Top 10 Adobe Illustrator CC Tips 2017

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Top 5 Hidden Features of Adobe Illustrator (Illustrator Tutorial) - Sean Frangella

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, learn the top hidden features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. This includes illustration tips on using Transform tools, polygon shape options, align to artboard and selection tools, pasting in front and back, and the corner radius tool options. Learn about new features and top tips for working in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015, and Creative Cloud 2015 features. Be sure to check out for weekly tutorials on Cinema 4D, After Effects, Element 3D, Adobe Fuse and other cool motion graphics apps! Did you like this Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud tutorial? To get weekly Cinema 4D, Element 3D, After Effects, Motion Graphics, VFX, and 3D animation tutorials be sure to subscribe! Want to learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud 2015? Learn about the top 5 Photoshop CC 2015 new features: To check out new features added to Cinema 4D R16, check out this video! Check out the Top 5 Features of Element 3D V2 for After Effects!

Four Powerful Adobe Illustrator Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

The tools you use don't make you a better designer, but knowing how to use them will make your life much easier. Today I talk about a few important tips for getting the most out of Adobe Illustrator. Choosing Great Colors: Twitter: Instagram: My Site:

Adobe Illustrator CC - Line Art Tutorial 2016 - Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

In this video I will show you how to turn photos into line art with Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE! FOR MORE TIPS, TRICKS & SHORTCUTS! Website: Instagram: Behance: Youtube: Illustrator Shortcuts (Windows/ Mac OS) Undo = Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z Copy = Ctrl+C / Cmd+C Paste = Ctrl+V / Cmd+V Pen tool = P THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Michael Tierney Motion Designer

How to design a logo with golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Graphic Design Resources: How to design a logo with golden Ratio | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. Many designers search for a good tutorial about golden ratio and how to use it in logo design, I was searching for it before and I found a hard time to find good resources but there is never the good explained video. So, today, I tried my best to explain how to use the golden ratio in logo design and how to make a logo using golden circles. I will make many other videos related to this topic and I will explain how to use the different golden ratio method, like the golden spiral. In this tutorial I will show you: How to make the golden rectangle. How to extract the golden circles from it. How to use the golden ratio to design a logo directly on illustrator. How to use the golden ratio to grid a sketch and make a perfect logo design. Source Files and Sketch: _____ Follow me: instagram: Facebook: Dribbble: Twitter: ______ For Business Inquiry, Email me: ______ You can check my Illustrator tutorial on : How To Design A Low Poly logo: How to design a logo with circular grid | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: how to create a Negative Space Logo Design in Illustrator: how to create a shield logo design: You can also check my Illustrator speed Art : Dragon Logo Design Process: Green House | Gradient Logo Design: Flat Design Coffee Time: Flat design Inspired by Swerve®: How To Create A Cute Character Design in this link: How to Create A Character logo design in this link : Logo Design Process From Sketch To Vector: ______ Background birds sound: Dawn Chorus By Sean.Townsend From licensed under CC BY 2.0

Illustrator Trick : Art Brush Lettering

Hello guys, In this video I"ll show you another trick in Adobe Illustrator to create cool lettering effect using Art brush. The idea is change the path with single stroke to custom art brush that created before. so enjoy this video and Leave a comment if have a question. you can look the finel result on my instagram Background Music by REAL RIDE - Nicolai

These are 10 best tips that I've found super useful when I'm working on a design project in Illustrator. There are heaps of other tools that are great but I found myself using these on a regular basis. Knowing tricks and shortcuts will speed up your design process and make your workflow efficient.

Here are 10 best illustrator tips:

#1 - Global Colors 0:10
#2 - Width Tool 1:40
#3 - Rotate Tool 2:30
#4 - Live Round Corners 3:50
#5 - Blob Brush 4:53
#6 - Object Selection 6:35
#7 - Object Warp 7:47
#8 - Pattern Brushes 9:40
#9 - Offset Paths 10:58
#10 - Exporting Files 12:20

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