Lionel Messi ● The 10 Most LEGENDARY Solo Goals Ever ► NEW VERSION ||HD||

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Lionel Messi ● Greatest Individual Performance vs Real Madrid CF ► FCB 5-0 RMA [Eng.] ||HD||

Lionel Messi Best Individual Performance Ever Against Real Madrid CF | Messi vs Real Madrid (Home) 10-11 HD 1080p [Barcelona 5-0 Madrid] with English Commentary || Lionel Messi doesn't need to score goals to be the best player in the world. This game proves that very well. Messi ran steam roller over Real Madrid & Cristiano Ronaldo and led his team to trash them 5-0. Jose Mourinho and his players were humiliated at Camp Nou with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez witnessing it all from the stands. Leo Messi provided 2 'out of this world' assists to David Villa and created many goalscoring chances. He was basically running circles around Real Madrid players. Sadly, Leo Messi couldn't finish the game because of a very very dangerous foul from frustrated Sergio Ramos. Still it was him who made everything possible for the best Barcelona El Clasico win ever. This compilation features Messi Performance vs Real Madrid which is definitely his best performance against Real Madrid. This may even be the greatest individual show ever from the best player ever! This compilation contains: Messi Performance vs Real Madrid , Messi 2 Assists to David Villa vs Real Madrid , Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid ALL Goals , Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid Complete Highlights , Sergio Ramos Foul on Messi , Barcelona and Real Madrid Fights , Barcelona Players Celebrations , Reactions from Florentino Perez , Jose Mourinho , Cristiano Ronaldo and many more , MUST READ: This compilation is 33 minutes long because I tried to put EVERY play of Messi. This is not just highlights from Messi but also highlights from Barcelona too. Because if you watch Messi you watch the match. So get the taste of watching Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid FULL MATCH in 33 minutes only with English Commentary in 1080p FULL HD. For those to whom 33 minutes is too long to watch. Watch the major highlights- 2:30 to 4:20 (Messi dribble & woodwork) , 4:30 to 5:45 (Messi-Xavi amazing plays and first goal) , 9:20 to 10:30 (Messi dribble & pass) , 10:58 to 12:10 (Messi dribble+shot & ball retention) , 12:25 to 13:50 (Messi vs Carvalho) , 16:45 to 17:25 (Messi pass to Xavi) , 18:10 to 21:40 (Messi 2 assists & Villa 2 goals) , 25:30 to 26:15 (Messi chance created & nutmeg) , 26:40 to 27:10 (Barcelona fans/players aggressive celebrations & sorry Real Madrid players) , 29:40 to 31:55 (Messi fouled by frustrated Ramos & final whistle). IGNORE THIS PART: These are NOT tags, these are synonymous titles of the main video title so that people can find easily while searching: Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid , Messi vs Real Madrid , Leo Messi vs Real Madrid , Messi vs Madrid , Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo , Messi vs Ronaldo , Messi vs Real Madrid 10/11 , Messi vs Real Madrid 2010-2011 , Messi Humiliating Real Madrid , Messi vs Real Madrid 2010 , Messi Humiliating Cristiano Ronaldo , Messi Humiliating Real Madrid Players , Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid 29/11/2010 , Messi Skills vs Madrid , Messi Dribbling Skills vs Madrid , Messi Dribbling vs Real Madrid , Messi 10/11 , Messi vs Madrid 2010/2011 , Messi 5-0 Real Madrid , Messi 5-0 Ronaldo , Messi vs Sergio Ramos , Messi vs Real Madrid 5-0 Match , Messi vs Real Madrid Home 10-11 , Messi vs Real Madrid (Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid) , FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid Highlights 29-11-2010 , Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5-0 , Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0 , La Manita , Barcelona Real Madrid La Manita , Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid Highlights , Messi Tiki Taka , Barcelona Tiki Taka , Messi Tiki Taka vs Real Madrid , Barcelona Tiki Taka vs Real Madrid , FC Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid CF Highlights English Commentary HD 1080i , Messi Best El Clasico Match , Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid 10-11 [Home , Camp Nou] HD 1080i COMPLETE Individual Performance Highlights with English Commentary , "Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0: Hell Clasico for Mourinho & Ronaldo." - Dailymail. "Slap to Real Madrid. Thrashed and in tatters. Memorable symphony. Barca destroy a disappointing Madrid. Lesson of class, intelligence and the precision of their midfielders. The biggest defeat of a team Mourinho's. After 18 minutes it was already 2-0 thanks to the football from another galaxy of Xavi, Villa and the SuperMessi." - Marca [Real Madrid Magazine].

10 Impossible Things That Only Lionel Messi Is Capable of Doing ● He Is A Super Human ● HD

Subscribe My Music Channel Here: 10 Impossible Things That Only Lionel Messi Is Capable of Doing ● He Is A Super Human ● HD Video is presented by NugoBasilaia. ✔ Like, comment and favourite this video if you enjoyed. ✔ Subscribe me for more videos and stay updated. ✔ Be a fan on Facebook: ✔Music: Hans Zimmer - Time (Aalson Remix) This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work.

10 Ridiculously Unselfish Plays by Lionel Messi ► The Most Selfless Player Ever #RESPECT ||HD||

Messi Unselfish Passes , Assists & Plays | The World's Most Unselfish Football Player || Leo Messi has tons of goalscoring records. In fact, Messi holds majority of the best goalscoring records. He is also a natural dribbler. These both skills (finishing & dribbling) require a player to be a little bit of selfish. But yet Messi despite being the best dribbler and finisher , remains the best team player and unselfish / selfless footballer. Messi Team Player : Lionel Messi shows time after time why football is 'the beautiful game' and why it is a team sports. "In addition to being the best player in the world, he (Leo Messi) proves what a great teammate he is; that he is humble and thinks about the group. It shows his team spirit and humility." - Luis Suarez. Over his career he has provided his teammates uncountable passes and assists. But there are some passes and assists of Lionel Messi that prove the fact that in being selfless and a perfect team player no one comes to close to Leo Messi. 10 such moments that shows Messi's greatness are: ~ Messi Pass to Suarez vs Athletic Bilbao : Messi had a goalscoring chance after doing some work himself. But instead of shooting he presented Luis Suarez with a even better goalscoring opportunity. ~ Messi Pass to Suarez vs Real Betis : Had another clear goalscoring chance but he just faked a shot and passed it to Suarez. ~ Messi Assist to Pedro vs Racing Santander : Had a chance to chip the ball into the net but instead chipped it to Pedro for even better goalscoring chance. ~ Messi Gives Penalty to Neymar vs Cordoba CF : He was on a hat-trick and Barcelona got a penalty. But Messi gave it to Neymar because Neymar was struggling to score. ~ Messi Assist to Cardozo vs Germany : Did all the work to get into one on one position with the goalkeeper but instead of shooting crossed it to teammates. ~ Messi Assist vs Tevez vs Croatia : Did all the work , got into 1 on 1 position with the keeper and passed the ball to teammates. Again! ~ Messi Assist to Pedro vs Villarreal : Got a 100% clear goalscoring opportunity but saw Pedro also running towards goal so he passed it. ~ Messi Lets Suarez Score vs PSG : Messi let Luis Suarez score vs Paris Saint Germain when he easily could have tapped the ball in. But he just puts his hands up and let the ball go to Suarez like "I am not taking it, it's your's." ~ Messi Gives Penalty to Ibrahimovic vs Zaragoza : Messi already scored a hat-trick and could easily have scored his first super-hattrick / poker in career. But he let Zlatan Ibrahimovic take the penalty because Ibra was struggling to score. Ibrahimovic back then used to consider Messi as his biggest enemy. ~ Messi Penalty Assist to Suarez vs Celta Vigo : Messi passes the penalty ! Messi legendary historic penalty pass assist to Luis Suarez vs Celta de Vigo. He could have scored his record 300th league goal but instead he let Suarez have his hat-trick. Messi passed the penalty to Suarez. Although there are arguments that it was meant for Neymar. Luis Enrique revealed after the match that it was something he wouldn't even dare to try, adding: "I wouldn't dare take it like that because I would fall over when I put my foot on the ball. Johan Cruyff, the inventor of 'Cruyff Penalty' was impressed too. He added: "Football is for fun and Messi gives fun to all. I was very happy [with the penalty]. I share ideas with players who dare to do this kind of thing." ♬Soundtrack: Time - Hans Zimmer [ Inception ] IGNORE: Messi Best Assists , Messi Best Passes , Messi Passing Skills , Messi Unselfish , Messi Selfless , Most Unselfish Football Player , Most Selfless Soccer Player , Most Unselfish Passes Ever in Football , Most Selfless Assists Ever in Football , Messi Teamplays , Teamplayer , Best Team Player in the world , Respect , Messi Respected Moments , Messi Respect , Respect Moments in Football , The Greatness of Lionel Messi - The Most Unselfish Selfless Footballer Ever in The World - Ridiculous Passing , Plays and Assists | 1080p Full HD |

Top 20 Dribbles In Football

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Lionel Messi ● THE MESSI ERA ● 5 Ballon d'Ors || HD

"THE MESSI ERA" is a short movie about the greatness of Leo Messi. With 5 Ballon d'Ors he is the greatest football player ever. Enjoy! #EMWYC #EnjoyMessiWhileYouCan Feel free to subscribe me on YouTube: Join me on my other social media as well: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Follow me on Google+: Music: - Zack Hemsey - The Way (Instrumental) - Second song I don't know anymore... If you know it, tell me! So I can put it here! - Ezietto - Star And Warriors (Epic Uplifting Action Drama) I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law.

This is the best possible list of Messi's best solo goals you will find with rare camera views and excellent quality/English commentary.
Enjoy the best best solo goals of Lionel Messi like never before !

Solo goals or goals which are scored by day dribbling multiple defenders are recognized as the best goals in football. Many players scored solo goals but that is for once or twice. Only a handful of players like Maradona , Ronaldinho or Ronaldo could score multiple solo goals but the number is not too high. Messi alone has more solo goals than all other players combined. He does it season after season, year after year. Messi scored the best solo goals ever in entire football history! He is undoubtedly the "King of Solo Goals".

This is compilation of Messi's Solo Goals is THE best one you will find on YouTube. This one contains so many exclusive VIP camera views you will be amazed.

Soundtrack : Love & Loss - Extended.

Messi scored arguably his best solo goals vs Getafe (2007), Athletic Bilbao (2015), Athletic Club (2013) , Real Madrid CF (2011) , Real Zaragoza (2010) , Valencia CF (2009) , Getafe CF (2014) , vs Lyon (2009) , vs Malaga (2009) & vs Malaga (2009) .
Only these TOP 10 solo goals are here in this compilation. This is a top 10 recognised by MAJORITY. So please don't complain and enjoy the video if your favorite / best solo goal is not here.

Why this compilation of Messi Best SoloGoals is different from others ?
It shows the top 10 solo goals of Messi without any personal bias. The list / order of the goals here is made up with goals which most of the people think are the absolute best goals of Messi / Lionel Messi Top 10 Goals. All the goals here are with English commentary. No special effect was used to make the video more enjoyable. The original HD quality was maintained.
Most importantly, at least 10 special exclusive replays of the goals were shown from different camera angle / camera views including VIP camera or 'Hawk Eye' camera.

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