How to design your own amazing signature

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How to Design your Own Amazing Signature Real Easy

Learn how to Design your Own Amazing Signature real easy with step by step instructions from Shoo Rayner, the author of Everyone Can Draw - the book that teaches you how to draw Real Easy! Everyone needs a signature to sign their work or sign contracts and agreements, but how can you design a really special signature and - more importantly - one that is harder to forge! Watch the video through to the end to get all my advice about the different ways of designing and setting your signature in stone so it will always be the same. Playlist See these Videos: How to Design your Own Amazing Signature Real Easy How to Design your Own Amazing Autograph Real Easy How to make a Cool Designer Signature Real Easy How to Design your Own Amazing Monogram Logo Real Easy Make sure you are subscribed to this channel for free videos to your inbox every week ➡️ You can support my videos on Patreon ➡️ Buy signed copies of my books: or from amazon US or amazon UK Everyone asks about the tools I use here is a list with links The Pentel Aquash Brush is here in the Uk and here in the US Rotring Tikky Graphic in the UK here in the USA The Cotman sketching watercolour set is here in the UK and in the US here: The paper is Seawhite's Heavy Cartridge Get it here in the USA And here in the UK You can also see my videos on #drawing #kidart #draw #art #sketching #artwork #illustration Shoo Rayner has illustrated well over 250 children's books for famous authors and for his own stories. See Shoo's books on and on Follow Shoo's other channel for longer tutorials, chat,advice,techniques and interviews with other great artists and illustrators. Twitter Google+ Facebook Website music by Shoo Rayner is an award-winning illustrator and author of over 200 books for children. Drawstuffrealeasy is dedicated to teaching, promoting and inspiring drawing for everyone from beginners to experts for fun, homework, school and projects Shoo believes that everyone can draw but they lose confidence at school when they think they have to make their drawings look perfect or in a recognised classic style. Drawing is just making marks on paper and you are allowed to draw anyway you like Drawing is all about getting ideas out of you head and on to paper, it's about understanding how the world is put together and it's about having fun, with no stress, just drawing for fun. Make sure you are subscribed to be notified of every new drawing video and learn to draw better and with confidence with Shoo. ➡️

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Please welcome back Robin Schneider, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop expert, teacher, and author! ROBIN'S INFO: Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Lynda/LinkedIn Courses: Come find me at Shop my product recommendations! I make a little money but the prices for you remain the same! I'm a fashion designer and illustrator who used to teach university fashion classes until my YouTube channel took over my life! I love my YT students! I make videos about design, illustration, color theory, industry real talk and FAQ, fashion business, art supply hauls and reviews and I have all my videos organized by playlists. I believe hard work and dedication is more important than "talent" when it comes to having a successful career. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Help me grow my channel by donating to my Patreon! This is my etsy store where I sell flats templates, coloring pages, fashion figure templates, tech pack templates, and practice packs. Come join our group, make friends, network with likeminded creatives! ******* In this video, Robin will show us how to scan in an illustration painted by hand, clean things up, and finesse things to make your illustration pop! She'll also show us to to merge scanned parts of a big illustration, how to create a gradient background, how to manipulate color saturation and levels, and all kinds of other Photoshop tips and tricks! RELATED/MENTIONED VIDEOS: On the Computer playlist: Robin's video on moodboards: Working with Opaque Gouache on a Colored Paper Background: How to Illustrate Pleats & Ruffles (the big pink gown): How to Illustrate Fur: How to Illustrate Chunky Knits: How to Illustrate Denim: How to Illustrate Tweed: CONTACT:

I made a video in March 2011 called how to draw a cool signature. It was really how to design a logo type of signature. Nearly 350,000 people have watched that video to date!

Its obviously something that people have difficulty with. I know because they keep writing to me and tweeting and posting for me to do their signature for them.

I can’t do your signature. A signature has to come from you.

Start slowly and let your hand do what it wants to do.

You may have to write your signature 5,000 times before you get it right!

When you are happy with your signature, practice and practice until your hand can do it with out you having to think about it. That is when you have got your own recognisable signature.

If you say you can't - it just means you can't be bothered to experiment and practice. Get a grip - just do it! lol :)

With award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner.


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