched from Sketch to using Figma and I wanted to tell you why I made the switch and what I'm loving about Figma! Sketch: Figma: Watch my Sketch 101 video: ----------------------------------------------- // ENJOY MY VIDEOS? My videos no longer have pre-roll ads because I think ads are annoying. That means you don't have to sit through ads, and it also means I don't earn anything from the content I put on YouTube. If you want to support me and my channel the best thing you can do is join my Patreon! You'll get tons of extra content and ways to learn, like behind-the-scenes process info, downloadable assets or even a monthly group Google Hangout! Choose your tier and sign up here: ----------------------------------------------- // ABOUT ME Hello there! I'm Charli and I'm a web and graphic designer from New Zealand currently living in London and posting design videos every Saturday about tools, projects, and concepts and vlogs every Tuesday about my life as a designer. Please subscribe and say hi in the comments so we can be friends :) ----------------------------------------------- // MORE Blog: Online apparel store: Design portfolio: Podcast: // SOCIAL Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: charlimarietv My sister SmayJay's channel: ----------------------------------------------- // MUSIC & TECH Music: Joakim Karud My gorgeous intro animation was created by hand lettering animator Austin Saylor, you should hire him to do yours too:

Why Do Design Thinking Projects Fail? - Innovation Advice

FREE DESIGN SPRINT WEBCLASS - Sign up here: Sign up for our newsletter and get our "Intro to Design Sprints" : Jon was in Tokyo & in amongst a heavy ramen & alcohol consumption schedule he still found time to give us a classic rant on Design Thinking & its limitations. Why is it that so many Design Thinking projects fail at large organisations? Why doesn't it stick? Design Thinking has had a huge positive influence on the entire Design industry but something is not quite right with how it's being sold and implemented.

Figma Tutorial - A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It's awesome.

Figma is a web-based (with a companion desktop app enabled by Electron) UI design and prototyping tool. In this tutorial, I create a mobile layout while discovering many of its features. I have to say, this is perhaps the strongest contender against Adobe XD. What do you think? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe for NEW VIDEOS weekly! My Patreon: My site: My personal FB account: Coursetro FB: Coursetro's Twitter: Join my Discord! ^-Chat with me and others - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Who is Gary Simon? Well, I'm a full stack developer with 2+ decades experience and I teach people how to design and code. I've created around 100+ courses for big brands like LinkedIn,, Pluralsight and Envato Network. Now, I focus all of my time and energy on this channel and my website Come to my discord server or add me on social media and say Hi!

UX Design vs UI Design | What's the Difference? Which one is right for me?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a UI Designer or UX Designer then this video is for you. It can be hard to know where to start and which road is the right one for you to travel down. Although there are some inherent similarities between the two roles they are very different in nature. Remember to Subscribe To help clear things up a bit, in this video I'm going to cover the roles, tools, and expectations of day to day life for both jobs. At the end, I share a few opinions on which is right for you to pursue. In a nutshell, UX design makes websites functional and UI design makes websites beautiful. UX design, short for user experience design, is a very analytical process that is heavily based on research to find out how to design a a product in a way that it solves the customer's problem(s). UX Design Learning Links: UI design, short for user interface design, support the UX design visually through colors, fonts, icons and graphics. UI Design Learning Links: If you want to support the content I make and buy me a cup of coffee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ////////// Website - ////////// Subscribe: - ////////// Social Twitter: Anchor: Instagram: Medium: - ////////// Equiptment Vlogging Camera - Panasonic G85 - Drone- DJI Spark

Reinventing The Agency Model: Aj&Smart

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Is this a figma review? Is this a sketch review? SURPRISE! It's both!

FIGMA OR SKETCH?! It's the question on every product designers mind! At AJ&Smart, we're building prototypes on the regular, which means we're using a lot of prototyping apps. Sketch has been a favourite among AJ&Smart-ers for a while, but now we're using Figma more regularly. Find out why and when you should use Sketch and when you should make the switch to Figma

This is a review of the Sketch app and Figma in a basic sense. We touch on what we like about both Sketch and Figma and why we think you should use them in your prototyping. And some tips for using both of the design tools.
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