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Online Printing Company Facility Tour | A video of the facility of a leading online printing company. Check out this video to see an overview of a printing job as it moves from from prepress through shipping.

Cutting Business Cards - 11x17 Template [Sydney Stone]

Visit us at Learn how to program your EBA cutter to cut business cards on a 16up template. If you dont have bleeds we also have a 20up template available for download. Email us at

EASY Photo Transfer to Wood - Fast, Clean, REUSABLE, Cheap Print on Wood Using Mailing Labels

This is the easiest and fastest photo transfer paper I've used! YOU CAN BUY THE PAPER HERE: If above link is sold out, look at these alternatives: (Or any label release paper you prefer!) LIQUITEX GEL MEDIUM: ***** NOTICE: I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you buy through my links above, I will receive a small portion in return. Thank you for your consideration! ***** When the gel medium is allowed to dry completely, this paper will provide a VERY clean transfer. In addition, I had no printer jam problems, as can sometimes happen with thin photo transfer paper. Special thanks to Corrie Dove for messaging me about this paper. Check out her YouTube channel here: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @steadycraftin ETSY: FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS: Q. "Can I re-use the paper?" A. You can, as long as it's relatively straight and feedable for the printer. Q. "Does this work on painted wood?" A. Yes! Just be sure the surface is dry and free of oils. Q. "Does this work with inkjet?" A. For some people, it does. Results may not be sharp - there may be some bleeding of ink. Q. "Can a protective finish be applied?" A. Absolutely! I prefer to use acrylic polyurethane. Q. "My print is smearing / not sticking to the paper? What's wrong?" A. This can usually be fixed by adjusting your image brightness, which affects the toner density. Check out my "Fixing Photo Transfer Problems" video for instructions.

CC-330 Business Card Cutter

The CC-330 Card Cutter finishes digital color pieces including business cards, postcards, greeting cards and photos printed on a wide range of paper sizes up to 13" x 19". For inquiries and pricing, please visit: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

Tim's Novelty Business Cards

Tim acquires many business cards in the course of meeting people at toy fairs and puzzle parties. Many of these he keeps since they have useful contact details. However some of the business cards he receives are so creative and so wonderful that they get a place in Tim's toy collection! Here he shares some of the cards that have a 'wow' factor. If you want to make your business stand out, then this might be one way of doing it. As Tim says - don't be boring! - How we print Business Cards from start to finish.

High quality, 100% offset business card printing from

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