Berkel 829A 14 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer 829 Series review

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Chef's Choice 615 Slicer BBQ Smoked Pork Loin

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Berkel 829A 14 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer 829 Series feedback

Heavy for stability with a large round blade, all meat slicers will have a thickness adjustment knob to allow you to choose how thick or thin you want the slices to be.

Mid level to premium slicers will mostly bear motor speeds from 180 RPM to above 200 RPM.

The higher tier slicers have a strong metallic build and will withstand intense assignments thus obviously lasting much longer under heavy use.

Entry Level Slicers are best suited for operations where the slicer would be used for an hour or two at most per day.

But the unsung hero is the motor.

Everything else is metallic, giving them high durability.

Standard duty slicers typically fall in the price range of $1,200-$2,500.

The more surface area you need to slice, the larger the knife you need.
Not every kitchen needs a meat slicer, but most people who invest in one are happy they did.

If you’re tired of having to devote time every day or week to cutting up the breads, meats, and cheeses for your family’s lunch sandwiches, you can cut down the time investment considerable by turning to the food slicer to help.
They’re easy to use, usually affordable, and by far the most popular option.
For anyone likely to use their food slicer for a high volume of food, they wouldn’t be very practical.
Nonetheless, some people do prefer the extra control they provide and feel that the meat slices come out with an improved texture and flavor when using manual models than with automatic ones.
They therefore require much more work and are slower to use than automatic models.
Take control of the thickness of your food slices, from wafer-thin for sandwiches to beautiful thick slices to enjoy as your main meal.

Anyway the Berkel 829A 14 Manual Gravity Feed Slicer 829 Series is the best in its category.

An excellent selection of meat slicers is now available for the home user.
Ask about this when buying your slicer.

They used to be the norm for meat slicing, but since automatic food slicers have become available, they’re much less common.

While designed for simple, safe operation, they are not recommended for slicing cheese, and do not offer as many safety or convenience features as higher-end models.

If you think your family could benefit from adding one to your supply of appliances, here are some of main things you need to know to find the right one for you.
As the name suggests, automatic food slicers let electricity do much of the work for you.

The number one determining factor in choosing a slicer is not price, but application.
Are you working with larger items like bacon or country ham? Then you will need a slicer with a carriage large enough to handle the work.
Manual food slicers require someone to move the food or carriage manually in order to complete the slicing.

Entry level slicers will have a horsepower of between 100 and 150 RPM with 150 being the more ambitious low tier variations.
If in the highly impossible case a high tier slicer has plastic in the build, run.

As a result, injuries and wasted product occur more often, which don’t help your business grow and thrive.

However, if you need to do large volumes, require consisten thickness, you will want an electric food slicer.
The blade does a lot of the work, that’s true.

A good meat slicer can be a huge help in a large busy home, saving you time at the chopping board and saving you money at the supermarket.

Electric food slicers allow you to slice large amounts of meat, cheese, or other foods at one time.
Your menu will determine how often you use your slicer, and for what purpose.
They include an electric motor that moves the carriage for you so all you need to do is set the item you want sliced on the machine and turn it on.
Meat slicers make the task of slicing meat, cheese, and other foods with speed and ease.

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